Friday, November 16, 2012


In my search for a new running program, I came across a website called I started reading through it and decided that I might like to try it!

I started this program this week too. It might be a lofty goal for myself to do my regular workouts, run 3 days a week, and to do this push up program 3 times a week. 

I think it looks fun and it will only be for 6 weeks. It is not time consuming either. I already did my initial test to find out how many good/real push ups I can do. The number was 11. On the chart that puts me at Rank 2. Each week I will follow the Rank 2 column. After the 6th week, I will pick a day to try to complete 100 consecutive push ups. That will be the final test for me, and if I don't get to 100, I will try to do it again. 

I'm already planning what else I can do from this site. They have a kinds of different 100 tasks. They have dips, squats, sit ups, and a few other things. I really think this site is worth checking out. 

I mean, what do I have to lose with this program? Honestly, nothing.....maybe a few pounds. I know it will make me stronger. 

So this week, I've had to complete: (from column 2, 6-10 push ups)

week 1: pick the appropriate column depending on your initial test results
 up to 5 push ups6 - 10 push ups11 - 20 push ups
SET 12610
SET 23612
SET 3247
SET 4247
SET 5max (at least 3)max (at least 5)max (at least 9)
SET 13610
SET 24812
SET 3268
SET 4368
SET 5max (at least 4)max (at least 7)max (at least 12)
SET 14811
SET 251015
SET 3479
SET 4479
SET 5max (at least 5)max (at least 10)max (at least 13)
*** Copied from 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's been going on with me?

I don't like to always be super personal in my blog posts, but I know that in the past I've mentioned things here and there about what I'm doing when I'm not working out!

Well, I have been so busy lately. The Holiday's are fast approaching. I've been busy with work, baking, working out, hanging out with my boyfriend, hanging out with friends, and having tons of November birthdays! 

Truthfully, I've been falling off the blogging bandwagon. I struggle to find time in the day to make posts. There are some days that I feel like I will have time to sit and write, then I will have to work late or meet some other obligation that pops up out of no where. 

When I do have time to write, I will try to write like 3 or 4 blogs. I will have so much on my mind that I want to blog about, and I just can't stop until I get it out! I carry around paper scraps in my purse with blog ideas on them. 

Also, I've been really happy with the guy I've been dating and when I do find free time, I find ways to fill it by spending time with him. I'm still trying to find the perfect balance of everything I need to do and want to do. I'm sure it's nearly impossible to find the perfect balance for anything! Let me know if anyone has the perfect balance in their life, I would like to know what you are doing!

I'm really looking forward to the Holidays. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just love how that time of the year feels. I love everything about the holiday season. My boyfriend does not so much care for Christmas, but I think I will convert him. Who doesn't love Christmas??

Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's keep running

I found one of those running programs, kinda like the Couch to 5K things. I wrote it all out and did it from August 6 to October 14. I ran 3 times a week at a 1.0 incline each time. By the time I was done I was going over 3.5 miles. I felt great at the end, but I didn't know what to do next. I've been trying to jog/run for the past few weeks, but I've only been doing it once, maybe twice a week.

I can't get motivated unless I have something on paper to follow. I looked around for some different programs to follow, but it's been difficult to find something. I want to keep jogging in addition to my regular working out. 

So, I decided the other day that I was just going to start over with the one I've already done. I'm not trying to be a real runner. I just want something else to supplement my regular workouts. 

In another post I listed each week and how long to run each time. I'm going to start again today. I'm going to drink a few cups of coffee, watch Dr. Phil, and get my butt in gear to get this started again. 

I think this will be good for me to do again. I don't have a lot of time to try to run far distances or for long periods of time. This time around I can try to beat my distances each week by setting the treadmill at a little faster of a pace. 

Overall, I'm gonna keep on doing what I have to do to keep this weight off. OK, let me clarify that a little more....I'm going to do what I have to do in a healthy way to keep this weight off and still have a life that I'm comfortable with. 

So, wish me luck! It can be a big challenge to eat the right thing and eat in moderation. I've got the working out thing down. I have no problem going to the gym. In fact, I love it. I feel so good after I work out. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Update, Update, Update.

What? November already? 

Well, this update won't be too long! I'm still MAINTAINING my weight. So, I'm still at 133 pounds lost. I was worried that I was not going to be able to even do an update, because the scale at the gym has been broken. I only use that scale. I feel like it's better to use the same scale for each weigh in.

I finished the running/jogging program I was doing. It was 10 weeks long and I completed those 10 weeks from August 6 to October 14. By the end I was jogging for 34 minutes and I was going over 3 miles! I also jogged on a 1.0 incline. I heard somewhere that jogging on a slight incline makes it more like jogging outside. 

After I finished my 10 weeks, I decided to take a jog outside at the local Reserve/Dam. It was a really nice fall day, and it seemed like an excellent idea. Well, treadmill jogging and outside jogging are super, super different! I was jogging for 6 minutes and it seemed like an eternity. I was exhausted. Don't get me wrong, I KNEW I wasn't going to be able to go for 34 minutes and make it over 3 miles. I was just hoping I would be able to jog for about 7-10 minutes, walk for a few, and then repeat a few times. NOPE, I was spent after those first 6 minutes! I had to revamp my exercise plans for the day and think of some other workout to do outside! Oh well, it was still a beautiful day and I'm glad I was outside. 

My work schedule is changing a little and my workout time is getting all effed up! Actually, it's not. I just have to go to a different gym location, but I'm not liking that gym too much. I shouldn't really complain. I should feel lucky that I can go to any gym that is part of the gym group I belong to. I also only have to go to that location one day a week. 

Overall, things are pretty damn good. I'm getting pumped for the Holidays and I love to do all my winter baking! I already started some of my baking. My boyfriend is pretty excited about all the baking because I need someone to be a taster for all my stuff. 

I am trying to catch up and read as many blogs as possible. I read them, but I don't really leave myself time to comment, but I promise I'm trying to keep up on what everyone is up to!