Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wanna go clothes shopping?

            My favorite problem with losing weight is that none of my clothes fit! It’s pretty awesome. Every six weeks or so, I have to buy smaller clothes. The only down side of that is the money I have to spend. Right now, I don’t buy very expensive items and I usually buy everything on clearance since I won’t wear them for very long. I would love to shop at Plato’s Closet since they have good prices, but they make you feel stupid for being in their store. So, I go to regular stores and shop on the clearance rack, because I’m not buying from a store that makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong for being in their store.

            It is an awesome feeling when you get a shirt a size smaller, or pants a size smaller. I’ve always had the good fortune to be with good friends when I’ve had to buy smaller sizes, and I can tell them the good news immediately. On my birthday I was out shopping with Janelle and Ashley and put on a pair of jeans 4 sizes smaller than my old ones. When they fit perfectly, I called them both and made them come to the dressing room to see. Then I called my mom, Kelly, and Ashley (a different one) to tell them the good news.

            There is one thing that I don’t keep buying when I need to and that’s a belt. I don’t wear belts as accessories. I wear belts to keep my pants up, so I only need one. I also don’t want to spend the money on new belts. I finally bought a new one about six months ago, because the belt I was wearing was wrapped nearly all the around my waist two times. Do you know why I could do that? Because I was carving holes in the leather every time it was too big. After the seventh or so hole I made in that belt I decided it was time to get a smaller belt. I now have made about four or five holes in that belt too.

            This is how it happens; I’m getting ready for work in the morning and I put on my belt. I notice it’s too big, and I’m in a hurry so I need a quick fix. The only thing I can think to do that early in the morning is to grab a knife or scissors and start carving away at the belt to make a new hole. I repeat this cycle every other week.

            I like this little ritual I have with making new holes in the belt. It helps me visualize my progress. Like, here are all the original holes that I can’t use and here are the holes I created to make the belt fit. I might have to always keep a belt that’s a little too big. That way, I might always feel skinnier than I really am! 

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