Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy Crap, I Did An Effing Pullup!

So.....big day yesterday....I did a pull up! A real pull up. Not a pull up with assistance to make it easier, but a real pull up....all me, no help. There is even a video to prove it. 

Here's a quick back story as to why there is a video....

I tried a pull up yesterday. I got about half way up, and that was further than I've ever gotten. Janelle gave me a tip....breath out when you start. Then she grabbed her phone and said she was going to record the next attempt, because she was sure that I was going to do it. We stopped recording right after I drop down, so you don't hear me yell, "The breathing worked!" 

Anyway, it was quite a day for me. I spent all last night telling people about my one pull up. I was able to do one more unassisted, and then I was all tapped out and I had to use the resistance bands to give me a boost again. 

I've had an ongoing struggle with pull ups for the past 3 years now. Sometimes I even write about it. You can read about some of those here and here

I've never uploaded a video and this one came from a phone. I hope it uploaded correctly. Also, I don't have the editing software to rotate the I might look like I'm crawling. Just turn your head to the side and I'll look normal.

Oh, and excuse my leg kicking! I swear when I kick my legs around it helps!



  1. Yeah!!!!!! You have worked so hard for that pull up! Congrats!!!!

  2. SJ---You are AMAZING! Awesome, woman! High five!

  3. I love how excited you both are. That is a great accomplishment. I hope to add a pull up to my goals list soon.

  4. TOTALLY AMAZING!!! I'm still working on pull-ups with assists - can't wait to do one without! Rock it!

  5. Awesomesauce! Can't wait to see the video for when you hit 10 pullups!

  6. That is AWESOME! I love that she videotaped it! Rock on! I'd put that on a loop in my living room! ;)


  7. That is awesome. You are so skinny, you need to post an updated photo on the side bar.

  8. I should be so proud of yourself and you look so thin. Post some new pictures so we can see your progress.

  9. Just curious??? what is your current weight and height? How much have you lost?