Tuesday, January 18, 2011


           Picture this; you’re at the gym and the typical meat head guys are there bragging how much they can lift, squat, bench, etc, etc. Then picture Janelle, a tiny petite girl, jumping up to a bar and doing 17-20 pull-ups. It is funny to watch the faces of the meat heads when this happens. They all get a little quieter, and I swear you can see their muscles deflate a little. Then they all start bragging about how many pull-ups they can do and trying to challenge each other. It’s pretty funny.

           I can’t do pull-ups. I want to do pull-ups, but I still need to lose some weight. From time to time I try to do one. I’ve not yet been successful, but it’s getting better. The first time I tried, my arms didn’t bend at all. I was trying really hard, but only my neck stretched higher. Janelle was cracking up and said it looked like a turtle coming out of its shell.

            Now when I try to do a pull-up my elbows bend a little tiny bit. I think I look less like a turtle, but now I’m kicking my feet like crazy, almost like it’s going to help push me closer to the bar.

Evolution of my pull-ups

For now, I just do my pull-ups and chin-ups on some machine thing and I can use some counter weights to make easier. It’s getting easier each time and I’m using less and less weight each time to help me. I’ll keep you all updated on my pull-up status. I know that I will do pull-ups on my own someday, and that will be a fun day. 


  1. hahahaha love the turtle!!!! That is exactly what you looked like that day! SOOOOO much better now though!

  2. Yea, it is better these days. I can bend my arms about 15 degrees.

  3. Um, yeah I HATE pullups. I do P90x, and there is a crazy superhuman alien on there named Dreya who does like 120 per workout. Um, yeah, I'm lucky to do 10 without using a chair, and they are pretty pathetic at that!

    My husband is convinced that pullups are not meant for people above 150 pounds. I like that philosophy. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  4. Oh that reminds me of the time I almost had an emotional breakdown when we had to do 250 pullups. Sarah was really worried she was going to have to comfort me (she hates crying) And Sarah's skin fell off her hand that same day. We have pictures of that somewhere. NEED TO FIND THOSE!

  5. Ha ha! I do have pictures of that on my computer. Didn't even cross my mind to talk about that. I think 200 pull ups followed by 100 chin ups was a bad day too.

    Polar- keep up the P90X, I know a few girls that have done it and had great results!

  6. yeah that was bad also. Not sure which was worse...