Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A random mess of info and babbling

Lately I've felt like this blog is a chore! I do love my blog and my bloggy fun time, but since the weather has been nice I can only think about Spring and being outside!

Also, I haven't really had much on the weight loss related front to talk about. 

I have continued to workout on my regular schedule. I've been getting in more walks/jogs at the Reserve and I've been recruiting more people to take walks/jogs with. I also have an upcoming bodpod. 

I have been trying to jog for longer amounts of time. I find it is much easier to jog when someone is with you. It is easier to keep pace and keep going. You don't want to be the first one to stop jogging! It's good motivation to keep moving. Janelle and I also take her dogs with us. I find that the dogs help me as well. It's like they keep me on pace. I'm sure any of you that walk, jog, or run know what I mean. 

So, I have a bodpod next week. I don't even know how many this makes. I will have to count them. I'm excited. This could possibly be the last bodpod before I reach my goal weight, whatever my goal weight happens to be. I'll have to get the bodpod and decide from there. (and when I say I have to decide from there; I mean Zach will have to tell me what my goal weight will be.) I am excited that after a bodpod comes a new meal plan. 

On to more randomness....I had to buy new shoes for workouts. One of my other pair of Nike have totally crapped out on me. It's about time too, I've been wearing them for 2 and 1/2 years. They are pretty sweet. They are all black and they make my feet look really skinny. I also bought a bunch of new clothes for Spring and Summer. I'm pretty much wearing mediums these days and I've been in size 8 pants for a while. I'm pretty excited about all of it. 

That's really all of I've got these days. I've not so much been busy as much as I've been distracted by the nice weather. 

And...if you have a blog that I don't know about, let me know! Leave a comment and I'll take a look when I get a second!


  1. It seems like lots of people lose blog motivation once the weather gets nice.

    I have two lab-viszla mixes & they definitely help keep pace.

  2. It sounds like you have spring fever! Enjoy it! I just found your blog and I've really been enjoying it...just so you know...

  3. I am lovin this weather too in Michigan!!

  4. Enjoy your spring. We don't have significant weather changes here, it's like summer all year :)


  5. I love your fall pics on the right with you holding the belt. May I suggest you post current pics of your new spring wardrobe? :) Getting into a Medium and size 8 is freaking AMAZING!!! YAY YOU!

  6. This spring weather has me feeling so sporadic and random. I can't focus on anything except being outside. I can definitely relate. Congrats on the new clothes!