Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update time!

I had all this done the other day and I never posted about it!

Anyway, weight and inches lost for the month.

I only lost 2 pounds. I've been bitching for a while now about how tough November is for me since there are tons of birthdays and Thanksgiving and whatnot. I'm not even going to make excuses. AND....I've apparently forgotten how to add and subtract. I've been off in my math. I think last month I said I lost 110 pounds. I think that should have been 108....I don't know. I know what I weighed when I started and I know what I weigh now and that's only 110 pounds lost. I'm not even going to take the time to go back and find out. I'm just going to fix it here.

So, I also lost 2 inches this month from my regular measurements. I lost from my chest and my legs. Any loss from my chest is a victory; that's for damn sure. That makes 80.5 inches lost.

I have about 45 pounds to go, or so I've been told by Zach. I should be there by summer. Now that I'm seeing an end point and a point where I will be maintaining it's givig me more motivation.


  1. Great job, might not be the numbers you wanted but you lost weight and lost inches, that's progress! And 110 lbs! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 110 pounds lost and 80.5 inches less....I'd say that was pretty damn incredible, that's for sure!!!

  3. "...that's only 110 pounds lost"... Only?! 110 pounds is AMAZING--you should be sooo proud of yourself! And losing 2 pounds in a difficult month for you is great progress. So many people gain weight during the holidays. You're doing a great job!

  4. Nothing like seeing a finish line to keep you going...At least you lost 2 pounds this month-most Americans gain 4 times that in November!!!