Saturday, March 26, 2011

My hands are shrinking!

            Today my ring almost fell off my finger. I nearly had a panic attack because I only wear one ring and it is platinum with 30 diamond chips. It’s pretty amazing and it was my great-grandma’s wedding ring. It was passed onto me about 5 years ago and I wear it everyday.

I wear it on my right hand on my ring finger. When I first started wearing the ring it barely even fit that finger. I would get in on in the morning and by the evening I could hardly get the ring back off. I would have to use soap or lotion to help slide it back off my finger. After a while the soap would dry my skin and it was just a mess.

Anyway, over the past year the ring has felt looser and looser on my finger. I’ve been worried lately that it was going to slip off and I was going to lose it. I’ve tried to make it fit on other fingers, but it was just too tight for any other finger. I can’t get the ring resized since it has been handed down through the family. I’ve really just been biding my time until I could get it on another finger.

Thank God this happened at my house and not out in public because I would have really flipped! I was washing my hands and instead of using the hand towel in my bathroom I just shook them off because I was in a hurry and that extra 5 seconds to towel dry my hands was just not an option. Anyway, the ring started slipping off my finger. I made a fist before it fell off all the way and I had to stand still for a minute to catch my breath because I really thought that ring was going flying!

I spun the ring around on my finger for a minute and then I tried to put it on my other fingers. It didn’t fit any other finger on my right hand, but it did fit on the index finger on my left hand. I was in total disbelief. I’m still in shock that the ring is on a different finger. I mean, when I got this ring I had to force it on and off my finger. I even remember my dad telling me it looked a little tight! I didn’t care though; I really wanted the ring.

So, now I’m afraid that in another year it will be too big for all of my fingers. I really don’t want to give this ring up to one of my sisters. I might have to use that trick that girls used in high school so they could wear their boyfriends class rings. You know; the one where they wrap the thread around the ring to make it tighter on their finger? I really might be going down that road here soon! I’m just excited that the ring fits safely on another finger and I can still wear it for a while longer!


  1. That's really exciting!!! I totally get it; I was hanging onto my grandmothers wedding ring for literally decades to be able to wear it. Unfortunately it was only just becoming wearable when it was stolen with all my other jewelry but I remember trying it on all the time seeing how loose it was, man what a buzz!!

  2. I'm so glad you didn't lose that ring.. what an awesome reminder of your great grandma! If you go to a jewelry store, you can get a ring snuggie that goes on the back to make the ring a bit smaller to stay on.

    And congrats on getting it on a new finger! that is awesome!

  3. Holy moly thats scary!! Dont lose it!! BUT YAY!! What a great nsv!!!

  4. why don't you get it sized? i know with my own wedding ring I've had it sized twice since january with my weight loss. don't worry about losing it and have it made to fit your new hand!!!!

  5. Yep, take it into a jewler and have them size it for you - I had to have my wedding rings done once already and now they are loose again. Congrats!

  6. I would love to get it resized, but since it's been handed down through the family it's not really an option. I have to keep it the same.