Sunday, October 9, 2011

I used to be fat

There is an I Used To Be Fat marathon on MTV today. Yea, I still watch can make fun of me.

Anyway, I love this show. I know all the people on the show are 10 + years younger than me, but I like to see them trying.

They lose a lot of weight in like 3 months, but they do work hard. You know, the old fashioned way...hard work and changing their diet. They struggle, they complain, they whine, and I find myself yelling at the TV.

I really like the trainers the best. A lot of them make me think of Zach, because they don't sugar coat anything. I mean, they are a little more showy than Zach, but they say the same straight forward things.

There is one thing that does bother me. All the trainers say, "If you give me your summer; I'll give you back your life." That makes me want to puke. I guess they needed a catch phrase.

If you've not seen it; you should watch it. It's addictive.


  1. If you wath the reunion, you get a little disappointed with most of the girls. I think only one girl actually kept to her goal and continued with the weight loss, most of the other girls, gained a lot of weight back during their years in college. I was addicted to that show, but then watching the reunion kind of put a damper on it for me. The guys did amazingly well, and it was awesome, but again... the reunion... totally made me sad.

  2. Yes, I totally watched it when it originally aired, and like most weight loss shows, I jumped right into it! The show is good for teens, When I was a teen and overweight, I had no desire to change or workout etc. I suppose seeing kids my age do it, would have helped. Maybe. :)