Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time to pump some iron!

            I've been reading health and fitness articles again! I know you’re all excited! I found one that I really, really, really had to share with everyone! This article, Lose Your Fear of Lifting, is really a testament to what I’ve been doing for the past few years.

            A lot of women don’t want to spend a lot of time lifting because they feel like they will get bulky. I tell them all the time that they won’t get bulky! This article gives 12 benefits of lifting. I know the things in the article are true; I’m proof that they are true. Here is a list of the 12 reasons you should be lifting.

1.      You'll lose 40 percent more fat.
2.      Your clothes will fit better.
3.      You'll burn more calories.
4.      Your diet will improve.
5.      You'll handle stress better.
6.      You'll be happier.
7.      You'll build stronger bones.
8.      You'll get into shape faster.
9.      Your heart will be healthier.
10.  You'll be way more productive.
11.  You'll live longer.
12.  You'll be even smarter.

So, when I got to number 6, it mentions yoga…of course. You all know I have my love-hate relationship with yoga, but this time it made me laugh because it is seriously creeping into every aspect of my life!

            If you have time, check out the article. I believe what it says because I’ve seen these things happen to me over the past few years. I will admit, it can be difficult to start lifting. You don’t always know what you should do, what order to do it in, if you have good form, or if you should use free weights or machines. There is a lot to find out. My suggestion, find a personal trainer that is willing to do a few sessions to show you correct form and different exercises. If you can’t do that there’s always the internet! Everything is on the internet!


  1. I love my weights programme. Lifting weights makes me feel strong, inside and out, I come out of the gym with more confidence than I went in, but mostly I feel like I have the strength to tackle the rest of the day in a healthy way. I've also noticed that as time goes by my weight hasn't dropped dramatically but my shape has changed and I can feel more defined muscles underneath the flubber :-)
    And now I know all the other things I'm doing for myself, thanks!

  2. I love how yoga keeps creeping into your life. I really do. It makes me laugh so hard because I know how you feel about it. I won't be surprised if one day that relationship goes from love-hate to love-love. Haha !

    I totally believe in lifting weights ! It tones and shapes and burns too. They say I'll even be smarter ? lol Fo' real, fo' real ?