Friday, September 9, 2011

It's official, the deer are out to get me

I'm never walking alone again. Well, I'm never walking alone again in early fall. The freakin' deer are everywhere. Just the other day I had creepy deer stalking me on my walk. If you missed it you can read about it here.

Today I was taking an early walk. I was on my up this big hill and thinking to myself that there was no way I would see any scary deer today. Then it happened.

There was a fork in the path and I wanted to go down the left fork because that makes for a much longer walk, but there were two freakin' deer staring at me. This time they weren't off the trail looking at me from the trees, they were in the middle of the path.

I don't know why, but deer freak me out. I always assume they are going to charge at anything they see. I feel that way because they always seem to be running into people's cars.

Anyway, I really wanted to go down that trail, but these deer were not moving. When I saw the deer the other day I just kept hauling ass past them because they were just so creepy with their vacant black eyes. (Shudder) Today I really wanted to go down the trail they were blocking so I just stood there for a minute trying to shoo them. Seriously, who tries to shoo wild animals? Me, I guess.

Well, that didn't work. Not in the slightest. So, I took the right fork and had a shorter walk, but I think I'm over nature for a few days. I'll just do extra cardio at the gym.

I've also decided that this is happening because I'm quiet when I walk by myself. I have no reason to be hoopin' and hollerin' while I'm walking. When I walk with Janelle we are loud and we have dogs with us. When I walk with Kelly we are really loud, and that's because we dont' know how to be quiet. I think when I walk alone I'm going to carry pots and pans to bang around to let all the wild life know that I'm coming.


  1. Haha! Put bells on your shoe laces, then they will hear you coming. Or... it will make it easier for them to track/stalk you! LOL!

  2. LOL this cracks me up! I agree with the bells!

  3. LOL i would have been scared too. I've only seen one while walking and it was actually in an enclosed park. Though one side of the park is blocked to people by trees and a stream of water so I'm pretty sure he came in through all the trees on the other side.. i was so worried walking past him so I cant imagine what I would have done if there were TWO of them staring at me.. i probably would have turned around and gone the other way lol

  4. You are so silly, this was a great post to read to start my day. Completely laughed my butt off. With you of course... not at you at all :)

  5. Get a cap we had (or at least I had) as a kid. Loud noises will spook them away.

    Do they still make cap guns??

  6. I love your blog! Its so inspiring, and entertaining at the same time! (Plus, its written by a fellow Ohioan) :)

  7. Haha, I love this! I can see the deer stalking you ;)

  8. Haha! Too funny! The deer don't bother me, but everyone is afraid of something! Maybe you should sing while you walk!