Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Way back when I started this blog I did a post about pull ups and I have done a few more from time to time. Specifically they are posts about my lack of ability to do pull ups on my own. I have to use some counterweight to help me lift my body for pull ups.

Over the past 2 years I have used less and less weight to help me do the pull ups. I'm lifting more and more of my body weight.

Now that I work out at Garage Gym (Zach's garage that he has converted to gym and it's awesome) I use resistance bands to do my pull ups. It is hard to explain how it works, but it does work and I'm totally lifting even more of my body weight and getting less support from the bands.

I'm feeling like in 10 more pounds I will be able to do a pull up on my own. That will be a super exciting day. Janelle has me try like once a week to do a pull up on my own. It is usually a very funny time in our workout. I try to hard to pull myself up, but I just struggle. I kick my feet and flail back and forth more than anything. I just feel like kicking my feet well propel me up the bar or something.

All I know is it must look funny because Janelle and Ashley can't stop laughing when I try. I'm getting excited for the day a real pull up happens. I might get so excited that I'll just let go of the bar and fall to the floor.


  1. Wow! You're almost there. I so cannot even do one or imagine myself doing a pull up. Not in my vocab yet! But u inspire me :)

  2. It's funny that you mention the kicking of your feet. I SO do that too!

  3. Very exciting that you are almost there! :) I can touch the bar with my hand. lol That's about as close as I get to a pull up. :)