Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok, a lot of people have been talking about resolutions for the New Year. I don't really have one. Well, I do, but it's nothing weight loss related. If I have one that is related to this blog it is to keep up the workout routine I have and to continue to follow my meal plan. That's not really going to be a challenge. I just don't want to fall off the wagon at this point.

Anyway, I was talking to Kelly (my tall friend I refer to from time to time) and she was thinking of resolutions for herself. I feel like she's coming up with some good ones for herself. Her basic idea is to be healthier. She is not going full boar/cold turkey on anything. She wants to get back into working out and doing Zumba. She is starting slow. She did a class this week and is making her plans for next week and beyond. She is also looking into changing cooking and eating habits. She doesn't really need to lose a lot of weight, like 10-15 pounds at the most, but she still wants to overall be healthier. So she is going to change little things here and there to overall improve her quality of living and life.

So that got me thinking about resolutions in general. People make crazy resolutions for themselves. Honestly, they do. It's like they make the ending goal of something the resolution. For example: Someone says they want to lose weight and sets a goal amount of weight to lose. That's a great goal, but they have no plan to lose the weight. Making the plan is 90% of goal setting. How are you going to get to that goal? What are you going to do? (OMG! The teacher in me is just coming out all over this post! I've been on winter break too long! I'm trying to teach through my blog!)

I feel like (and that means I've stating my opinion, not a fact) a lot of people fail at meeting their resolutions because they fail to plan for that goal. They don't map out the small steps they need to take to get to the overall goal.  I also feel like people get frustrated when they don't immediately reach their goal. Sometimes things can't change 100% on January 1st. I feel like when people don't see the immediate change they give up. They don't continue to try until they get it right.

I did that for years. I would say, "I want to lose weight." After that I would do nothing, because I didn't take the time to see and plan what I needed to do. I would try to eat salad and grilled chicken. I would swear off all fast food and sweets. I would go to the gym hot and heavy for like a week and then it would just become too overwhelming. I would crave fast food and fried food, but felt like I couldn't have anything like that because it's just not healthy. I would be bored at the gym. I didn't know how to workout so I would just give up. I would go get some fast food and skip the gym. Then I would think , "Oh well, I failed. I ate fast food and I hate the gym. I guess I'll try another time."

When I finally got my act together and started working out with Janelle it was just that; working out. It also was not a resolution, more of the one step at a time thing

There is no way I could have started working out and eating on a schedule all at one time. I would have freaked out and quit. I think Janelle realized that too. Honestly, after writing this I feel like Janelle and Zach had this master plan going on all the time. I think they were priming me for a meal plan for almost a year before I started one! Holy crap! I wonder if that's true?

Anyway, just don't forget to make a plan for your resolution, whatever it may be!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas eating

Ok, I'm cutting right to the chase.....I think I ate more on Christmas than I did on Thanksgiving.

I know, I know, Thanksgiving is the eating holiday; not Christmas!

I started the day off really well. I had breakfast and waited until I was supposed to eat my snack to get to my mom's house. I think that's where I made my mistake. I underestimated the deliciousness of the cookies I made.

It's not as bad as I make it sound, but it's something I haven't done in a long, long time. I grazed throughout the day. I never really sat down and at plate after plate of food. Hell, my family didn't even make that much food! We really cut back. I didn't make all the varieties of cookies I usually make. We didn't have all the desserts or foods that we would usually make.

I was just snacking here and there all day long. I don't even think I realized what was going on. After a while I just felt so full and uncomfortable! I know it was a bad thing. Hey, at least I didn't have alcohol on top of all those sweets!

I think the difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas is all the cookies. There are cookies that my family only makes one time a year. There are a lot of things we only make one time a year for Christmas or Thanksgiving. This has been true my whole life. That's why so many of those cookies are a real treat. I know that no one will make them for a year.

I eat sweets throughout the year. I don't deprive myself. If I crave something I work it into my meals. Apparently I tasted those delicious, once a year cookies and lost my head!

Ok, I even think I'm making it sound worse than it probably is. I know that I didn't binge or anything, but I have to remember that I can't graze all day! I just keep adding food on top of sounds gross to even think about.

I have to weigh myself this weekend. I hope the damage is more mental than physical!

My family usually does ugly Christmas sweaters.
We were doing that even before it was popular.
This year we decided to mix it up and wear
Forever Lazy's. They are not as awesome
as the commercial makes them sound!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some fancy pics!

So, here are some pictures that were taken in the beginning of November. We wanted to do something after I lost 100 pounds. By the time we took these, I had definately lost over 100 pounds!

Anyway, these are a few of the pics. I do want to post more and I will at some point. A lot of them were just silly pics. They were taken by Janelle's younger brother, Brandon. He's one hell of a photographer.

Pants flag? Why not.
These are my biggest pants.
They look bigger than me.
So why not make them into
a flag these day? Recycling
is key these days!

This is my favorite.
I'm holding the belt I was
wearing when I started
my first meal plan. How
it's longer than I am tall!
On a side note about the above picture: I posted these on my FB page yesterday. I said that I really, really, really like the pic that is above. A lot of friends and family were commenting on the pic saying all those nice things that make me smile. Then this one d-bag that I knew when I was a kid posted, "yea, cool pic, but where are your boobs?" Yea, I was pissed. I deleted him and his comments. There isn't even any room for explaining yourself! I mean serisously, my family is on my FB and I don't need them seeing people posting inappropriate crap like that! If anyone is going to be inappropriate on my FB page, it's going to be me!

This is that same belt tied
around my waist.

I do hate posing for pictures. I was about to get up
and walk away!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks for noticing!

Some days I struggle to find things to write about that are weight loss and exercise related. I really want to keep this blog focused on things that I do in my life that deal with losing weight. Today was one of those days until I went to the gym.

My gym is usually a hot bed of strange behavior and strange people. I am typically annoyed at the people who talk to me and want to tell me how to lose weight. There was an older gentleman the other day who told me to stop using weights because I was going to get bulky. He was comparing himself lifting weights to me lifting weights. He probably has about 40 years on and he's a dude. I'm pretty sure that his body reacts differently than mine. I'm a young female....not an old dude. I finally told him that I've lost over 110 pounds doing it my way and I'm going to keep doing it my way. It didn't even phase him....(and that's they first time I've tried to use the "well I've lost an ass load of weight, so I think I kinda know what I'm doing line.")

Anyway....he's not what I wanted to talk about.

I've been working out early this week and I've noticed that the gym around 8 AM is full of teachers I had in elementary school! There are a few that I see from time to time and I always wave. (Of course they know who I am after all these years. Elementary school teachers remember everyone, and they have that way of making you feel like a kid again.)

So between yesterday and today I've seen 3 of them! (I know, I'm talking about them like they are wildlife and I'm observing them in their natural habitat!) Anyway, I ended up talking to one of them. She was also one of my many swimming coaches through the years. We caught up about our families and then she told me that she's noticed how much weight I've lost. She said I look great, which I do, and asked how much I've lost.

After that we talked for a minute about how people perceive me now. I told her that everyone wants to know what I've done because they want to do it. When I tell them I've counted calories and worked out for about 2 years they lose interest. Everyone wants a quick fix.

It was nice to talk to her about all of that because she reinforced to me that I'm really doing it the right way. There are a lot of other people who also agree with what I'm doing and that always makes me feel good too. It's that nice realization that there is no quick fix and the work I'm putting in is working and other people are noticing how hard I'm working.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How many calories do you eat?

Everytime I start a new meal plan people will ask me how many calories I eat per day. I tell them how many calories I eat, and then I tell them this:

My meal plans and how many calories are based off of how much I weigh, how much lean mass I have, and how much activity I do in a day. I am never hungry because I eat every 3 hours. I trust the person (Zach) who helps me determine how many calories and grams of protein to have with my meals.

That is my little disclaimer to people because they will typically ask me this:

Can I follow the calorie count that you do? (Please refer to the statement above....I'm not telling anyone what they can and can't do for a weight loss program)

Do you get hungry? (No)

Do you have days where you eat what you want and don't follow your plan? (No, even though I have in the past, the answer is no. I can eat what I want. I just eat a specific times and I have to follow the calorie and protein limits and what not. I can typically find what I want to eat and find a way to make it fit into the plan.)

Do you ever crave junk food, ice cream, sweets, etc? (Um, hell yea, I'm human. I want junk food all the time. I dream about it. I eat it too. Just not a bunch. I will plan a meal around having that cookie, or scoop of ice cream, or whatever. I don't get to have a lot, but just enough to stop that craving. I'm sure that's why I don't flip out and pig out on junk food if I'm having a stressful day.)

I thought you should eat 1200 calories per day? You must be eating too many calories, Sarah! (My PERSONAL OPINION is that 1200 caloies is not enough. When I started, I was eating over 2000 a day. I was losing 2 pounds a week from the calories and workouts. I think 1200 calories a day is setting you up for failure, because you are not getting enough fuel to get you through the day and I've known people who try to eat 1200 a day and they BINGE whenever they get the opportunity. Again, this is my opinion.)

How long have you been doing this? Why didn't you have surgery? (Ok, it's been almost 2 years. I've lost all this weight on my own, well, with the help of workout buddies, family, and Zach and Janelle pushing me along and keeping me focused. Surgery is not for everyone. It was not for me. I'm insanely proud that I was able to do this the way that I did. Also, truth be told, I never tried to lose weight before this. I just didn't care. This was my first attempt to lose weight and changing my eating habits, drinking habits, and workout habits worked for me. Most people that have surgery have tried so many different plans, options, and whatever before going for surgery. Maybe if I had been spinning my wheels for years I would have had a different approach. Overall, I'm very glad I did what I did without surgery.)

So, these are the questions that I am most often asked when people talk about meal plans and my meal plans and what I'm doing. I repeat these things probably 10 times a week to people. Pretty soon I'm just going to print this out and hand it to people when I see them!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Meal Plan!

I've been on the same meal plan for about 5 months. Today I started a new one. I was getting bored with what I was doing, only because it wasn't a challenge anymore to find food to fit the calories, protein, and fat.

I will be going to the store on Wednesday or Thursday. It's so much fun to go food shopping right after starting a new meal plan.

Anyway, it hasn't changed that much. A few less calories per meal, but the protein per meal is just about the same. I will post the details of it under my meal plans.

I also think I'm out of my slump. I was struggling through the beginning of November because of so many birthdays and family obligations. Thanksgiving didn't help either, but yesterday was a good day for the scale and I. I managed to drop 3 pounds. I should be doing that every 2 weeks and I will get my butt back to doing that. These holidays are killing me! At least I haven't gained!

I've still been very busy with work and trying to find a new balance with working out, having a life, eating, and's getting easier. I've been reading a lot of blogs, but not having much time to comment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some people have no clue what they are talking about!

So, this happened to someone I work with....not me, but if it had I would have had a few things to say to this guy!

Ok, basically, someone I work with asked me if I do oblique exercises. I tell her that I do as much ab work as I can, including obliques. Then she wants to know if I use weights on some of my oblique exercises. I tell her that I do use weight on a lot of my ab work, including obliques.

Then she tells me this: She was at the gym doing some oblique exercises with weight. She said it was no more than 10 pounds and it was a workout she has been doing for over a year. The owner (male) of the gym comes out of his office and tells her to stop the exercise that she is doing. He then tells her that she is wasting her time doing that exercise because it won't make her waist smaller. Instead if will make her "bulky". She told him that she had been doing it for over a year. His response was something about how she shouldn't even use weights to workout because she will just get big and she doesn't want to get bulky. Doesn't she just want to slim down??

What a friggin' jerk!!

I told her that he might be the owner of the gym, but he clearly doesn't know anything about working out. There is NO WAY that she or anyone will get "bulky" from using weights. For that to happen you would have to take steroids. I've been lifting and lifting heavy for over 2 years and I have yet to get "bulky". Actually, I've done the opposite of getting bulky. I've lost an entire person from lifting heavy!

I also told her that if working out with weights made you "bulky" then Janelle should look like the Incredible Hulk! I just don't think that Janelle is anywhere near Incredible Hulk status.
Are Ashely and I posing with Janelle or Hulk?
It's just so confusing! All that weight
made us all so bulky!
From Google Images.
The Incredible Hulk or Janelle??
I just can't tell!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Too busy for my own good!

I prefer to be busy. It keeps me more focused. However, lately I've been so busy that getting to the gym has been more of chore than usual! Don't get me wrong; I'm still going to the gym 5-6 days a week, but it's really been difficult.

Overall, this is a bad time of year to be so busy that the gym may have to take a back seat. I've been doing a lot of baking for the Holidays and there have been a lot of people coming to town to visit. I've also been working my butt off and picking up extra hours and jobs whenever I can. All of this leads to a lot of tempataion and the desire to take short cuts. I feel like my self control could crash at any minute. I need to make sure that I'm still getting to the gym on my regular scheduled days.

Things will calm down in January, but until them I'm going to be super busy. On top of everything I'm running out of time to shop for Christmas! I have passed up shopping to go to the gym, but I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to finish shopping for gifts!

I've never looked so forward to a holiday in my life and only because it will be a day that I can't work! I will also have to workout at home that day because the gym will obviously be closed for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it too because I will get to sit on my butt for a little bit in the morning. I won't have to wake up to the alarm, and that is pretty exciting for me these days!

Here's to hoping I make it through the Holidays without losing my mind or my will power!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I've been reading a few posts lately about people binging. I don't really have this problem. I have planned days that I knew there were going to be rough days with a lot of food and temptations. I have tried to plan for these days to avoid binging. Typically those days involve a lot of booze more than anything.

I think there is one big reason that I don't binge after a bad day or stressful day; my true laziness. I am very focused and scheduled in my days, but I don't really do a whole lot outside of that.

Every now and then I will have a really bad day and think about stuffing my face with all my favorite foods. I will then think about how I have none of that food at my house. Then I realize I will have to make an extra trip to the store (which I hate) or go through a drive-thru (which I also hate). Then I realize I would just rather go home and not hassle with it. It seems like too much work for me to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm still thinking about stuffing my face, but I'm literally too lazy to make an extra trip after a long day.

Sometimes I'll be watching tv and food commercials come on and I realize how delicious the food looks, even if it's food I wouldn't ordinarily eat. I will really, really want that food. Then I realize I'll have to make a phone call to order the food or drive to the store to get it, and then my laziness kicks in. I realize I'm going to have to put in extra effort that I hadn't planned on for the day.

Just the other day, while watching football, I was wanting everything I saw on tv; pizza, Arby's, ice cream, and I even think there was a Long John Silver's commercial and I would never eat that, but it just looked soooooo good. Then I realized that I would have to drive to get all of these things and my laziness took over. I just sat back and  watched the rest of the game.

I've never been super proud of my excessive laziness, but it's really working for me in the binging catagory. I'm going to have to spread the word to everyone around me. I'll tell them all to tap into their inner laziness to help them get over their issues with binging.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting out of the routine

So the other day Janelle and I were talking on the phone about the gym and working out and whatnot. We were both talking about how once we are in our routines that it is so easy to just go to the gym and workout. That's why we both try to go at the same time every time we go to the gym. It's like a routine....

Then somehow we started talking about how it is harder to skip the gym than it is to just go. I don't know about her, but I know that it takes more energy and mental anguish to skip a workout than it does to just go and do what I need to do. I swear, it is harder for me to lay on the couch and be lazy than anything else. I don't know if that is true for anyone else. 

I also find that I feel gross if I miss workouts. I feel like a blob. I know Janelle feels the same. It takes more effort and energy making a workout plan than it does to just go workout. Hell, it takes more energy to talk about working out than it does to just workout. 

Basically, the whole conversation was revolving around having a routine and sticking to a routine. It is harder to get out of the routine once I'm into it. I mean really, I have to rearrange my whole day to NOT go to the gym. I have gym time scheduled like work or hang out time with friends. It is an appointment in my day. I don't make plans during that time and I get my crap done. I feel so much better after my workout too. I either get to start my day off awesome, or relieve stress after work. 

I don't want to mess with this routine. I am not a happy person if my gym routine is in shambles. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update time!

I had all this done the other day and I never posted about it!

Anyway, weight and inches lost for the month.

I only lost 2 pounds. I've been bitching for a while now about how tough November is for me since there are tons of birthdays and Thanksgiving and whatnot. I'm not even going to make excuses. AND....I've apparently forgotten how to add and subtract. I've been off in my math. I think last month I said I lost 110 pounds. I think that should have been 108....I don't know. I know what I weighed when I started and I know what I weigh now and that's only 110 pounds lost. I'm not even going to take the time to go back and find out. I'm just going to fix it here.

So, I also lost 2 inches this month from my regular measurements. I lost from my chest and my legs. Any loss from my chest is a victory; that's for damn sure. That makes 80.5 inches lost.

I have about 45 pounds to go, or so I've been told by Zach. I should be there by summer. Now that I'm seeing an end point and a point where I will be maintaining it's givig me more motivation.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't ask if you've already decided you aren't going to try!

So, this is something that happened to Janelle the other day, but it's happened to me too and I'm sure it's happened to some of you.

Basically, Janelle ran into a girl at the gym that worked out with us a few times. When she worked out with us she bragged and bragged about how "in shape" and "strong" she is. She said she is so strong that she never gets sore from lifting. She was talking about how she doesn't have any body fat and does so much cardio and is soooooo strong. Truth be told, and not being a judgemental bitch, but she did have body fat, she did have leg fat, she was not sooooo strong, but she did do a lot of cardio.

Anyway, she couldn't hang with us. She could not make it through our workout. She made an excuse to leave and then said wanted to stick to her cardio. In all actuality, she was insanely sore and didn't know how we could possibly still workout from day to day. We never saw her again, until the other day when Janelle ran into her.

Janelle didn't want to talk to her, but she came over to Janelle and wanted to talk. I'm kinda sad that I missed it, because she's been running and doing cardio, but she's gained about 10-15 pounds since we last saw her.

She told Janelle she didn't know why she was gaining weight and said she didn't need to do cardio because she'll get too bulky. She also maintained that she had little to no fat on her body. Then she asked Janelle what she should do to get the weight back off and stay in shape. Janelle told her the basics; eat better food, count calories, and workout more than cardio. She told Janelle that she didn't feel like eating right, but she knew how to if she had to. She also told Janelle that she doesn't need to lift. She then whined for about 10 more minutes and Janelle tried to ignore her.

Here's my issue with this girl and other people who have done this to me:

Don't come whine to me or anyone else who has been busting their butt to lose weight. Don't ask me or anyone else what we are doing, how we are doing it, and how they can get started too and then tell me or anyone else that they know it won't work for them!

For example: "Wow! You look awesome. I need to do something to get myself into shape. What are you doing? I want to do that!"

"Well, I count calories and workout out, a lot. I lift, I do cardio, I do whatever I can."

"Oh, that won't work for me. I've lifted before, it didn't do anything."

"I bet you didn't give it enough time."

"I don't want to get bulky, so I didn't lift heavy, and lifting doesn't work for me. I never get sore. I'm strong already."

"Lifting burns a lot of fat. Give it more time."

"I don't want to do that. I'll take a class or something and I don't really want to count calories."

I should respond to that by saying, "Then why in the hell are you wasting my time asking me questions if you already know you won't do anything different? You have to change something to lose weight. Thank you for wasting my time. Don't ask me to help you and shoot everything down. What I'm doing works. I've lost 110 pounds. Lifting won't make you bulky, I promise. You've watch too many infomercials. There is not quick fix. Get off your ass and move. I will never talk to you about this again because you have wasted 10 minutes of my life that I can't get back."

It is really irritating when people want you to help them and then decide that they know better than you. I know I'm not the only person this has happened to. It bothers me and I know it bothered Janelle. I wonder who else it bothers?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well, I survived

I managed to stay sane on Thanksgiving. I used all the self control in the world and managed to not stuff my face and make myself sick from eating. was a tough task.

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but my mom is the best cook this side of the Mississippi and on the other side of the Mississippi, the rest of her family are the best cooks. We've got the country on lock down for the best cooking. All of this fantastic cooking makes a person want to stuff their face.

Anyway, I did not snack all morning before dinner time. I ate every three hours like I'm supposed to. I know I didn't get the right amount of protein, but there were a lot of things I wanted to try so I ate tiny portions when it was my time to eat. I planned the day so I would have to eat when the whole family was sitting down to eat. I only had a small spoonful of the foods I wanted to try, and I totally passed up seconds.

I did have to walk away from the table before everyone else because I was done eating and I did not want seconds, but I could not stop thinking about the delicious food all around me. I think it also helped that we did everything buffet style this year and all the food was on the counter and buffet behind us. There was no food on the table. That really helped.

After I was done I spent some time playing with my niece and nephews. I was hoping to burn off some calories. I was trying really hard to not just sit on my butt for the rest of the day.

I did have dessert though. My mom makes apple pie twice a year. There is no way I could pass up apple pie. I cut my own piece and it really was a little baby piece of pie.

Overall, I think I managed pretty well, but I know that November has been a rough month for me. I've had 4 different family birthdays, a graduation, and Thanksgiving. I've also done a ton of baking, but for some reason that didn't even make me flinch. I was totally in control and able to bake without sampling.

Yesterday I did my regular workout and took a walk at the Reserve for an hour. It was pretty nice out. I figured I needed to take advantage of the nice weather. I also had a Bod Pod yesterday. I think I was trying to torture myself by getting a Bod Pod the day after a holiday full of eating, but that wasn't even that bad. Janelle did have to talk me down a little afterward. I was hoping for better.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm pretty excited, but I'm not gonna lie; since I woke up at 6:30 A.M. I've been repeating to myself, "I think I can, I think I can". While I was making my cheesy, broccoli, rice casserole I was telling myself that I won't pig out today. While I was in the shower I was telling myself that I will only have one serving of the foods I want to try.

I'm assuming you get my gist today. I've been mentally pumping mysef up for the past hour and a half.

Really, I just keep reminding myself that it's one day and my family makes foods that we only make on Thanksgiving. We've also cut our recipes in half. We are making the foods that we always make, but we are making less. We're hoping to cut down on overeating and leftovers. My mom also made 2 pies and that's it. We really cut down on desserts and the foods that we snack on while we're waiting for dinner.

My mom also planned for us to eat earlier in the day so we would have more time to get up and be active in the late afternoon. The fam has been pretty proactive this year in having a reasonable Thanksgiving.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about today. It's nice weather, so I'll probably go for a walk after we eat. Hopefully, I can convince the fam that they also want to take a walk. I would feel bad if I just ate and took off for a walk by myself.

Oh....and....I'm gettting a Bod Pod tomorrow! What kind of crazy person schedules to have their body fat measured the day after Thanksgiving? Me, I guess.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trying to stay positive.

Basically, I'm a little irritated with myself.

I said the other week that November is a rough month because of birthday's and Thanksgiving. My sister had a November birthday and my neice and nephews were all born in November. Busy, busy, busy. This year my sister also graduated from college. All of these events mean going out to eat, celebrating, eating, blah, blah, blah.

So, I've probably gone out to eat more this month than I have in the past year and a half. I've researched menus to find food that will fit into my meal plan, calories, protein, saturated fats, and I planned my whole eating schedule around what time we were going out to dinner. I even ordered food that I would never have ordered or eaten a year and half ago.

I ate freakin' salmon! I hate fish, but knew it was a good choice and it was really all that would fit into my meal plan. It wasn't even that bad either. I'm not sure if I will ever eat it again, but I tried it once! I didn't eat dessert, I didn't drink booze, and I didn't pick off other people's plates.

I also didn't lose any weight in the last two weeks. I'm pretty disappointed.

So, I'm trying to find the positive in the past two weeks. I didn't lose, but I didn't gain. I maintained. I also know that I made better food choices and I didn't pig out. I know that a year and a half ago I would have stuffed my face and ordered delicious deep fried foods. I know I would have ordered drinks and I know I would have ordered dessert.

I'm trying to remind myself just how far I really have come and how much my food choices and self control have changed. I guess I'm learning how to maintain my weight, but I'm not in a maintaining weight mode, I'm still in a losing weight mode.

I still have to make it through Thanksgiving this week. I know I'm not going to be perfect on Thursday. My family Thanksgiving is made up of foods that we only make once a year. We have decided to cut back on the desserts and we are cutting a lot of recipes in half as well. Everyone in my family wants to make better food choices that day. We all want to be able to taste and sample everything,  but we don't want to pig out. I know that my family as a whole wants to eat less and we all are making the effort to cook less!

Really, I keep telling myself that I've made it this far and I'm going to keep going. I don't like to be disappointed with myself, but there is nothing I can do at certain times of the year. I feel like I would be rude to skip family things because of food or going out to eat. I also think it is rude to just sit at a restaurant and not eat anything. I have done that in the past and my family has dealt with it. I have to make some choices that I'm not always happy with, but that's just life. Birthdays and holidays come up from time to time, but 4 birthdays, a graduation, and Thanksgiving all in one month is way to much for me.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I love, love, love to bake. I love to make sweets. I like to cook too, but baking is my favorite. I don't bake year round though. I usually only bake during the holidays. Guess what? It's totally baking season and I'm not prepared.

Last year I didn't bake too much. I didn't know how to handle making things that I wasn't going to eat. It didn't turn out to be that bad though. I was able to make what I needed to and not stuff my face with cookies and whatnot.

This year, I really, really want to do a ton of baking. Last week I had to make a few things for a carry-in at work, and I think that spurred my desire for all of this baking. I made pumpkin cookies for the carry-in and they were awesome, or so I've been told. I didn't get to eat any.

I'm not sure if any of you like to bake, but it is really friggin' hard to make something that you AREN'T going to eat. It's also really hard to make things and not take little samples as I'm baking to make sure it's tasting right. I usually have people taste and sample for me as I go to make sure everything is going ok.

This week I have a lot of free time and I plan on baking, a lot. I have an entire list of things I need to make and will make. I just hope that I don't fall off the wagon and start "sampling" everything I'm making!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I was struggling to find something to write about today. I thought I was just going to give up. I had nothing to talk about pertaining to working out and losing weight. Then I went to the gym. I was all excited to do a million pull ups today (I have to tell you that I'm being sarcastic, because you can't see the look on my face) then I saw Hat Guy.

Ordinarily, Hat Guy is a source of entertainment, but today he was a source of irritation. I don't know why, but he was more annoying today than he's ever been. I think he was more vulgar too. That might be it. He was really saying nasty things today, and talking about football like he's an expert, and....and being really freaking loud!

I told Janelle that we had to go to the ladies side because I had to get away from him. I was sure I was going to fight him if I had to listen to him anymore. Actually, I think I said, "I'm having visions of going off on Hat Guy. I might get in a fight. Do you think I'd win?"

We went to the ladies side, but it didn't help. The wall doesn't go all the way up and I could still hear him. Janelle just looked at my face and started laughing. I couldn't help it, I started mocking him really loudly. I HOPE he heard me. I was so irritated.

I do have to say though, it was good workout. I think I was channeling all my rage into my workout. You know, since I couldn't really fight Hat Guy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Noticing the changes.

I've been panicking about Thanksgiving. You know...all that delicious food. My family always has an over the top Thanksgiving. It's just what we do. We make tons of food and everyone goes home with tons of leftovers.

As we've been planning this year I've noticed that no one seems interested in having tons and tons of food. Really, over the past year I've noticed that my family has been making a lot of different food choices.

My mom, sisters, and brothers-in-law have been making their own changes. Everyone has their own reasons for making different food choices, and they are all for good reasons.

I'm not that worried now about there being too much food next Thursday. Everyone has kinda said that they don't want all the sweets and desserts that we usually make. Everyone has also said that they don't want to make as much food.

We want to make all the usual food items that we make year after year, but we just want to make smaller servings. I'm all for it.

If given the opportunity, I will stuff my face! I just can't be around all that food! I think this year will be different and be much better. I know Thanksgiving is all about food, delicious, delicious food, but I can still stay in moderation....right? Ok, I know I can.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting back to normal!

Finally, workouts have been getting back to normal. Janelle takes a week off after her shows and last week was our first week back to regular workouts.

I was finally able to get to the gym at the same time that she was, but the workouts are really long right now.

Also....I'm super sore. I'm ok with it though. I was feeling like a lazy ass for the past few weeks because I wasn't getting sore after my workouts. Now I feel much better since I'm sore. I'm sure that seems very odd, but I do like to be somewhat sore. It makes me feel like I actually did something.

November is still a super busy month, but I think I'm past all the birthday parties. I still have a graduation, and Thanksgiving(s) to attend. I've done pretty awesome at all these other events for the month so I'm pretty sure I'll be fine at the last few obligations for the month.

I'm looking forward to December because I only have Christmas to deal with!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The workout funk is gone!

My workout funk is over and it has nothing to do with me actually working out, it has to do with....Hat Guy. I often mention Hat Guy, and if you have no clue who he is you can read about him here, here, and here. I know I have mentioned him more, but those posts were specifically about the joy he brings me when I'm working out.

Thank you Hat Guy for being at the gym yesterday. I have not been in the best workout mood lately and it's been a real chore to do anything. Yesterday was no exception.

Janelle and I were actually able to get to the gym at the same time and we had to workout on the coed side because of the equipment we needed.

Hat Guy was out there too and he was just as I expect him to be....loud and obnoxious. He over compensates for everything he does because he's so short. I mean, he's tiny. He's a short guy. He has worked hard to bulk himself up, but only he upper body. His legs are teeny tiny. He talks loud and I mean LOUD. He wants everyone to hear everything he has to say. I used to get super annoyed by him, but then I realized that everything he says is totally rediculious and Janelle and I just laugh at everything he says. Yesterday was no exception.

I don't totally even know how to describe his antics from yesterday. There were a few people that were talking with him and, of course, he was yelling his responses back. (I mean, they were 2 feet away from each other....the only reason to be that loud is to make sure everyone hears you!)

Basically, here's some of what Janelle and I heard.

"Yea man, you can tag along with me when I'm working out. I'll show you how to workout. If you can keep up, you can tag along."

"When do I workout? Whenever man. I have parameters that I stay between, but whatever do in that time is what I do. I mix it up. I do singles, I do all over, I do what I do You've gotta have parameters."

When someone asked about how he learned the best way to workout and the best way to plan workouts he responded, "To understand, you gotta not understand, ya know?"

He continued to talk about the art of understanding by not understanding (that sounds like some ancient Chinese wisdom right there!) and said, "I tried to follow the rules of working out, but coloring inside the lines didn't get me no where!"

He then started to refer back to the guy who wants to "tag along" and see his workouts, "Yea, like that guy who wants to tag along. He can, but he's asking for routine. I don't have routine. I have parameters. I told him, give me two weeks, two weeks of insanity!"

Ok, here are some more random quotes from him:

"I call it ad libbin," in reference to making up workouts.

"Yea, that guy said he never sees me workout my legs. I do my legs everyday. I just do it fast because I hate legs. Open your eyes man, pay attention. I do it everyday."

"The cortisol and testerone don't like each other. They butt heads." This was in reference to lifting and doing cardio in one day and in what order you should complete them. You also have to bump fists with yourself when saying this.

Anyway, it probably seems totally mean that I get joy from the crazy things this guy says, but he makes a complete spectacle of himself. I used to get really annoyed and angry whenever he was around. Now I just laugh. He is completely rediculious......and short.....shorter than me!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workout funk

I keep whining about how busy I've been and it's been hard to get to the gym. I've still been working out, but I've been doing it at home or outside.

When I workout at home I just don't feel like I really worked out. I usually pop in a dvd and do yoga, pilates, or some random cardio workout, but I just don't feel like I get a full workout. Does that happen to anyone else?

When I workout outside I go to the Reserve around here and I jog or run up and down hills and stairs. I do feel like I get a good workout when I'm there, but I think I'm missing the gym!

I know this may sound crazy, but I think I start to get all out of whack if I don't lift on a regular basis. I've felt pretty unmotivated lately and I've really felt like it's a chore to go workout. I usually don't feel like that. I usually look forward to going to the gym.

Well...I should also explain that Janelle, Ashley, and I have not been on a regular gym schedule for a while now. We've all been going whenever we can fit it into our day and that means we all go at different times. This week should have been back to normal and I think tomorrow  I might be able to make it to the gym when Janelle does.

We've also dropped the early AM cardio for a while too. I think I'm missing the two a days. Really, I think I'm just in a workout funk and I need some new workouts! I know that new workouts are coming and I'm probably going to be complaining next week about how hard the new workouts's like I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy November

November is my busiest month of the year. My neice and nephews were all born in November, one of my sisters was born in November, Thanksgiving is in November.....and a whole bunch of other things go on this month.

Birthdays and Thanksgiving are fun, but they all have one thing in Damn food.

Last night we went out to eat at a new restaurant downtown that is all local and organic, so that's cool. I ordered a tuna burger and didn't eat the whole thing.  I was pretty proud of myself. Then one of my sisters suggested dessert. I'm sure she was totally right about how good the ice cream is and how delicious everything else is.

Ice cream is my weakness. Total weakenss. I can't even tell you the last time I had ice cream. The server started rambling off the flavors of ice cream and I just put my head down and put my hands over my ears. I'm sure it was quite a site and I probably looked like an asshole, but I was in hell at that exact moment.

To make matters worse there was no way I could just get up and go outside while everyone had dessert. The restaruant is very small and we were all packed in at our table. I would have had to make 2 people get up to let me out.

So, I sat there. I sat there and I watched everyone eat cake and ice cream. I was so freakin' happy when everyone was done.

Today I have to go to my nephew's birthday party. There will be a lot of food there. A lot of food made by my mom, who is the best cook in the world. I'm trying to figure out what the hell I need to do. I'll figure it out. I'm getting ready to go to the gym and I usually have some of my best thoughts when I'm at the gym.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fun picture!

So, I was cleaning my closets that other day and found a lot of my old jeans. I have been keeping one pair of jeans in each size. I've done this on purpose too, because I've had an idea for a picture. I wanted to wait until I had a few more smaller sizes of pants, but I got excited. Also, I saw a few pictures recently on other blogs that made me not want to wait.

I want to do a fun picture with my belts, but I haven't had time to get it all together.

So, the funniest part to me is when I showed the picture to my friend James. I said, "James! I made a jeans pyramid!" Then I showed him the picture. He looked at me and said, "Oh! Those are your jeans! At first I was wondering why you were at the store stacking jeans and taking pictures!" I was laughing my ass off for a good 10 minutes.

The biggest pair is an 18, the smallest is an 8

I think it's obvious that only shop at Old Navy and Gap!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Monthly Update!

Seriously? The end of the month already? I'm so not ready for November. I guess that means I have to update my pounds lost and inches lost.

So, I had Janelle take my measurements today. She has been saying for the last few months that my measurements might start getting crazy. I'm still losing weight, but I have that dreaded problem of skin...I hate to admit it, but there is loose skin everywhere. I'm ready to just grab some scissors and cut it off. Zach told me he would help.

Anyway, I only lost 1/2 inch this month....kinda sad. Seriously, my arms, legs, and chest have hardly changed in the past few months. I've been preparing for this, but I'm just a little sad about it. It makes me want to work harder though.

So, I lost 5 pounds since last month. I feel like it should have been more. I've pretty much been working out 2 times a day for the last month. Janelle had to do two a days to get ready for her show, so I did as many with her as I could. I've also been sticking to my meal plan.

I do know that the less weight you have to lose the slower you lose it. I do know that I've been working just as hard as I always have.

I guess that makes my new totals 78.5 inches lost and 110 pounds lost. Don't get me wrong, I'm still proud of myself. I'm not quite sure how in the hell I've stayed positive about this for almost 2 years.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures from the show

Janelle's show was yesterday. I think she placed 6th. I've never seen her not place in the top 5, so it was a little strange. Anyway, she looked flippin' great. She was bigger than she was last year. I guess I just don't know what the judges are looking for. She looked better than the girls she was competing with. Well, there are more shows to come, so I'm sure she will do better next time!

So, here are some pics from the show.

Workout buddies! Please ignore the competition
spray tan that Janelle has to have for shows!

Janelle and Ashley

Janelle and I

This picture isn't really good, but it looks cool.
Janelle is right in the middle.

After the show

Yea! Workout buddies.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everything is running together, and a funny story.

My blog posts have been all over the place lately. I have been really busy and I think of things I want to write about, but then I just smash a bunch of nonsense into one blog and I'm sure I confuse everyone.

Anyway, today is Janelle's show. I talk about how Janelle competes in figure. I never really know how to describe it, but it's not body building. Anyway, here is the picture from last year.

Monster Mash 2010.
By the way, the only part of my outfit that
still fits are the shoes....awesome.
Today and tonight I know I will take a ton of pictures so I will have a bunch of stuff to post.

I have been taking a bunch of pictures lately. I do need to post them. I will find time to do that soon...I promise. I don't even have time to be doing this now. I have to get ready for work!


I went out the other night and I realized that I had to know the whole eating every 3 hours thing. I was like 9:45 PM and I was at a bar, I knew I was going to be out for at least another 3 hours, so I decided to have a beer. It really doesn't happen very often.

So, I look at the bartender after he asks if I need anything and I say, "Yea Ryan, just a Miller Lite."

He looked at me and then my friends and said, "I thought you were in AA or something because I haven't seen you drink in soooo long."

"No Ryan, remember the whole losing weight thing? What did you think I was doing?"

"I don't know, Sarah! I just know you haven't come in here and ordered a drink a long ass time."

I really couldn't stop laughing. Then another guy comes over to talk. I didn't meet this guy until after I started meal plans and losing weight. He is forever trying to get me to have a drink. I decline every offer. Anyway, he comes over and is chatting with us and I finally look at him and say, "Hey, Rob, you notice anything?"

He looks at me for a second and I reach for my beer. When he sees that I'm picking the beer up he freaks out. He starts saying, "No way. No way. This isn't happening. I need a picture. No, really. A picture."

Then he made my friend take pictures of him and I holding beers. Actually he was telling me to point to my beer so everyone would know that it was mine. He told me he would probably never see it happen again and now he had photo evidence.

I was hoping he would post the pic on FB so I could steal it and post it here, but no such luck yet....and I look really cute in my pic too!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My very own non-scientific study.....for the day.

Today was a mess of a day. Very long story short, I ended up sitting in a teacher's lounge for 2.5 hours doing work and trying to keep myself busy.

In this lounge there is a pop machine and a vending machine. Staff and teachers wandered in and out the whole time grabbing snacks from the machines. At first I thought nothing of it, but after a few women came in and stopped to talk to me I started paying more attention to what they were saying. None of the women really wanted to talk to me about anything I was doing, they just wanted to justify why they were getting snacks.

I started paying attention to what they were saying. Here's a few examples of what I heard:

"It's not like I really need a snack. I'm just stressed today."

"I don't always do this. It's just a nasty day outside."

"I know I was just in here to get a cookie, but that just didn't do the trick....ohhh Mr. Goodbar! That should do the trick."

A few of the women asked if I wanted them to buy something that I could eat. I told them all thanks, but no thanks. Of course they kept asking. I told them I eat on a schedule. They would ask why I would do that. I told them that it helps me stay accountable.

I did notice that guys were totally different. When they came in they just said hey and got what they needed and left. They also only got sodas. They didn't even go to the vending machine. There was no justification for wanting a soda. They just got what they needed and rolled out.

The women were at the pop machine and the vending machine. They were working really hard to convince me and themselves that it was ok for them to be eating animal crackers, Hersey bars, brownies, Honey Buns (the frosted kind!), and other random junk.

I just thought it was interesting that there was so much justification going on in there. I bet they were all thinking they were going to sneak in and get some junky goodness from the vending machine and no one was ever going to know....but then they saw me working in there and they needed an excuse for being there.

I should have yelled, "I caught you and I'm telling everyone that you eat brownies out of vending machines! You will never convince anyone that you are healthy!" That would have been awesome. I bet a lot of women would have been super pissed off at me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's time for me to talk about myself!

Imagine that, me talking about myself. Who knew?

So, I've been running into people that I haven't seen for a while. I was unaware that some people are startled when they see me. I guess if I haven't seen someone for a few months it could be a little odd to see me.

The other day someone was so surprised to see me that they hugged me. I'm not much of a hugger, but I couldn't avoid it.

I've also been asked if I'm noticing the difference and feeling different. My response is, yes I do notice the difference. When I look at recent pictures I see the difference. A few times I've had to do a double take at the picture. I smile a lot when I look at pictures now and it also sucks because the other people in the pictures look at them and tell me that they look awful. I'm not going to lie. I think I  look pretty good in most pictures and I want to post them all on FB, but when everyone else says they look awful, I can't post them!

As for the other question, I don't really feel different. I feel the way I've always felt. My personality hasn't changed, my beliefs haven't changed (OK, some have), my morals haven't changed, ect, ect. I'm the same, I just look different. I guess people want to think that I've had some big epiphany about life and love, or whatever, but I haven't. All of those beliefs are still in tact.

I do try more activities that I was scared to do before or didn't think I could do because of how much I weighed, but everything else is still the same. I'm still the same outspoken, over opinionated, loud, hard working, smart, hilarious girl that I've always been.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vargo Trained!

So, this is going to be a short and sweet. Zach got his web site up and running. Everyone should know Zach by now. I talk about him a lot. He's the one who helps me with all of my meal plans and workouts, oh and, he's married to Janelle.

Anyway, if you get a second check out his site. It's pretty impressive.....and there's a whole part about of course I love it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love this weather!

Ok, the week started with crap-tastic weather. It was cold, rainy, cold, rainy, and cold. I even had to break down and buy a coat. So, true to Ohio weather it's like sunny and almost 60 degrees during the day now!

I'm not complaining though, trust me! Friday and Saturday have had awesome weather. I'm taking full advantage of how nice it's been. I've been outside for the past two days trying to hold onto this nice weather.

Today I went down to the Reserve with Kelly to take a walk. We walked for an hour because we just didn't want to be inside! We tried to sit at a table and just chill in the nice weather when we were done, but there were spiders and nature everywhere. It was too much to handle.

Kelly was freaked out by little spiders and then it freaked me out. We both jumped up and tried to look down at the spiders and Kelly rammed her head right into my face and smashed my sun glasses into my face. I swear I'm going to have a bruise. Honestly, Kelly and I are like a slap stick comedy routine wherever we go.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well. Kelly and I are trying to plan our day to maximize our time outdoors. On Sunday's Janelle and I do a workout at the Reserve in the morning, so I know I will start my morning outside. I just hope I can stay out all day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pictures and random info...

I finally have a second to sit down and put some new pictures up. I was having such an awesome time at the wedding last weekend that I didn't even get a good full body picture to post. Oh well. I still look cute in my dress. You know, the outfit that is entirely borrowed except the shoes.

Danielle's dress, Janelle's sweater, and
my dress up Flava Flav clock.

I totally cropped Kat out of this picture.

Right after the wedding, when I was
still warm and sunny in Ohio.

There was totally a dress up
photo booth. There was
no way I was getting out
of that reception without
some photo booth pictures!

More photo booth fun time!

So, it's been freezing cold the past few days. Rainy, nasty, cloudy, nasty, windy, nasty, yucky, and gross. I'm already over winter and I'm pretty sure it hasn't officially started yet. Two days ago I had to break out the knee high socks to stay warm. Today I had to go buy a coat. I hate coats. They are bulky and, I swear, they never fit right. So, now I have knee high socks and a coat to, hopefully, keep me warm. I'm still fighting the urge to turn on the heat. I really try to make it to November, but I might fail this year.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finally, someone that works at the gym that I like!

So, at my "favorite" gym today one of the employees came up to talk to us. At first I was trying to figure out her angle. She kept asking questions about what I've been doing and if Janelle is training me.

I just looked at her and told her all the issues that Janelle, Ashely, and I were having with the employees there. I told her that the trainers were accusing us of training each other and making money while we were working out.

She kept assuring us that she was not trying to get us in trouble or anything sneeky. So we talked with her for a while. She was asking a lot of questions and I didn't really want to get into specifics. I just had a bad vibe about the whole thing.

So we kinda changed the subject to talk about Janelle's upcoming show. She's less than 2 weeks till her show and I can't wait to post pictures! We told her that Janelle competes in figure and that is why we've been pulling all the two a day workouts.

Even though I was skeptical, she was really a nice lady. She asked if she can point me out to potential members. I told her that she could and I think that may have been her angle for talking to us.

Now I don't feel so freaked out at that gym. She was nice and seemed genuine. Hopefully all of the crap at that gym will stop now that we are talking to more of the employees and finding out that they aren't such jerks.

Oh and, I have had no time to upload pictures from that wedding. I have a few cute pictures of me in my cute, borrowed dress. I don't even have time to type this! I think later in the week I will find some time to get myself updated!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm sore and it's your fault!

I was going to post about my weekend, but then I heard this at the gym today....

First, let me try to set the scene for you.

Janelle and I were walking out of the gym and to do that we have to go through the lobby area where the "sales" people sit.

One of our favorite (I wish you could see the sarcasm in the word favorite) "sales" people was sitting at his desk with a 2 liter of Diet Mountain Dew and a 12 pack of ramen noodles. He usually has a little foam dart gun too, but I'm not sure where that was today.

Anyway, he was on the phone so we only heard one side of the conversation, but you could totally tell what the person was saying.

Sales guy, "Well who worked you out?" Stops to listen. "Well no, that's normal. You might even be sore for a few more days. You did a good workout."

So the gist of the conversation was someone wondering why they were sore from working out.

I mean, who goes to the gym, works out, and then calls to complain because they are sore? Weirdos.

Janelle had to go back and do a second workout today too. I went for a little bit, but I couldn't stay very long. Janelle calls me after she leaves to tell me that the same sales guy was giving her "advice" on preparing for her upcoming competition.

He was telling her to that she needs to build more muscle by eating half a chicken breast every hour. Then proceeded to pull a poster out of his desk to show her. The post was of a male body builder.

Janelle was like, "Well, he's a body builder and a man. I'm a girl and I do figure."

What a strange day at the gym. I'm sorry that I missed that conversation today. I probably would have laughed uncontrollably.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is all a random mess of information!

So, I've been busy. Really busy...and I'm not even sure why.

I've been working out twice a day with Janelle and working at all 3 jobs. I'm looking to add a 4th...not joke. I'm trying to get a 4th job and I already know that it won't interfere with my workouts. Perfect.

Last week....or maybe 2 weeks ago, I'm not sure. I think I'm losing time these days! Anyway, Janelle and I were at the Reserve running and hopping up the stairs. We were getting tired of that so we decided to jog. We seriously didn't get too far because there were geese blocking the path. They would not move. They would also not make that annoying honking sound that they make. They were silent and staring at us. It was creepy. Not as creepy as the deer that stalk me when I jog alone, but it was still creepy. (If you missed my ranting about deer you can read about it here and here.)

At one point Janelle asked me why the seemed to be spreading out. I told her they were going to circle around us and attack. We decided to just turn around and jog the other direction. 

It is safe to assume that nature and I do not get along!

Yesterday, I was at one of my many jobs and I heard the voice of a teacher that I talk to all the time. We stay in touch on FB and I haven't seen her since the end of last school year. I walked into the hall to say hey. I waved at her and she turned around and walked off. She didn't recognize me. That is awesome and sad at the same time! I'm need to FB her and tell her that she totally blew me off because she didn't even know it was me waving at her!

So, today I have a wedding to attend. This wedding is going to be awesome. Two people that I love very much are FINALLY getting married. I was really excited to go out and buy a new dress, but I literally had zero time to get that done. I ened up borrowing a dress from Danielle, a cardigan and jewelry from Janelle, and a clutch from Kelly. I have put together an entire outfit from borrowed things that I would ordinarily never wear, except the shoes; the shoes are really mine.

I will have to post pictures. Hopefully I will have time to do that tomorrow. I'm pretty much blowing off all responsibility today so tomorrow I might be super busy. I typically run all of my errands on Saturday, but who wants to run errands when you can spend the morning getting all pretty for a wedding?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This week is never ending!

Do you ever have those weeks that are never ending? I'm having one of those right now! There is nothing happening to make it stressful or bad or anything; it's just not ending!

I blame the weather. It was so nice last week and this week the weather has been turning crappy. You know...nasty Ohio weather in the fall. I swear we have bipolar weather in this state.

Today was so, so, so cloudy and kinda chilly. I didn't want to do a damn thing today. Work was awful. All I could think about was getting home to my couch!

I wasted this whole afternoon on my couch. I thought to myself that I should just change my clothes and get my butt to the gym. Do you think that happened? Hell no. I sat my butt on the couch and it was all over from there.

At one point I got up and looked out the window and I saw the nasty grey sky and it made me really cold! I put my butt back on the couch and watched bad shows on E!.

I got up at another time and realized I should do some work to get ready for tomorrow. I even looked out the window and thought that I should really go to the gym and at least do some cardio.....then I got back on the couch under my blankets.

I did go see Kelly earlier this evening because I was bored, but not bored enough to make a trip to the gym. All I could do was tell her how tired I was and I was really wishing for a weekend where I could just "couch it up" for the whole weekend. It didn't even dawn on me that I had had my butt on the couch all day long!

I'm going to have to fight this weather. It makes me super lazy. Tomorrow is a regular workout day. I know I will be at the gym tomorrow. I have early morning cardio and then I will do a workout later in the day. Today wasn't totally wasted. I did catch up on some sleep!

Oh yea, I am still not able to post comments on most blogs. If I do I have to do it as anonymous. Sometimes I can post and sometimes I can't. I will figure it out!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I used to be fat

There is an I Used To Be Fat marathon on MTV today. Yea, I still watch can make fun of me.

Anyway, I love this show. I know all the people on the show are 10 + years younger than me, but I like to see them trying.

They lose a lot of weight in like 3 months, but they do work hard. You know, the old fashioned way...hard work and changing their diet. They struggle, they complain, they whine, and I find myself yelling at the TV.

I really like the trainers the best. A lot of them make me think of Zach, because they don't sugar coat anything. I mean, they are a little more showy than Zach, but they say the same straight forward things.

There is one thing that does bother me. All the trainers say, "If you give me your summer; I'll give you back your life." That makes me want to puke. I guess they needed a catch phrase.

If you've not seen it; you should watch it. It's addictive.