Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weight loss: Assess your readiness to change.

       I found a list of questions on the Mayo Clinic web site. I was reading the questions and decided that I wanted to answer them for myself. Some of the questions I have answers for and others I really don’t have an answer for.

1. Are you motivated to make long-term lifestyle changes?
            Yes, I really believe that I am. When I started I don’t think I was really sure because there were a lot of changes at once and I didn’t think I would be able to handle all of them. The more weight I lose the more I have no desire to go back to that person. I told everyone that I’m trying to figure out what to do with old pictures. I know I will keep them, but I want to put them away. I really just get sick to my stomach when I look at them.

2. Have you addressed the big distractions in your life?
          Yes. I have addressed the big distractions in my life. Really, I stopped making excuses for the other things that were going on in my life. I used to say that school was my main focus and nothing else mattered. Then I said that finding a job was the most important thing and nothing else mattered, but during all of those times I found a way to go out, drink, and party. I was making that a priority, along with school and work. Once I realized that the bar, drinking, and being totally wild were not that important I was able to focus on different things. Now I’ve realized that I’m still wild and I always have a good time, just with less alcohol and for some reason I’m able to remember the funny things that happen. I’m pretty sure I’m funnier these days too. It’s funny how that happens. :)
3. Do you have a realistic picture of how much weight you'll lose and how quickly?
            I didn’t have a realistic picture of how much weight I should be losing, but Zach and Janelle do. They keep me in check and remind me that lasting weight loss is a slow process. If I had my way, I would have lost a lot weight in a short amount of time. I know that I would have been bad and I probably would have gained the weight right back. Zach even asked me what my overall goal was in this process and I told him if I could really have my way I would weigh 110 pounds, have blonde hair, a nice tan, and live on the beach drinking margaritas. He said he’d try to work that into my plan. I’ve learned over time that slow and consistent weight loss is going to be my key to keeping the weight off.
4. Have you resolved any emotional issues connected to your weight?
            Um…I know some people may think this a cop-out, but I’m not sure I had emotional issues related to my weight. I think I have a few more now that I’ve lost a bunch of weight, but I don’t think I had any before. Before the weight loss I didn’t really think about it. I think now when I look at old pictures I wonder what I must have been thinking and I do get grossed out by old pictures. I know a lot of people say their weight loss is for a healthier life, and mine is too, but mine is also because I want to look better. Maybe that makes me vain and self-centered, but it’s the truth. Being healthier was a major priority, but it wasn’t the top priority.
5. Do you have support and accountability?
            This question is funny. Heck yea I have support and accountability and the more weight I lose the more support I have. The biggest supports are Zach, Janelle, and Ashley. They have the top spots simply because they are the ones that make my meal plans and go to the gym with me. I have a ton of people around me that support me and let whine and complain about food, workouts, saggy skin, etc, etc. I’m also accountable to myself and everyone around me. I’ve made such a huge fuss about all of this when I started that if I fail at this I will be letting all of the people around me down because I spent so much time convincing them that this was a good thing for me to be doing. I honestly feel like I have more support and accountability that I know what to do with and now that I have a blog the level of support has increased again! I’m on support overload; in a good way.
6. Have you embraced the weight-loss challenge?
            Yes, yes I have and it is still a challenge every day. It is so easy to think about old habits and almost fall right back into them. I think Zach and Janelle realized I was serious about all of this when I wanted tomato soup and oyster crackers. I had enough calories to have 47 oyster crackers in my soup. I stood there and counted all 47 of them. It was worth it in the end. I know I’ve embraced the challenge every Saturday night when I go home early because I have to be at the gym at 9 A.M. on Sundays. I know I’ve embraced the challenge when I tell people that I’m not available to hang out until after 6 P.M. most nights because I’m usually at the gym until that time. I know I’ve embraced the challenge when everyone wants to go out for drinks and I order water and offer to be the designated driver. I know I’ve embraced the challenge when someone tells me that one beer won’t hurt and I still refuse. I know I’ve embraced the challenge when someone tells me that one night off won’t kill me and having some drinks and extra food isn’t going to be a bad thing and I tell them that it won’t kill me, but it will set me back. I know I’ve embraced the challenge when I have to plan for weeks at a time before I do get a “cheat” day and I spend extra time at the gym to prepare for it. I know I’ve embraced the challenge when I’m tired and I still go to the gym and give it everything I’ve got. I know I’ve embraced the challenge every time I put on my clothes and they are a little bigger than the last time I wore them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Over thinking everything.

          I over think everything. It doesn’t matter what it is, I over think it. I don’t always think that’s a bad thing, but there are times when I have over thought myself into not acting on situations that really needed to be acted on. I like to weigh the pros and cons of everything and decide which path to take based on how much I might get hurt of upset. Some people claim that I am easy going and flexible. I’m telling you now that perception of me is an act I’ve perfected. When people think I’m being flexible and go-with-the-flow, I’m really screaming on the inside and dying to take control and over think and over analyze everything! I may look calm from the outside, but it’s a hot mess on the inside. My closest friends know that about me and they love it when they know I’m freaking out, but acting cool and collected. (I’m getting a little flustered just typing that information! I’m pretty sure I’ve become a little OCD over the years!) Obviously, one part of my life that I thought about and over thought about was my weight and weight loss.

            Seriously, I thought about it all the time and I would think through my plan of attack to lose the weight and then just get lost in thought and take no action. I had the best of intentions to get off my butt and do something, but it would just become overwhelming and I would shut down. I didn’t know how to break the process down into manageable steps so I would just never start. I don’t like to start anything that I think might not end in success.

            So, I really don’t have a transition into telling you what I really wanted to tell you. All of that above it just my train of thought and how my brain can jump from topic to topic and eventually get me to the task at hand. Anyway, for some reason I don’t think about my weight loss or over analyze it at all. I really think since Zach and Janelle handle all the big details for me and just tell me what to do. Obviously it’s been working. I guess when I resigned to the fact that I knew nothing about what I was doing as far as weight loss and exercise I was finally able to be successful. I just keep my mouth shut and do what I’m told. Trust me though, that’s the only area of my life that I can do that. Maybe I should take the “shut up and do what I’m told” approach with more area of my life!

            So, here’s what really got me thinking about all of this. I found these quotes the other day, and of course I was over analyzing them. While I was going that, it made me think about all of the stuff I just wrote about.

“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
-         Edward Stanley, 1873

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
-         La Rochefoucauld

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm starving!

           I’ve been talking recently about my goal to have lost 100 pounds by May 11. I need to get more activity in each day, so I’m doing about 45 minutes of cardio on top of my regular workouts. I’ve been burning over 1000 calories per workout, which is a lot! I usually get between 500 and 700 in a regular workout. Those extra calories are just enough to be helpful, but they are leaving me extra, extra hungry.

            When Janelle told Zach that I was averaging that amount in 1 workout he told her that I was going to have more calories after my workout. I was so happy when I heard the news that I nearly cried. I’ve been really hungry lately. I have to get another Bod Pod next week so Zach can come up with a different meal plan to help me on the days I do a 1000 calorie workout.

            Some other things I’ve been doing to help me lose these last pounds to get to 100 pounds lost is eating more protein and fiber, drinking a huge glass of super cold water as soon as I get out of bed, and taking as many extra walks as I can.

            I will not be able to keep up all the extra workouts for very long. I have the time to go to the gym everyday, but I don’t always have the time to stay and extra half hour or hour. I’ve been really happy with the pace that I’m losing weight and building muscle. It’s been slow, but it’s been very natural. I feel like I have a really good chance to keeping the weight off forever. My goal has never been to loose excessive amounts of weight in a small period of time. I could have picked a plan like that, but I think I would have become frustrated and given up.

            I really wouldn’t be doing all of these extra workouts if I hadn’t set this goal for myself and I am the one who set this goal. It’s kind of nice to know that I’m not giving up on myself and that when it really counts I can get my butt in gear and work hard.

Monday, March 28, 2011

And the compliments keep coming.

            Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I’m just sayin’, the compliments are coming my way and I’m pretty excited about it.

            I’ve had a few people in the past few days not recognize me. They’ve said things like, “I thought it was you, but I wasn’t sure. When I heard you talk I knew it was you.”

            Someone even used the term “tiny” in relation to my size; as in, “Wow, you are getting teeny tiny.” I think that was an excessive comment because I still have 60 something pounds to go, but if someone wants to call me tiny I’m not going to complain.

            The best and strangest compliment I’ve received in the past few days was from some teacher I’ve never seen before who asked for me to show my student ID and was angry that I was in the hall after the bell. I laughed a first because she thought I was student and she thought I looked that young, but then I realized she was serious. I explained that I worked in a different building and I really did work there. She still tried to take me to the office. I just walked away.

            Anyway, I know this post sounds a little self-centered and conceited, but whatever, it’s my blog. I can talk about how awesome I am all day long. Ha. Ok really, I’ve never taken compliments very well, but I’m learning. I can’t get shy and upset when people compliment me. I’m really looking different. I’d rather them notice than not notice. It helps me realize how much all of my hard work is paying off.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update time!

            So yesterday I had to weight myself. I’m officially down 81 pounds since I started. I’ve also now lost a total of 51.75 inches.

            There is good and bad from last month to this month. I’ll say the bad first. I should have lost more weight than I did. I was in Nebraska and that didn’t set me back, but it did stall me. I didn’t gain, but I also didn’t lose while I was there. I was glad to see that I was able to control myself away from my usual routine, but it was also disappointing. I should have lost at least 4 pounds in the last month; not just 2. I fully understand that it’s my fault and my fault alone that I didn’t see the weight loss I wanted to this month.

            So here’s the good. I’ve been kicking my ass for last week because I knew I was on damage control to make up for the lost time. I have a goal to be at 100 pounds lost by May 11. I will meet that goal. I keep telling myself that. With that said, in the last week I was able to drop 3 pounds on my damage control plan. I didn’t change my meal plan, but I nearly killed myself doing extra cardio to make up for lost ground. I also know that somewhere in there I must have gone up a pound since I lost 3 this week, but I’m only at a 2 pound loss for the month. I actually just realized that…damn. Anyway, now that I know I can step it up with the cardio, and the lifting will be the same I will be working extra hard for the next 7 weeks. It’s only 19 pounds to my 100 pound lost goal. Don’t doubt me on this; I’m friggin’ confident that it’s going to happen.

            Basically, if you need to find me, you should just check the gym first. I’ll be the crazy girl on the elliptical.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My hands are shrinking!

            Today my ring almost fell off my finger. I nearly had a panic attack because I only wear one ring and it is platinum with 30 diamond chips. It’s pretty amazing and it was my great-grandma’s wedding ring. It was passed onto me about 5 years ago and I wear it everyday.

I wear it on my right hand on my ring finger. When I first started wearing the ring it barely even fit that finger. I would get in on in the morning and by the evening I could hardly get the ring back off. I would have to use soap or lotion to help slide it back off my finger. After a while the soap would dry my skin and it was just a mess.

Anyway, over the past year the ring has felt looser and looser on my finger. I’ve been worried lately that it was going to slip off and I was going to lose it. I’ve tried to make it fit on other fingers, but it was just too tight for any other finger. I can’t get the ring resized since it has been handed down through the family. I’ve really just been biding my time until I could get it on another finger.

Thank God this happened at my house and not out in public because I would have really flipped! I was washing my hands and instead of using the hand towel in my bathroom I just shook them off because I was in a hurry and that extra 5 seconds to towel dry my hands was just not an option. Anyway, the ring started slipping off my finger. I made a fist before it fell off all the way and I had to stand still for a minute to catch my breath because I really thought that ring was going flying!

I spun the ring around on my finger for a minute and then I tried to put it on my other fingers. It didn’t fit any other finger on my right hand, but it did fit on the index finger on my left hand. I was in total disbelief. I’m still in shock that the ring is on a different finger. I mean, when I got this ring I had to force it on and off my finger. I even remember my dad telling me it looked a little tight! I didn’t care though; I really wanted the ring.

So, now I’m afraid that in another year it will be too big for all of my fingers. I really don’t want to give this ring up to one of my sisters. I might have to use that trick that girls used in high school so they could wear their boyfriends class rings. You know; the one where they wrap the thread around the ring to make it tighter on their finger? I really might be going down that road here soon! I’m just excited that the ring fits safely on another finger and I can still wear it for a while longer!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Old pictures

           The other day I was talking about my license picture and how different I look in that picture. That whole experience got me thinking about other pictures that I have. I am a picture collector. I am a picture taker. I always have a camera with me and it’s always ready to go! I never miss an opportunity to take a picture. I also have pictures hanging all over my walls and all over my tables, dressers, desks, etc, etc. There are pictures everywhere. I have an entire trunk in my bedroom full of photo albums that are packed to the gills. I also have an entire notebook full of picture CD's of photos I've printed and even more that I haven't printed. 

            The pictures that I display are some of my favorite pictures from past events and pictures of me and my favorite people. Honestly, if you can find a picture of yourself displayed in my house, you know that you are someone I deeply care about.

            These days I look nothing like the person in my pictures. I do need to update my pictures that I display, but what do I do with the old ones? Obviously I won’t throw them away. I will put them in a photo album and keep them forever, but I like having some old pictures out. It reminds me of awesome times I’ve had in the past, but I also don’t want to look at fat pictures forever either.

            Here’s my other issue. I’m going to meet more people in the future. They will only know me as a slimmer person; not the overweight person. To me, it will seem odd to have to explain my fat past to people when they come over.

            I’m sure I’m just obsessing over a minor detail, but it’s been on my mind lately. I’ve also been thinking about what I should do about all of these pictures. I think I should keep some out. It will remind of a weight that I don’t want to go back to. Honestly, I think I should just own it. I should own the fact that overweight is in the past and I’m not going back there; so looking at an old picture from time to time will remind me where I don't want to go. Also, I can’t just erase my past. Just because I take the pictures down it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! I’ll only leave a few out though. So my greatest friends better be prepared for extra photo shoots because I’m going to need skinny pictures to replace all of these fat pictures!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


           Lately when I get bored or have some down time I think about working out, but it’s usually at a time when I can’t go workout. It usually happens at work or some social even. If I become disinterested in what is going on around me, I start thinking that this time would be better spent in the gym.

            I don’t think those are strange thoughts because they used to be thoughts of going to the bar! Really, I think the thoughts are a sign of my progress and desire to continue working out even when I reach my goal weight.

            Honestly, there have been times when I don’t have students in the classroom and I find little things I can do to do a quick workout. Sometimes I think that I can just walk around the halls on my planning times. I have about 45 minutes and if I have nothing else to do I figure I can just bust out a little cardio at work. I know last year I used to calf raises while I was lecturing in front of the class. Really, I have to be moving at all times. I don’t stand or sit still very well.

            It’s interesting to see how things change over the years and this is just one of those times when my new thoughts and new habits make me giggle. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding season

            Wedding season is quickly approaching. I already have 2; one for summer and one in early fall. I know there are more to come too. I love going to weddings to see people that I care about on a very happy day for them. I also love the open bars; well I used to love the open bars.

            I’m not dreading the weddings, but I’m already working on my future planning for these days. I’m not worried about the food, because even the good wedding food is still bad. The bar is my worry! Free booze, you say? Where do I sign up? I know the first wedding will be pretty tame, but the one in the fall will be wild. I know for a fact that it will be a huge, alcohol filled celebration and I’m not going to lie; I can’t wait. I’m really going to have to plan for that day! I might spend all day at the gym before the wedding and the day after I might just spend the whole day at the gym again. (If I can get out of bed.)

            Also, I will look damn good at these weddings. I mean, I looked damn good before, but I’m gonna be smokin’ hot at these weddings. I know you’re not supposed to look better than the bride, but I just won’t be able to help it! Ok really, I don’t get many chances to get dressed up and strut around, so this will really be the first time since I’ve lost all this weight to get all dressed up! So I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to shopping for dresses to wear too. It’s too soon though. Whatever I buy now won’t fit in July and it definitely won’t fit in October. Maybe I’ll go find a dress that I like in a size that I should be wearing by the time of the wedding. That way I will have something to work toward. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's really because I'm short.

           Ok, I’m short. Short jokes come my way all the time. I never let it bother me because I can’t help that I’m short. The other day I was actually upset that I’m short and there is nothing I can do about it.

            Here’s the skinny on the situation: furniture was always kind of uncomfortable. Honestly, I thought it was because I was overweight. I thought the furniture was not made for a person that had extra weight and that’s why it never seemed comfy for long periods of time. The other day I realized that the uncomfortable furniture had nothing to do with my weight, but my height.

            I had to proctor a standardized test so I had to sit in a plastic chair; you know the kind that students sit in all day. I could not get comfortable at all. I kept moving around in the chair and getting up every few minutes. I had just sat down when someone came through and made a comment that my feet were not even touching the floor. I know that my feet often dangle above the ground, and it suddenly hit me that my shortness, not my fatness, was keeping me in a state of discomfort!

            I tried to sit further forward on the chair so my feet out rest on the floor, and that helped my legs, but them my back started to ache. Then I tried to sit all the way back in the chair and that my legs achy because they were resting on the floor anymore! It was just a bad situation all around!

            I came to the conclusion that furniture sucks because it’s made for people taller than me! I’ve started paying attention lately to how often I switch positions when I’m sitting and when my feet are or aren’t touching the ground. My feet hardly ever touch the ground when I’m sitting on a stool, chair, couch, etc. So there you have it; I found one thing that I can’t blame on being overweight. This is just something that I can blame on being short and there is nothing I can do about that!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Blogger

I was recently asked to be a guest blogger and I figured, "Why the heck not?" So, today my blog was posted on their site, Diet, Nutrition, and Wellness Journal. Check it out!

I swear that's me in the picture!

            I don’t look at my driver’s license very often. I really don’t have to because I’m not someone who is frequently pulled over and I don’t really travel that much through the airports. So when I had to have my ID ready to move through all the different points of the airport the other week, I started getting nervous that it wasn’t going to even look like me in the ID! The airport is not the place to have ID trouble!

            I was standing in line and my mom was reminding me to get my ID ready. When I took it out of my wallet and looked at it I was shocked. The picture is a few years old and I don’t have to renew until this year. I’ve really had no reason to get it updated any sooner, so I’ve let it go as is. Anyway, I wanted to tell Mom that it looked so different, but, again, I didn’t figure the airport was a good place to be talking about my ID not even looking like me. You never know that someone else might take that to mean!

            I did show it to her and she agreed that the picture was pretty outdated. The first gate agent we saw never said a word about it, hell, she hardly looked at it and that was a little nerve-racking. The second gate agent that was by the metal detectors took a lot more time looking at my ID. I was getting nervous then she kept looking and looking and looking. The she looked up at me, so I just tried to smile like the smile in my picture. Obviously she let me pass and so did all the gate agents on the way home, but I never put much thought into my license picture. I don’t have to renew until September and I really don’t want to pay to have it done sooner, but I’m really thinking that people will think I stole my ID from some poor overweight girl with a chubby face!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where did the weekend go?!

           I had the best of intentions to catch up on all kinds of activities over the weekend, but…you know. If was my BFF’s birthday and I have been with her nonstop since Friday afternoon. We shopped on Friday and I was able to shop in stores I have never shopped in. So, yea for me. I was able to eat at one of my favorite restaurants because I know the calorie content in the food and it fit into my calories. We tried to throw a surprise party for my friend, but she was getting suspicious at the LAST MINUTE and figured it out. I stayed up way too late and overslept today. It was still an awesome time. I’m finally able to sit down for a hot second before I go to the Reserve to catch up on my working out.

            Here’s the good news: I resisted all temptations over this party weekend, except one. I think I had too many calories of alcohol. I only do the certain times with certain calories, like I explain all the time, but I think a few of the times I was able to have drinks there were too many calories in the drinks. I know that’s a big oops and I feel like shit for doing it, but I will kick my own ass all day long today.

            Also, I haven’t missed a workout, because I never do. I did not make my usual gym time today, but I’m literally on my way out the door to take care of today’s workout. My head feels like I’m been hit by Mac Truck, but I’ll just chug some water and be on my way. It’s funny how I used to be able to drink non stop all night and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. Now I have 3 or 4 drinks over 5 or 6 hours and I can hardly function the next day!

            In summary; awesome weekend, stuck to all my meal plans and workouts, didn’t go overboard but have a raging headache, and realized that I love not being a big drinker anymore.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best mirror ever!

           I have found the most amazing mirror ever. Seriously, hands down it’s the BEST MIRROR EVER. It’s not in my house, it’s not in a department store; it’s in one of the staff bathrooms at work. In a nut shell this mirror takes off 20 pounds and adds 5 inches to your height. I’m not even lying.

            A few months ago I was waiting to use the restroom in this little waiting area in the staff restroom. I glanced over by the wall and saw a full length mirror. Now, like anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight, I enjoy checking myself out in any mirror. So there I was checking myself out and I realized that I looked freaking awesome in this mirror. I looked 20 pounds lighter and I was really tall. (This mirror reminds me of the Paula Abdul video Straight Up, where they stretched the film to make her look taller and slimmer. Do you remember that, or is it just me?)

            Then the lady in the restroom walked out and caught me checking myself out. Oops. I was kinda embarrassed. The lady was like, “Yea, that mirror is awesome.” We both laughed and made some comments about coming to the restroom just to see the mirror and then went our separate ways. No kidding, every time I’m in there I check myself out and someone catches me doing it! They all have the same reaction, “Yea, that mirror is awesome.” I never catch anyone else checking their self out!

            I would love to steal the mirror and bring it to house. I think all the other teachers are thinking the same thing though. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunshine and walking!

           A few days ago the sun came out. Ohio is usually gray and nasty this time of year, but for some odd reason the sun was out and shining and warming the air. I had some time to kill from my full time job to my part time job so I decided to go to a the local Reserve/Dam/Park and take a walk. We’ve had a lot of flooding lately and the water was really high at the Reserve. I wanted to see if the water had gone down so I decided there was not better time to take a walk at the Reserve.

            It was a great walk, but I was getting some odd looks because I was still wearing my work clothes. I didn’t have time to change; if I did it would have cut into my walking time. I decided to just change my shoes, pull up my hair, put on my headphones and sunglasses, and button my cardigan so it wouldn’t blow right off of me. So there I was, dressed in my nicest teacher clothes and Nike sneakers, taking a nice walk in the afternoon sun.

            I was able to get in a 45 minute walk that would have only been about 25 minutes if I had taken the time to change. It wasn’t super hot either. There was no major concern of getting sweaty and stinky.

            It was so nice out. I don’t think anyone could really blame for squeezing in a walk before having to go to work. I think everyone that saw me was wondering why I was dressed so nicely. I wanted to tell everyone I passed that I was on my way to work and decided to take a walk, but that probably would have freaked them out.

            Overall, perfect weather, perfect walk, perfect (work) clothes. I made it to work on time and I still looked fantastic. Here’s to hoping there are more nice days for outdoor walks. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

CDC website = Eye opeining

         I was reading an article on and I found a good article. It’s titled Former football pro helping fattest state get fit, and it’s a good read. Basically, this former football player is trying to help people from Mississippi get into better shape. The article hits some good points about poverty and eating trends of those below the poverty level and that got me thinking about other states and their obesity and income levels. So I got on the Center for Disease Control website to find more information.

         I love the CDC website. There is so much information. I spent my time looking at the interactive maps that scroll through the years. I kept going through the obesity map. It starts in 1985 and goes through 2009. You can literally see the states get fatter by the years. It almost leaves you in awe. I also think they should add a new graphic to that map; they should add the number of fast food restaurants in each state as the years scroll by. I think more people would feel an impact if they saw those numbers too.

            It also breaks everything down by race/ethnicity, diabetes cases, and obesity by county. It really made an impact on me, because I don’t want to be part of any of those statistics.

            I also found maps showing the amount of leisure time and inactivity broken down by state and county. In 2008 in the county I live in 25% of the adults surveyed reported no physical activity. At that time I would have been one of those statistics. I probably didn’t even fill out a survey and send it in. It would have been too much a burden for me! I’m not one of those statistics now. Now I would fall under a category of adults who get 5 or more hours a week of physical activity!

            Anyway, if you are bored and are looking for something to do that isn’t mind numbing you should check out the CDC website. It made me look at some things differently and honestly, it’s kind of disgusting how much our country has collectively let itself go. I don’t want to be any of these bad statistics! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm so tired!

           Yesterday was my first day back to the gym after my little trip to Nebraska and it was exhausting! I only had to do cardio yesterday, but it was awful. I thought I was going to fall off the elliptical! It felt like the first time I ever did cardio on the elliptical.

            I know I was gone for less than a week and I was doubling up on the gym before I left, but I was still messed up yesterday from being out of the usual routine. My cousin and I were even talking about our gym routines and how missing even one day messes both of us up. I knew it was going to be a struggle to get there today and I was preparing myself, but, man, it was worse than I could imagine!

            I always try to cover the clock when I’m doing cardio because it makes it go faster. It’s one of those little mental things I have about NOT seeing the clock; otherwise I spend the whole time staring at the seconds tick away. Anyway, I covered the clock, put on my headphones, and started my 30 minutes of cardio. I was instantly tired and cursing myself for being out of my routine. I lifted my jacket to look at the time clock, because I could have sworn it had been 30 minutes and it had only been 5!

This is how I was feeling yesterday!
            I kept going, but it was difficult. I was just really tired! That was the longest 30 minutes of my life! When the clock hit 30 minutes I was excited to be done, but I went through my usual thought process of doing more cardio or stopping. Once I go for 30 minutes I feel like I should just keep going! So I managed for about 5 more minutes and finally stopped.

            I know my trip was a much needed trip to see Grandma and other family, but it really messed with my routine. As much as I tried to take walks and stay active while I was in Nebraska it still didn’t totally supplement my regular routine. I’m going to spend the rest of this week getting back on track. My routine is more important than I could ever imagine. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to reality

           I made it back from Nebraska yesterday. Overall, it was an awesome trip; your grandma only turns 90 once so you have to get there for that! I love to see my family and I always have fun with them. I love being in a small town and being away from the internet. My cell phone barely works while I’m there! It was hard to post while I was there and I couldn’t get enough reception to read other blogs! Last night I was speed reading to catch up on everything I missed!

            So, the eating was a little difficult. I did the best that I could. There is not fast food close to where I was staying, so that was easy to avoid, but my family is full of amazing cooks! Even taking a small scoop of all the different foods was way over my calorie limit! I was still able to refuse seconds, pass on deserts, and drink a lot of water!

            I’ve been following meal plans for over a year now and I’m really good at following my plans. My trip to Nebraska was the first time I was following the meal plan without following the meal plan. (I hope that makes sense.) To put it another way, I had to rely on my body to tell me when it was time to eat and when it was time to stop eating. I feel like I did pretty good. I wasn’t totally perfect, but for the first time, I was pretty good.

            I had one aunt who was trying to sabotage me! It was kind of funny and she was joking more than anything. I pretty much told her she was the devil and everyone agreed. Anyway, I didn’t give into her temptations. I refused the fried chicken, I refused the sweets, but I didn’t refuse her pad thai. She makes the best pad thai ever. It was full of tofu, shrimp, chicken, and veggies. I know I ate too much of that, but there is no way I can ever refuse her pad thai.

            The working out was difficult too. I really wanted to take more walks, but there were so many people to visit with and I also wanted to see my grandma as much as possible. She’s not super mobile these days, so taking walks with her was out of the question.

            Overall, I had an awesome trip. I think I may have set myself back just a little, but I had to see my family. I will get back on track this week. Today starts my regular eating every three hours and following the calorie amounts for each meal. If I have to work double time in the gym this week, I will. 
Me and Grandma July, 2009
Me and Grandma March, 2011
I totally packed my own snacks!
More snacks!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Does shopping count as a second workout?

           Ok, my Spring Break is coming up and I’m pretty excited about it. Janelle, Ashley, and I all have the same Spring Break this year. Since I have a goal to be at 100 pounds lost by May 11 I figured I would step it up with the working out for the week. Janelle is all about it. She wants to do a regular workout and then do something like a boot camp style workout or a hike or a run etc, etc. I guess that’s ok, but I was more thinking of a regular workout followed by long days of shopping. I think it’s a good idea and Ashley does too. She even pointed out that once you start buying, you have to carry bags around and that will help burn more calories. I like the way Ashley thinks.

            Honestly, I know I’m going to do 2 workouts a day. I don’t know how they will be planned out, but it’s going to happen. I will also go shopping with the girls too. It’s becoming our little Spring Break tradition.

            Every week I get in 5 workouts, no matter what. So I’m thinking I will do 10 workouts over my break. I’ve already decided that I will just take a sleeping bag to the gym and I’ll just stay there for the week! Gas is pretty expensive right now and it might add up driving to the gym two times a day!

            It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I’ve done two workouts a day before and I don’t remember it being that awful, but I’m a little worried what Zach might come up with for me to do. He’s been going to a lot of training clinics lately and coming up with all kinds of different, crazy crap for us to do. He refers to our workouts as “The Framers” (I think that’s it) because we’re building new frames.

            Wish me luck, it might be brutal.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why don't we have P.E. standards?

          This whole blog is inspired by this Facebook post from a guy I used to teach with. Long story short, he’s a Health/P.E. teacher who is currently working as a sub. Here was his post:

Subbing. 26 students. 14 obese. God forbid you teach about health... yet igneous rock is tested every year

            I think he’s right. I don’t know about all of your states, but in mine there are health standards, but health is not taught in every grade. There are no P.E. standards though. Kids take P.E., but every school is different. Some grades don’t even get to take P.E. and that’s from K-8. High schools have a certain number of P.E. classes you have to take to graduate. All in all, even when they do have P.E. it’s not everyday.

            So, I know that all the subjects are important, but I don’t think there is enough emphasis on Health and P.E. Kids need more time in Health class. They need to learn more about nutrition and what happens to their bodies when they aren’t healthy. They also need more time to run around and be active. They need someone to show them games/sports/exercising. They don’t always get this information at home. It is crucial that they learn about their health and healthy living. This may sound harsh, but igneous rock is going to mean nothing if you are so unhealthy that you are on the brink of death.

            School is supposed to teach kids and get them ready for life. We are supposed to teach them the curriculum and the skills they need to survive out in the real world, but we aren’t taking enough time to teach them about a healthy lifestyle. We do a lot in the schools, but we are falling behind in the world of health and fitness. What do you think?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time to pump some iron!

            I've been reading health and fitness articles again! I know you’re all excited! I found one that I really, really, really had to share with everyone! This article, Lose Your Fear of Lifting, is really a testament to what I’ve been doing for the past few years.

            A lot of women don’t want to spend a lot of time lifting because they feel like they will get bulky. I tell them all the time that they won’t get bulky! This article gives 12 benefits of lifting. I know the things in the article are true; I’m proof that they are true. Here is a list of the 12 reasons you should be lifting.

1.      You'll lose 40 percent more fat.
2.      Your clothes will fit better.
3.      You'll burn more calories.
4.      Your diet will improve.
5.      You'll handle stress better.
6.      You'll be happier.
7.      You'll build stronger bones.
8.      You'll get into shape faster.
9.      Your heart will be healthier.
10.  You'll be way more productive.
11.  You'll live longer.
12.  You'll be even smarter.

So, when I got to number 6, it mentions yoga…of course. You all know I have my love-hate relationship with yoga, but this time it made me laugh because it is seriously creeping into every aspect of my life!

            If you have time, check out the article. I believe what it says because I’ve seen these things happen to me over the past few years. I will admit, it can be difficult to start lifting. You don’t always know what you should do, what order to do it in, if you have good form, or if you should use free weights or machines. There is a lot to find out. My suggestion, find a personal trainer that is willing to do a few sessions to show you correct form and different exercises. If you can’t do that there’s always the internet! Everything is on the internet!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I don't understand "all you can eat"

            I used to love restaurants with the “all you can eat…unlimited refills…buffet…unlimited trips to the salad bar” advertisements. I’m not going to lie, I used to love those restaurants, but now I’ve moved into a new realm of thinking.

            I know it’s a marketing ploy to get people into the restaurants, but with all the emphasis on being healthy why would the restaurant do this? I know that every answer leads back to profits and sales, but I would like a different response. Every day on the news you hear more and more about obesity and health related problems due to weight. Then you see commercials for restaurants offering healthy options, low cal menu items, and then they throw it in there that they have all you can eat deals! It just drives me crazy!

            I don’t eat at restaurants very often these days so I shouldn’t really care, but I do. That’s just me. I think I get a little jealous of people that can go out for big, huge, giant, calorie full dinners and they don’t gain a like 3 pounds immediately after! I would gain 3 pounds after eating a huge dinner! My dinner is always my smallest meal so going out to dinner is nearly impossible.

            This has really just been a rant and has no real purpose. I just saw a commercial for Denny’s about their $4 unlimited pancakes and they are 24 hours, so you can get them all times of day and night! My first thought was, “Damn, I want pancakes,” then it switched to, “Who could eat that many pancakes?”
That kid is clearly shorter than the sneeze guard.

            Also, on a kind of related note, I hate buffets and salad bars, and it has nothing to do with having all that food at my disposal. I hate buffets and salad bars because kids are shorter than the sneeze guard. They have small, dirty hands that touch all the food and whenever you see a short kid at a buffet they always manage to sneeze all over the food! Ewww…it just creeps me out and makes me feel dirty! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going out of town

           I’m going to Nebraska for my grandma’s birthday. She is turning 90! Anyway, I’ve written this a little in advance because I’m probably on a plane or driving to the middle of no-where Nebraska as you are reading this.

            I’m a little worried though. I’ve not taken a big trip since I’ve started the whole meal plan thing. I’ve gone on a few overnights and long weekends and I’ve always packed the food I needed or planned ahead.  I can’t pack all of my food this time since I’m flying!

            This is like my test to see if I can handle my food intake on my own! I can’t really tell my whole Nebraska family to eat on my schedule. They would just laugh at me! I will try to eat appropriately, but I’m going to the land of meat and potatoes! My family is full of amazing cooks too! I will have to refuse all the delicious deserts they make!

            I’m going to try to keep myself in check and I’m going to take a lot of walks as well. The part of Nebraska I go to is very, very hilly. I will just walk a bunch of hills since I can’t get to the gym.  On the plus side though, it is like a 30 minute drive get any fast food! Honestly, you have to drive into a different state to get to a fast food restaurant! So, I’m going to be ok there!

            Overall, I’m going to enjoy myself and not go overboard. This will really be a true test of what I’ve learned over the past year and to see if I can put it all into action on my own! Wish me luck!

            The other difficult thing is that I had to cram 3 workouts in on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I’ve had to go to the gym at some odd times! I’m super tired from going to the gym on my off days, but I had to. I had no choice because I know I won’t do more than 2 workouts while I’m in Nebraska! I already have 3 done, so 2 more and I’m done for the week!

            I won’t have much internet service while I’m there, so I’m going to have a lot of reading to do when I come back! I might go through blog withdrawal!  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teenagers do notice things!

            I’ve really been running into a lot of former students lately. I ran into another former student who is now a junior and I had her in class back when she was in 7th grade.  

            I was talking to a group of former students and finding out how they have been doing and what plans they have for college. We talked for a bit and one of the girls was pretty quiet. When they all walked away the quiet girl stayed and said, “I thought that was you, but I wasn’t sure. When you started talking to us, I knew it was you. You’ve really lost a lot of weight.”

            I smiled and told her that I had lost about 80 pounds. I told her thanks for noticing. She then started asking what I had done to lose the weight. We talked for a little bit and I told her all about what I was doing, how I was doing it, and working out. Then she asked if I had a picture or anything to compare my old weight to my new weight.

            Now, the girl didn’t know this, but I always have an old picture in my purse.  I acted like she was in luck that I happened to have one with me. I handed her the picture and this was her response (no joke) “Holy shit…I mean dang…don’t get me in trouble for cussing, that was a huge shock… wow, this is awesome. I don’t remember you looking like this…you look younger…wow…wow…wow…good job…has it been hard?”

            I told her the teacherly thing. I told her it was hard, but worth it, and that some days are much easier than others. I really wanted to tell her that I missed having a beer whenever I wanted. After that she had to go, but it was a nice conversation. It was funny too. I always get a kick out of students swearing in front of me when it is accidental. Anyway, I love it when students do pay attention; even if it was only to my weight. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your hands are bumpy!

           A lot of people where gloves when they lift. I don’t. It’s a personal choice. Janelle and Ashley are the same way. It’s just hard to get a good grip if I wear gloves and if I forget them one day, I’m out of luck. It will hurt my hands to do anything. So, no gloves for me; I have just built up calluses over the past few years.

            My hands look pretty rough these days. Some days they still hurt after a long workout, especially when it’s a long day of pull ups. One time I let my calluses go away (or maybe I picked them off) and I really hurt my hands trying to get them back! I don’t ever want to go through that again!

My hands were hurtin' after this day! 

            So this is really a story about Janelle and one of her students, but it’s funny none-the-less. She works in an elementary school and deals with a whole different breed of student comments than I do!

            After recess one day a little boy comes up to her and says, “Ooowww…my hands hurt.” Then he shows Janelle his hands and they are red and raw.

            She looks at them and says, “What did you do? Were you playing on the monkey bars?”

            “Yea, how did you know?”

            She opens her hands, shows them to the boy, and says, “My hands get like that too.”

            He looks at her hands and says, “You play on the monkey bars too?”

            “Yea, something like that.”

            Another time Janelle was working with a student. The kid was trying to get her attention and grabbed her hand. Then the kid let go of her hand and said, “Your hands are really bumpy.” He was referring to her calluses.

            I don’t have stories like that since I don’t work with the young ones. I don’t let my teenage students get anywhere near my hands!