Friday, September 30, 2011

Hmm....not this again.

I have become the queen of the part time teaching jobs. My main job is only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Monday and Friday I go sub in the district where I used to work. I like to see the same kids from year to year and find out what they are up to these days.

Today was the first day I subbed in the high school. I was happy to be there and see some of my favorite kiddos. Overall it was an awesome day, and I take it as a personal victory that no one accused me of being a student until lunch time. I made it through over half of the day before anyone yelled at me for being out of class without my ID. I told the teacher that I was a sub and I really belonged there. I showed her my badge to prove that I work there and I can be in the hallway!

She apologized and said that she did reconize me, but from far away I look like a kid.

Great...I look like a kid. I don't really think it has anything to do with the actual way I look. I think it has to do with how friggin' short I am. These kids tower over me!

This is seriously not the first time that's happen to me either. Last year it happened too, in the same building, but not the same teacher. This teacher was nasty though. She tried to take me to the office. At that time I really was working there too! I was just not usually in that building! I was walking through to get somewhere else. I had never seen this teacher either, so I'm sure she had never seen me. I finally just walked away from her, because my explanations were falling on deaf ears. I didn't have my badge either. I left it in my room. She seriously was trying to grab my arm and take me to the office.

I walked by her and she told me she was writing me up. I chuckled. Cool, write me up. You're never going to find me in the system. She was truthfully a teacher who enjoys being mean to kids.

I ran into a few former students who asked me how much weight I've lost. I told them I've lost over 100 pounds. There were all in shock. It was so good to see some of my favorite kiddos.

At the end of the day one girl asked if I was a sub, because she was sure that I was really a teacher. I told her I was both. Then I overheard her tell her friend that I was really pretty.

SWEET! I'm not going to complain about that compliment from a high schooler!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No wonder no one recognizes you.

This morning Janelle and I were doing cardio at a super early hour before work. She looks over at me and says, "I was looking through your blog pictures the other day and I realized that a lot of people probably don't recognize you. You look like a different person."

Then we talked for a second about how a lot of old friends have to do double takes when they see me, or they just walk right on by because they think I look like a girl they know named Sarah, but they don't think it's me!

Cool. I'm down with that. I guess I don't totally realize it though because I see myself everyday, obviously. A lot of my good friends see me on a daily basis too. It's hard for some of us to see the dramatic change unless we look at old pictures. 

I kind of forgot about her comment until just a minute ago. I'm trying to kill time until a meeting and I've literally run out of things to do in this classroom. (I know, I'll probably never say that again.) I decided to look at my blog and some of the pictures I've posted and I can see it now. 

Ok, really, I was looking at the pictures and then trying to look at myself in my phone. That didn't work really well, so I got up and went to the restroom to look in the mirror. Then I came back to my desk and looked at my pictures.....then back to the mirror in the bathroom. I could have probably done that 3 or 4 more times, but I made myself stop. 

I do see the change. I mean, I know it's me in the pictures, but it's weird. So now I don't know if  the old pictures are me or the way I look now is me. Does that make sense? 

Clearly, I know they are both me, just at different times in my life, but it's weird to see how different I look. 

It's a good thing my personality is the same. Otherwise I might as well change my name and create a new identity!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why is this week so busy?

I have a feeling that I'm going to have a long week. Yesterday I didn't feel very well and I skipped my morning cardio, but I did my regular workout. I know I pushed myself, because I'm sore today, but I know I was off my game. 

Today I did my morning cardio with Janelle and then went to work and what-not. I had planned on going to do my regular workout this afternoon with Janelle, but I have to stay late at work. Now I'm going to have to make up that workout at some point. Bummer. I hate working out alone. 

Tomorrow I know I will do my cardio in the morning before I go to work, but I think I have a meeting in the afternoon that will take up the time of my regular workout....which if I can go workout I will have to do alone....sad face. 

I don't even want to get into Thursday yet. I know I will do both workouts, but I think I will have to do one of them alone....more sad faces. 

Maybe Friday will be mildly normal...maybe. I'm not holding my breath though. 

I'm tired of working out alone and I feel like a big whiner! I mean who complains about all this working out and working out alone? I'm just in that mood today to whine, I guess. I just get panicked when my routine is different and my gym time is different. That seems to be the big theme for the week, "screwed up." I know I'll get all of these workouts in and completed, I'm just not sure when it's going to happen at this point!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So sore!

I've had to workout alone a lot lately. I prefer to work out with Janelle and Ashley because I know I push myself more. I still try when I'm alone, but I know I try harder when Janelle and Ashely are around.

The other day Janelle and I did a big leg workout. I haven't really been confident lately with my ability to squat and what-not when I'm alone so the other day I was really pushing myself because Janelle was there to make sure I wasn't going to do something stupid.

Today we ran and hopped up and down the stairs at the Reserve for an hour.

I'm so sore that I can hardly stand myself, but I love it when I'm sore like this. It reminds me of how hard I'm working these days.

That's really all I have to blab about today. I'm just really freakin' sore and I feel like I wasted most of this day watching football! Now I have to get some work done before bed!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The seat wasn't too small!

I love to go to concerts. I love live music. I love hearing my favorite songs live.

I was always nervous going to concerts, theaters, arenas, etc, etc for one reason....the seats. I could definitely sit in the chairs, but there wasn't much room for moving, the arm rests were useless to me, and I was always worried that I was crowding the people sitting on either side of me. There was always that awkwardness of where to put my arms and not wanting to be in anyone else's space. I would look forward to the show starting because I knew everyone would just stand up.

Anyway, last night a small group of us went to see the Foo Fighters. There is no other word to describe the show other than AMAZING. I freakin' love the Foo Fighters and I'm not sure why it took me so long to get to one of their shows. Our seats were really far away, but we had a good view of the stage, Dave Grohl, and Taylor Hawkins.....mmmmm Taylor Hawkins. :)

Anyway, how am I going to make this weight loss related; you ask? Well, before we went to the show, we stopped at a bar across the street. Everyone had a few drinks. I had water. Of course.

On our way into the arena I started having my typical concert anxiety. You know, the how am I going to get comfortable in the chair anxiety. I was stressing. I was hoping for an isle seat and trying to figure a way into everyone agreeing to let me sit in the isle seat.

Then it him me. Sometimes I forget that I've been working my ass off; literally. I realized, duh Sarah, you've lost over 100 pounds. The seat is not going to be an issue at all.

In fact, I had so much room in that seat that someone else could have sat there with me. Well, Kelly did actually sit there with me! There was plenty of room in that seat. All the room in that chair was my private personal victory of the night.

I look like I've been caught doing something wrong!

Kelly sharing my chair with me.
Yea, we were really far away, but you could still see
really well.

Foo effin' Fighters!

One of the best shows I've ever seen.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Um...I was using that!

I haven't really whined and complained about the gym lately. I realized that there hasn't been much going on at the gym...until today!

I walked in today behind Hat Guy. You can read about him here, here, and even here. He's been there a lot lately, but I think he's medicated. He hasn't been really loud and obnixious lately. Oh, except, he did have a really loud conversation about where he likes to go drink on the weekends. He likes to go to this bar where 21 year olds hang out. He's like 40 something, so it's creepy. Then he was talking about how a real man's drink is a glass of whiskey and going into the bar and taking a shot of whiskey will really show what a man you are. I wanted to walk over to him and tell him that a real man sips his whiskey to savor the delicious flavor. I could out drink that dude any day of the week and I must be a man becuase I shoot whiskey and sip it! I must have "hair on my chest" according to this guy. He spends a lot of time talking about what a man he is. topic.

So today, I walk over to the ladies side of the gym and there are literally 3 women over there. It was one of those days where no one wanted to use any of the equipment until I was using it!

It was getting frustrating. I would start a set and then go grab a drink of water. While I was getting a drink one of the three ladies would sprint to what I was using and start using it.

The first time I just moved onto something else. The second time it happened (and it was a different lady) I was getting a little annoyed. Then the third time it happened (and it was the third lady that was in there) I nearly lost my mind.

The best part was when a woman walked over and just asked how long I was going to be. I told her I just started and it would be a few minutes. She was annoyed! Well, I've got news for that lady; she was on the elliptical and when she saw me walk over to the machine I was on she nearly tripped trying to get off the elliptical and over to me! I wasn't going anywhere. That lady serisouly didn't want to use that machine until she saw me using it!

I think these women had a pow-wow before I got there and decided to use everything I touched!

It was not a good workout. I was so frustrated that my workout sucked.

Oh well, tomorrows another day! I might go postal if this happens again though!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday and rock climbing recap!

Rock climbing was awesome. You have to do it! However, I think I'm more afraid of heights than I thought I was. I would get about half way up the wall and all I could think was how far my feet were from the ground. After that I would literally not be able to move. I would have to come down each time. Some of the other people we were with were giving me the, "just don't think about it" speech and telling me that they were having the same thoughts. I just don't think they totally understood how serious I was when I said that I was paralyzed with fear.

Anyway, it was totally awesome. I will do it again and I hope that I can climb higher next time. I tried a few different walls and I really, really, really had an awesome time. Everyone else said they had a good time too. Everyone was able to climb really well and really high.

Our group consisted of my 3 sisters, 2 (out of 3) brother-in-laws, best friend Kat, best friend Danielle, and of course, Janelle, Ashley, and myself. (And Janelle and Ashely are BFFs too, but I talk about them all the time, everyone knows who they are!) Going in a group turned out to be an awesome idea because it gave everyone a chance to rest, regroup, and watch everyone else climb.

So, here are some of the pictures of us climbing. I'm really only posting the pictures of myself, Janelle, and Ashely. I didn't really check if anyone else said it would be I'll just skip their pics.

By the way, I thought Ashley would not enjoy herself....I'm not sure why I thought that, but I did. I was sooooo wrong. Ashely was just flying up those walls! She was not afraid at all. I took as many picutres as I could!

Janelle doing weird ladder climging
things with just her arms.


My brother-in-law and Janelle working
out a strategy

Gettin' her climb on

Janelle and Ashley

Ashley, Janelle, and myself

Ashley and I

Ashley and myself. By the way, Ashley
was freakin' awesome. She was just
scrambling up those walls!

My sister helping me get
all set to climb

It was only a little higher than this
where I would freak out and
come down.

Janelle nearly flying off the wall

But...she got back on and finished climbing.

Ashley flying off the wall at the same
spot as Janelle.

Nunchuck pull-ups!
Overall, my birthday was awesome. Kelly even got me a protein brownie and put a candle in it since she knew I wouldn't eat birthday cake! After rock climbing we all went and hung out at my mom's house and some other friends came over too. I was a very different birthday. I'm usually hitting up the bars and having a "blackout birthday". This year I decided to stick to my everyday plan and do things that didn't screw up my meal plan.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More random babbling.

Janelle has a show coming up in the end of October. She competes in figure and she is increasing the workouts to get herself in top shape for this show. That means extra workouts and that is really good for me.

The only bummer is that the first workout is at 6 AM and it's cardio. I can't always go with her, but on the days that I do I drag my butt out of bed at 5:30 AM and head to the gym.
On the upside of 6 AM cardio, I feel like I get so much stuff done during the day. On the down side, I'm ready for bed by 8 PM!

I'm ready for this week to be over! Well, I'm ready for Saturday because it's my birthday and that is my favorite day of the year. Of course it's my favorite day, because the whole day gets to be about me!

This year I'm not having a wild birthday. It's more like a million phyiscal activities to get me through the day. Janelle and I are going to take a pilates class at 8 AM and then do some cardio. After that we will meet up with Ashley and some other people to go rock climbing. On Sunday I'm going to go shopping, because I have no clothes for the fall and winter. It's about time for me to have some shirts with sleeves too! It's starting to get cold!

Don't worry, I will post tons of rock climbing pictures.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ramblings and such

Not really much going on. I feel like I'm on cruise control and everything is just moving along at the right pace and in the right way.

I would like to say, "WHEW!" I was taking a gamble with that last post about the show on TLC. I really wasn't sure what other people would think of that show or that post.

I'm glad to see so many other people that are grossed out by that show. It actually makes me a little sad to even think about those ladies. I don't think they could do anything to convince me that they are truly happy...and that's because of the way the behave on that show.

My birthday is this Saturday and I am finally going rock climbing. There is a small group of us going to a local indoor climbing facility. I think it's gonna be fun. I hope it's fun.

That's really all I have going on. Not a whole lot of exciting weightloss news right now. The scale is still moving in the right direction. I'm working out twice a day and I'm so full of energy that it makes other people sick.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big Sexy? Anyone seen it?

Disclaimer! My super strong opinions are coming....reader beware.

Big Sexy is a new show on TLC. I've seen it a few times and not entirely on purpose, but after I watched a few minutes of each episode I've had to watch the rest of the episode. It's like a train wreck; it's awful, it's sad, it's upsetting, and it honestly makes me want to scream.

I've now seen two episodes and they have both had the same theme and it's not really the theme of what the commercials advertise.

The commercials make the show sound like these 5 women that are sexy, confident, independent, strong minded, and totally ok with their weight, appearance, lifestyle, choices, etc, etc....

Here's what really happens on the show.....complain, whine, complain, whine, complain, whine....and so on and so forth.

They are not confident, they are not strong, they are not happy. Seriously, they are not happy. They are obsessed with what others could be thinking of them. Anytime something does not go their way they blame it on the fact that people are discriminating against "plus size", "big girls", "heavy girls", etc,'s kind of disgusting. They are very "in your face" about their size and assume everyone is judging them. Their actions do not show someone that is confident with the way they look, and how about this, maybe you didn't get the job becuase you weren't qualified and you were unprofessional in your interview because you were talking about how no one gives "big girls" a fair chance?

It's even worse when they talk about meeting guys. They whine and complain about no one giving them a fair chance. They ask each other daily if one of them is getting laid. They talk about how sexual they are and how they are so great in bed, but none of them can remember the last time they got laid. They spend all their time trying to meet guys and find places to meet guys. These are also not actions of someone who is happy with their life. If they were happy they would just let meeting someone happen naturally. When they do meet someone the first thing they ask is if they know how to handle a big girl or if they would ever date a big girl. Most guys get scared away once they start talking. If you are really happy and content you are not going to obsess over meeting someone.

The one girl even went to ask her ex boyfriend what went wrong in their relationship. She woudln't even let him respond to the question and she came to her own conclusion that it's because she's a "big girl". The dude cut her off and was like, "Well, it had nothing to do with that. I actually liked your body. It's because you are a stalker and you are insecure with who you are." I was cheering for that guy. There is nothing wrong with the way they look, it's the way they act and the way the ASSUME everyone is treating them.

And....AND....AND, every word out of their mouth is about how happy they are at the size that they are. It's all they talk about. So, why is the one girl always crying about how she can't lose weight? I thought she was totally happy the way she looked and anyone who didn't accept her the way she is can go eff themselves. Why is she obsessed with losing weight? Why did she go to the doctor and cry about being overweight and having a slow thyroid and struggling to lose weight? Hmm....again, not the actions of someone who is happy the way they are.

This show does not portray what they claim to portray. It is honestly disgusting the way these women behave and they way the assume everyone is judging them and no one gives them a fair chance.

I feel like I can honestly say these things because I used to be in the same boat that they are in. I was very unhappy 100 pounds ago. I mean, I had fun, but I was always wanting to change. My thoughts and complaints were just like these ladies on the show and I was not happy. They all claim to be happy, but they only complain about the problems of being a "big girl".

Now, I do beleive that there are people out there that are "big girls" that really are happy about the way they look. I just don't think TLC found any of those people, but those people probably have dignity and self respect wouldn't do a reality show anyway.

You missed the mark TLC, you really missed the mark. I can honestly say that show makes me want to vomit. I hope it doesn't make another season, and if you have seen it and like it, good for you. You have a stonger stomach than me!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My hands!

Seriously, I've been sitting here trying to catch up on some blog reading and wonder what the eff I should babble about today.

My friend, Kat, just called because the Ohio State game was over and she could finally concentrate on other things. (Yea, I live in Ohio, but I'm not a huge OSU fan.....more like a Nebraska fan. I mean, I like OSU, but there aren't the top of my list. I didn't even know they were on....and they nearly let Toledo beat them...and I'm totally off topic.)

Anyway, we've been talking about hiking at the Reserve, where all the deer are out to get me, and we were just making plans to take ourselves over there for an early evening walk around 5 ish. I told her to just come over and hang out before we go and I said this, "You can just come over and hang out. I have to eat at 5 and then we can go. I don't want to rush, so let's just wait until I eat my next meal. You can check out this awesome blood blister I got on my hand today at the gym; it's pretty awesome. Kat, who get's excited about blood blisters and caluses on their hands? Me, I guess. Well, I just figured out what to blog about today. Thanks."

Her response was a little giggle and this, "Sarah, I didn't even say anything. You just rambled that all out on your own, but I'm glad I could help. Be over soon."

Yea, who does get excited about that? I mean, I do like to have nice, soft, girly hands, but I also like that they look like I really work and bust my ass. I feel like if people think I'm a lazy baby I can just show them my hands and ask what baby would have these rough hands?

I don't know, maybe that's just me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's official, the deer are out to get me

I'm never walking alone again. Well, I'm never walking alone again in early fall. The freakin' deer are everywhere. Just the other day I had creepy deer stalking me on my walk. If you missed it you can read about it here.

Today I was taking an early walk. I was on my up this big hill and thinking to myself that there was no way I would see any scary deer today. Then it happened.

There was a fork in the path and I wanted to go down the left fork because that makes for a much longer walk, but there were two freakin' deer staring at me. This time they weren't off the trail looking at me from the trees, they were in the middle of the path.

I don't know why, but deer freak me out. I always assume they are going to charge at anything they see. I feel that way because they always seem to be running into people's cars.

Anyway, I really wanted to go down that trail, but these deer were not moving. When I saw the deer the other day I just kept hauling ass past them because they were just so creepy with their vacant black eyes. (Shudder) Today I really wanted to go down the trail they were blocking so I just stood there for a minute trying to shoo them. Seriously, who tries to shoo wild animals? Me, I guess.

Well, that didn't work. Not in the slightest. So, I took the right fork and had a shorter walk, but I think I'm over nature for a few days. I'll just do extra cardio at the gym.

I've also decided that this is happening because I'm quiet when I walk by myself. I have no reason to be hoopin' and hollerin' while I'm walking. When I walk with Janelle we are loud and we have dogs with us. When I walk with Kelly we are really loud, and that's because we dont' know how to be quiet. I think when I walk alone I'm going to carry pots and pans to bang around to let all the wild life know that I'm coming.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Insane amounts of energy

So, before I started losing weight I could sleep and nap away entire days. I had no energy. None. I've always been a morning person and getting out of bed in the morning has never been a problem, but after a few hours I was ready for a nap. 

I could just nap the days away. I would lay there thinking of all the things I had to do, but I had no energy to get my ass off the couch. I would make lists in my head and tell myself I would do it later, after my nap. 

I would move from napping on the couch to sleeping in my bed. I spent a lot of days like that. 

It did change over time. I knew that I was really dedicated to what I was doing when I had a bad day at work, I was tired, and I just wanted to lay on the couch, nap, and hate the world. Janelle called to ask if I was going to the gym with her. All I really wanted to do was lay there and be miserable, but I made myself get up, change, and go to the gym. I felt so much better after that. The day that happened I knew I had made a huge stride in my life. 

Now I can hardly nap. If I lay down to nap I can typically fall asleep for like 20 minutes, then I'm up. Most times I can't even fall asleep! 

I know I shouldn't complain, but I do miss my napping. I do miss lazy Sunday's on the couch. 

However, I do get a ton of stuff done every day. Since it's not working out for me to lay on my couch I might as well get some crap done. I swear, I'm always on the go. I always have something to do. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's not just the weather ruining my workouts!

So, yesterday was supposed to go with Janelle and jog at the Reserve. I ended up going alone and it was nice to go walk around by myself.

I was already tired, so I just decided to walk; mosey is more like it. I didn't use my Ipod either because I though it would be nice to stroll around the Reserve on a chilly fall day and enjoy the nature....or so I thought.

Honestly, I like nature from a distance or in cages. I just don't want it up close and personal with me. So, I'm heading back down the trail to my car and I was litteraly lost in my own world. I was thinking about all kinds of different things and oblivious to anything happening around me.

Then I had that feeling that something was watching me. Has that ever happened to you? Usually, there is nothing wathing me and it's just a random paranoid thought that I have, but yesterday I was not being paranoid.

I turned my head to the left and like 5 feet away from me, just off the trail was the biggest (live) deer I've ever, ever seen. It was totally watching me. I'm sure it was a little frightened of me, but I was freaking out! (I always think that deer are going to charge me. Probably because they always run into cars and I just assume that they run at whatever they see)

So this deer is standing perfectly still, but staring me down. I wanted to run, but I decided to just look away and keep walking. (Seriously, who is afraid of deer?) Instantly my thoughts changed to, "I hate nature, get me out of this nature."

Next I heard all this rustling on the tree next to me. When I looked over two of the biggest squirrels I've ever seen were just hanging out, right next to me on this tree, and I swear they were making the craziest sounds. It was like they were laughing, no joke!

Then I saw another deer. It was smaller and standing perfectly still, but it was also only like 5 feet away. It only got worse from there too. I saw 2 more deer, just hanging out 5 feet away from me.

Since I wear a heart rate monitor every time I do activity I can tell you that my heart rate was going up like crazy. I mean really, my heart was racing just from seeing deer in the trees.

So, the last deer was freaked out by me and ran off. The other 2 followed after that. By that time I was convinced that nature was out to get me. I finally just jogged back to my car to get the eff out of there.

I immediately called Janelle to tell her that I would never go walking alone again. She was upset that she wasn't there, but I told her that we are so loud when we are together that we never would have seen any freaking deer.

Stupid deer.

Monday, September 5, 2011

This weather is ruining my workouts

On Saturday night we had crazy thunderstorms. It wasn't so much the storms, but the wind that was the issue. I got, like, zero sleep. My power was going on and off all night. My mom actually lost power for almost 24 hours. One of her trees was struck by lightning and literally exploded all over her back yard. 

On Sunday morning Janelle, Ashley, and I were supposed to go to the Reserve to our big hill and do a leg workout. Then we were going to go to the gym to and do our other workout. 

It was still crappy weather outside. No one was sure if it was going to rain or storm or whatever. It sure looked like it was going to and there was enough lightning to convince us that it was going to be bad. 

So, here's how my morning and bad workout day started. Mom sent me a picture text with a picture of her tree and says that she doesn't have power. I go get her and get her settled at my place, which had power, but my cable and internet weren't working, and leave to go to the Reserve. 

Ashley calls and tells me that she doesn't know how to get to the Reserve. (God love Ashley, but she's lived in the same area her whole life and has no clue how to get anywhere. She is totally directionaly challenged.) I tell her to meet me at the gym and she can just ride with me. The gym and the Reserve are very close to each other. 

Ashley calls me again and says that the road she is trying to get down is closed because of a fallen tree. I tell her which way to go, but it was the wrong way. Oops, my bad. So she has no clue where she is. I basically tell her I know the direction she is going and I will be driving in that direction to find her. I did find her, at the church that she always seems to find and Janelle and I always seem to be getting her from that church. 

In the mean time, Janelle is calling me and asking what we should do. She still wants to go to the Reserve and I said I still wanted to go, but Ashley had already told me that she wasn't so sure about the weather. While I'm talking to Janelle, Ashley keeps calling to find out my whereabouts and to let me know hers. 

I find Ashley, she follows me to the Reserve and we no sooner pull up and start talking to Janelle when I huge bolt of lighting streaks across the sky and a huge thunder boom follows. Then it started raining a little harder. I really wanted to run up and down that hill yesterday too because I was already so frustrated from my morning and lack of sleep and it was only 9 AM!

We say eff it and decide to be safe and go to the gym. So we all drive ourselves over there. On the way there were a few stop lights that were not working and I started thinking about the gym not having any power. 

Sure enough, we pull into the gym and the whole place is dark. It is empty and the power is out. The power was out in the whole strip mall too. We all start laughing. Ashley took it as a sign that we were supposed to have a day off from working out and Janelle and I looked at each other and started whining. 

I really, really wanted to workout. Janelle was in the same boat. Janelle was like, "The gym gods don't want us to do anything today, but I want to. I think you just found a blog topic too."

We all kinda looked at each other and debated going back to the Reserve, then it started raining even harder. I just stood there in the rain and looked as sad as possible. 

Then I went home and pulled weeds in the rain, did an ab workout in front of the TV while watching Beauty and the Beast, and went to Columbus for the rest of the day. 

Today was much better for working out, except I woke up in Columbus at 7 AM and had to be at the gym by 9 AM an hour and half away. I still have one more workout for today and then I'm calling it an early night. I'm beat!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

I think I have run out of things to talk about! Ok, I've run out of weight loss related things to talk about. I NEVER run out of things to talk about. Ask anyone. If I start running out of things to talk about, I just start making up random stories and scenarios. Hell, if I ran out of actual words to use I would just start making up words. Seriously. 

But.....I'm kinda out of weight loss/workout/ exercise/ healthy eating things to talk about. 

So what am I going to do? Oh, I'm just going to tell you about things I've already told you about. 

1. Still trying to jogging stuff. Not very fast and not very long, but hey, it's something new. 

2. Janelle has to pick up the workouts and cardio leading up to her show in the end of October. I will be working out double time with her until then. It's only going to yield good results. 

3. For my birthday we have booked a trip to and indoor rock climbing place in my town. It's called Urban Krag and it's actually and old church that has been made into a rock climbing place. It still has big stained glass windows and that old church feel. It's pretty awesome from what I can tell through pictures. I've never been rock climbing, but I think it will be fun to try. I couldn't have done this a year and a half ago. So why not try something new that I know I can do now?

4. I've been on my newest meal plan for over a month. It is working fantastically. However, I'm getting hungry quicker than every three hours. It should be changing in about a month. I think I can make it through. 

5. I need a pedicure. Ok, that has nothing to do with weight loss. I just like to have pretty feet and it's time to get a new pedicure. I think I will be doing that this weekend at some point. 

6. It's a holiday weekend and I hate holiday weekends because people like to get together and eat. Now, I love to eat, but I can't eat BBQ foods these days. I will be with some people that I haven't seen in years. They know what I've been doing. They can tell by my pictures on Facebook and my status updates. They also apparently read my blog. That blows my mind with people I know tell me that they read my random, rambling posts, but it also makes me kinda happy. It makes me feel like a big deal. Anyway....I'm really excited to see these people because they used to be really close friends way back in the day. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

I never thought this would happen

I have never, ever, ever had the desire to jog or run or anything really. 

The other day Janelle and I were walking her dogs and the dogs were dragging us around the Reserve. Out of necessity we were jogging to keep up with the dogs. 

Janelle used to be a runner, so it's not big deal for her, but I never ran anywhere, for anything. 

We jogged for a few minutes at a time and would then walk for a few minutes. You know, interval stuff. I was surprised that I didn't drop dead of a heart attack. 

A few things have happened since then. 1. My hips have never hurt so bad in my life. My ribs also felt like they had been bashed in. Janelle says both are from the jogging. 2. Janelle is cutting weight for her show coming up on Halloween and needs to do more cardio. Now we have to keep up this jogging business. 3. I made Kelly go jog with me yesterday and I also went once by myself. 

My hips are still achy, but it's getting better. I'm not a fan of all this jogging, but it's helping me lose weight faster. I'm not replacing my regular workouts with jogging, but I'm going to do more jogging on top of my regular workouts. 

So, now Janelle is on a mission to make me enjoy all this jogging. I'm not so sure it's going to happen. I'll let you know if it happens!