Monday, January 17, 2011


            Remember when Myspace was cool? Before teenagers took it over? Before everyone was super concerned about privacy settings? This is a quick story of why I made my profile private and to lead into this blog….

            I received a Myspace email message from some creepy guy. I’ll try to type it verbatim since I remember it to this day. The message said, “DDDaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnn…..look at them tig ol’ biddies!” Most people would be offended, appalled, even terrified. I was none of those things. Instead, I thought, “I know. They are huge. Thanks for reminding me,” as I was blocking this guy and finding the privacy settings for my profile. I told my buddy, Joe, about it and we still laugh about it today.

Not the Myspace picture in question,
and Jake really took this picture on purpose!
December 2009

            “Knockers” is a nick name I picked up on Junior High, for obvious reasons. That name has stuck with me since that time. The same group of friends that called me that when we were kids still call me that today, but sometimes it is shortened to “Knocks”. The name has never bothered me, but now that I’m losing all of this weight, I’m hoping the nick name will not be so accurate.

            Most women say they lose weight in their chests first. I was excited about that, but it didn’t happen for me. I would tell Janelle that something was wrong because they weren’t shrinking like everyone said they would! In fact, Kelly kept telling me that they were looking bigger as my waist was getting smaller. I thought I was going to be stuck with all those D’s forever.
            Out of no where one morning, I realized I had lost a D. I won’t tell you how I came to this realization, but it was like Christmas morning. I was so excited that I had to tell someone. I busted into the gym that day and I think it was the first thing I told Janelle about. I don’t really remember the conversation, but I’m sure she was a little freaked out by my crazy remarks about a shrinking chest. (I say a lot of things that freak out Janelle. I think she is learning to handle my odd stories and foul mouth.) It was a huge moment for me. At that point none of the other weight loss mattered, because my chest was officially shrinking, and that was a huge personal victory.

            Just the other day, Kelly, was in my laundry room. She grabbed a bra off the dryer and said, “Really, we’re still wearing bras this big?” Then she put in on her head like a bonnet. I told her that no one has done that in a long time; not for about 5 or 6 years when my friend, Ash, and I were living together. She would often do “bra bonnet” to make everyone laugh, and it was really funny. As big as Kelly thought that bra was, it was actually a size smaller than last year.

            The first picture Zach saw of me was from my sister’s wedding. According to Janelle, he was like, “Oh my…they’re taking over the picture,” and they were. They are getting smaller and I couldn’t be happier!

Janelle's show
October 2010
Sister's wedding
June 2009

Overall, I would just like to have a bra size that has only one letter in it. Some of my male friends think I’m insane for that goal, but they really have no clue. I tell them to haul them around for a day; then they’ll understand.


  1. I have no knockers:( My problem is that I don't even fill and A cup! And in all my yo-yo dieting years seems I never gain in the boobs but I somehow keep losing there!

  2. Only a lady with naturally big boobies would make a post like I have big tatas too that have increased with my weight. I am wearing 38DD right now. The smallest size i wore as an adult was 34C I like the size of my titties right now though but I have some really nice size D bras that I want to wear again.

  3. ok, so the part that Sarah left out that I think is most amusing is that now when she does bench press she actually has to bend her elbows a little bit.

  4. I was worried that my DD would shrink because I worry about the deflated balloon effect...It took quite a while, but they have shrunk a bit to small D's. BUT I can see a bit of the deflated effect, which bums me out a bit. But you know what? I am not beyond surgical reshaping if need be eventually. I just wish the bigger bras were prettier... ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  5. When you've got big boobs, you've got big boobs. Your boobs will shrink with weight loss, but I think that if you 'naturally' have big boobs (I'm not talking about people who have boobs simply b/c they're fat), your boobs will still stand out in comparison to the rest of the body.

    So, kiss your big boobs; they're there for the long run. lol

    I know mine shrink when I lose weight. My main concern is that they don't become like flip flops. Dang, that would suck !

  6. I agree with all of you, and I'm also not afraid of surgical reshaping!

  7. Mine are "only" a C/D/DD (depending on the day and the bra style), but they still hurt my upper back! I can't imagine lugging them "tig ol' biddies" around. :)

  8. Yes, we are both "boob-a-licious". A good thing for my hubby, not so much for me!

  9. I've just come across from Gen's110 and I saw this post and it made me chuckle. My boobs shrank as soon as I started losing weight but then they stopped and I had to up the cup size as the bra size shrank. I dream of having small breasts, I really hope when I reach a comfortable and healthy size they have shrunk a good deal more :-) I've read a few posts and identify with a lot you're saying; I'm going to add you to my blog roll if that's ok.

  10. Be careful just wishing for a bra size with one letter - my bra size...H...yeah, did you even know that they made that? Since I have lost weight I am down to a 36H. Let me tell you how fun it is looking for a bra under $100 that is that small around while being that large!! I keep hoping that as I get smaller - they will, but it doesn't happen. My back fat is getting smaller which makes me almost as happy... but keep up the good work. You are looking better and better

  11. I HAD to read this post because I TOO have had DD breast for some time and I HATE them!! I recently did a post about walking through the grocery store and I always have some married guy staring at my chest and the wife giving me the evil eye as if I had done somthing wrong!!!!
    I can remeber a time when I was a C back in HS..I long to be a C again..I also was waiting to see some change and when I did not was very upset.. Then one day I did my measurments and was SHOCKED when I noticed a 3 INCH loss from my chest!!! AMAZING!!!! That is all I can say..Now in my progress pictures that I have taken since I can really see a change..It is as if they have deflated and I love it!! Now I don't want to be too small..I am good with a C..I also hope that I don't have to have a uplifting surgery later..I guess time will tell.