Friday, March 11, 2011

I don't understand "all you can eat"

            I used to love restaurants with the “all you can eat…unlimited refills…buffet…unlimited trips to the salad bar” advertisements. I’m not going to lie, I used to love those restaurants, but now I’ve moved into a new realm of thinking.

            I know it’s a marketing ploy to get people into the restaurants, but with all the emphasis on being healthy why would the restaurant do this? I know that every answer leads back to profits and sales, but I would like a different response. Every day on the news you hear more and more about obesity and health related problems due to weight. Then you see commercials for restaurants offering healthy options, low cal menu items, and then they throw it in there that they have all you can eat deals! It just drives me crazy!

            I don’t eat at restaurants very often these days so I shouldn’t really care, but I do. That’s just me. I think I get a little jealous of people that can go out for big, huge, giant, calorie full dinners and they don’t gain a like 3 pounds immediately after! I would gain 3 pounds after eating a huge dinner! My dinner is always my smallest meal so going out to dinner is nearly impossible.

            This has really just been a rant and has no real purpose. I just saw a commercial for Denny’s about their $4 unlimited pancakes and they are 24 hours, so you can get them all times of day and night! My first thought was, “Damn, I want pancakes,” then it switched to, “Who could eat that many pancakes?”
That kid is clearly shorter than the sneeze guard.

            Also, on a kind of related note, I hate buffets and salad bars, and it has nothing to do with having all that food at my disposal. I hate buffets and salad bars because kids are shorter than the sneeze guard. They have small, dirty hands that touch all the food and whenever you see a short kid at a buffet they always manage to sneeze all over the food! Ewww…it just creeps me out and makes me feel dirty! 


  1. The advertisers are just trying to get people into the restaurant 'cause once you're there, you've spent your money regardless of how much you eat. Probably 98% of those that go to the all you can eat buffets can't eat all that much ... even those of us that are obese. When I was eating however and as much as I wanted, I actually hated going to the buffets because I wasn't able to eat more than one plateful and I couldn't take any 'leftovers' I didn't eat home.

    Unfortunately it has nothing to do with health at all; it's all about money and most people eat, as my mom would say, with their eyes and not their stomachs. So you go thinking how do these places make money with such a deal but then eat very little.

  2. That's the exact reason I have always hated buffets! Who knows who touched something with nasty hands. Makes me gag now just thinking about it.

    I agree with Laryssa, in that most people can't eat enough to make it a bad deal for the restaurant. Unless it's my husband. I think he's been banned from some all you can eats. And doesn't gain a pound. Ugh.

  3. Yeah, I think no matter what people are going to want to "get their money's worth" at those places, which is just dangerous health and calorie-wise. Plus the food is usually a lot lower quality than you'd get if you ordered an entree somewhere else.

  4. yuck! Good visual with that pic! lol

  5. I ain't gonna lie I miss buffets too! It was a fat girls paradise before surgery. Now it's a waste of money for me to go and have a 1/2 cup of food lol we rarely go out to eat either.I would rather cook a healthy meal at home as tempting as it is!