Friday, March 25, 2011

Old pictures

           The other day I was talking about my license picture and how different I look in that picture. That whole experience got me thinking about other pictures that I have. I am a picture collector. I am a picture taker. I always have a camera with me and it’s always ready to go! I never miss an opportunity to take a picture. I also have pictures hanging all over my walls and all over my tables, dressers, desks, etc, etc. There are pictures everywhere. I have an entire trunk in my bedroom full of photo albums that are packed to the gills. I also have an entire notebook full of picture CD's of photos I've printed and even more that I haven't printed. 

            The pictures that I display are some of my favorite pictures from past events and pictures of me and my favorite people. Honestly, if you can find a picture of yourself displayed in my house, you know that you are someone I deeply care about.

            These days I look nothing like the person in my pictures. I do need to update my pictures that I display, but what do I do with the old ones? Obviously I won’t throw them away. I will put them in a photo album and keep them forever, but I like having some old pictures out. It reminds me of awesome times I’ve had in the past, but I also don’t want to look at fat pictures forever either.

            Here’s my other issue. I’m going to meet more people in the future. They will only know me as a slimmer person; not the overweight person. To me, it will seem odd to have to explain my fat past to people when they come over.

            I’m sure I’m just obsessing over a minor detail, but it’s been on my mind lately. I’ve also been thinking about what I should do about all of these pictures. I think I should keep some out. It will remind of a weight that I don’t want to go back to. Honestly, I think I should just own it. I should own the fact that overweight is in the past and I’m not going back there; so looking at an old picture from time to time will remind me where I don't want to go. Also, I can’t just erase my past. Just because I take the pictures down it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! I’ll only leave a few out though. So my greatest friends better be prepared for extra photo shoots because I’m going to need skinny pictures to replace all of these fat pictures!


  1. Wow.. something I've never thought about.. then again, I try to avoid the camera.. so not many pics of me anyway.
    I like the idea of leaving a few out as a reminder of how far you've come. :)

  2. Never forget that you were over weight, obese, fat, call it whatever... that is who you are. Nothing to be ashamed of there, allot to be proud of in overcoming who you are to make a better you. Own It! Own You!!

    Thanks for your kind words of support on my blog; so glad to have your support!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey Sarah, Mike from Starting At 500 Pounds
    Glad I found you too. Love the blog header ... so true. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. I completely agree with Patrick! Own it. It was your past, you are changing your previous path, and making a healthier future. never forget where you were.

  5. A friend of mine took one of her "before" photos and put it on her fridge and also on her bathroom mirror as a reminder of how far she'd come. The rest she took down. She said she liked the "fresh start", but didn't want to forget. Now, I'm not suggesting that that is right, but I keep a picture of myself on my desk, where I can see it every day to remind me of why I'm doing this. It's motivating! :)