Thursday, May 24, 2012

I feel like he finally figured it out!

In the past, I have mentioned an older gentleman at the gym who gives bad advice, and when I say gives bad advice, I really mean he’s rude. For about 3 months, every time he saw me, he would tell me to stop lifting so much heavy weight. Then he would say something about how girls should be working out. Each time I would tell him why I do what I do and how it has worked for me.

I would literally say, “Well, I’ve lost 100 pounds…..110 pounds…..120 pounds….” This old guy would not even bat an eye at that. He would just keep rambling about what he does and I should be listening to him. I finally got to the point that I would look at the floor when I passed him in the gym or just ignore him.

On Monday he got me. He walked up while I was in the middle of a set. There was no where I could go to get away at that point. I took out my ear bud and waited for him to tell me that I was lifting too much weight, blah, blah, blah…..

Well, I was wrong. He busts out with, “So how much have you lost now? You look great.”

I let him know that I’m pushing 130 pounds of weight gone forever. He gets a surprised look on his face and says that I’m doing a great job and that lifting is a great way to cut down the fat. I said thanks and got back to work.

I was very confused though. This is the same dude that has demanded that I lift light weight and do like a million reps, this is the guy that told me I would get bulky, this is the old dude that thinks he’s a body builder, and this is the guy that I’ve been avoiding for the better part of 6 months now! What was going on here? Why the sudden change in his attitude about me lifting weights? I think I know what has happened. He doesn’t recognize me each time he sees me. He thinks I’m someone new because I constantly lose weight.

Ok, not really, but it was nice to hear that he is coming around. He is more receptive to what I’ve been doing. I mean, he can’t argue at this point. I didn’t lose almost 130 pounds by lifting 5 pound weights and taking leisurely walks.

I also had another random encounter with someone that I used to hang out with. This happened on Tuesday morning. I was in a rush to get to work, but I had to get gas (or I wasn’t gonna get to work!) I hurried into Speedway and was scrambling to pump gas as quickly as possible. Behind me, I hear someone say, “Excuse me, but isn’t your name Sarah?” I start thinking, great, I don’t have time to talk to anyone, dammit!

I turned around and I recognized the girl, so I say, “Yea, hey, how is you?” She just starts telling me that she was staring at me and she knew it had to be me because she recognized me car. We caught up for just a second and she was trying to get as much info from me as possible. I tell her that I work out like 6 days a week and she’s like, “Yea ya do! Look at the shape of your legs!” It made me smile. Then she turned to a woman at another pump and is like, “I didn’t even recognize her. She’s so small.”

So, I’m loving all the compliments lately. I don’t like to brag to people face to face, so I leave it to my blog. I figure, my blog, I can say what I want and I want to talk about myself!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A couple new pics.

So, I was not even noticing that I need new pics. I did not realize that the last time I posted a progress picture was in November! Whoops....guess I should pay better attention!

I have a few new pictures and I know Janelle has been storing pics on her phone for the past few months. I'm going to have to get those from her and post them too!

So, here is an update. This is May 2012. 
This was actually taken yesterday. Zach has a
freak board where he tracks what his athletes
accomplish....yea, not an athlete, but on the
Freak Board....holla!

Random workin' out. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nice compliments

At the gym the other day I had a nice encounter with this really tall, big muscly dude. I thought he was watching me because he was going to tell me that I was working out incorrectly. Then he walked over and started talking. As usual, I was wrong. The guy didn't want to tell me how to work out. He wanted to give me a compliment. I really need to stop being so skeptical of people at the gym.

Anyway, he just flat out asked me how much weight I've lost. I told him I've lost 127 pounds and he is like, "I've noticed. I'm really proud of you. Keep it up; you're doing great." Then he walked away. I almost didn't have time to say thank you. 

Having a nice compliment was a nice way to start my day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update....what happened to April?

Thanks for all the comments about my pull ups. I was very excited about it.... Also, I will get some more pictures posted. I don't know why I have been lacking in the photo posting.

Anyway, here are the totals for April. My measurements are not reliable anymore. I know that probably sounds like a cop out, but there is skin shifting and all kinds of crazy things. I had no change in inches this month. I'm still at 92.5 inches lost, forever, from my body. I mean, 92.5 inches is a lot! I'm not gonna complain about that!

As far as weight, I lost 2 more pounds over the month. A lot of my lack of weight loss is my own fault, but I'm on a new meal plan and I'm beginning to lose again. I'm now down 127 pounds from where I started. 

The other day someone left a comment wondering what I weigh and how tall I am. I've never said on this blog how much I weigh. For some reason, I'm not totally ready to admit out loud how much I used to weigh and how much I weigh now. I shouldn't feel embarrassed about it, but I do. I've been thinking a lot about it these days and I think I'm getting closer and closer to actually posting all that info. I will just force myself to take the plunge and post it, embarrassing or not. I mean, most of you that have blogs post how much you weigh. 

Oh, but I am 5'2".....yea, pretty short.