Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where has Janelle been?

I had to get permission from Janelle before writing this blog. I'm glad she said yes, because this topic was just too funny to pass up.

So, I'll try to make this long story short. Well, as short as I can.

Janelle doesn't really go to the gym much anymore. She uses Garage Gym at her house. You know, the garage that her husband converted into a gym so he could train right out of the house? I think I've mentioned it before.

I split my time between the Garage Gym and regular gym that has given us nothing but crap about working out together. Apparently, it looks like Janelle has been "training" me and they just won't stand for it. They threatened our memberships and everything.

They have noticed that she isn't going in there and they have started asking questions as to why. The real reason is because of Garage Gym, but that's really hard to explain. So my easy response is, "she's having a baby." It's also a true response. That's right, Janelle is having a baby and that has made it so much easier for me to explain why they don't see her.

I have been asked by employees, regulars from the gym, people that I have never spoken to that recognize I'm usually with her, etc, etc.

One lady came over and asked where my partner was. I was like, "Oh you know, she's knocked up." :) Another guy asked about "my partner in crime," and one other dude was just like, "where the hell has Janelle been?". I've given them all the standard response, "She's having a baby." Everyone is really excited for her. Hell, I'm excited for her.

It is funny that everyone notices that we are typically together. It is messing up the chi at the gym that I'm working out alone. It is also a little scary that people we don't even know recognize that we are always working out together. They must all think I'm lost without as my regular workout buddy. A few years ago I would have been lost. Now I'm totally ok with solo workouts.

It does bother me though that they employees are so inquisitive as to where she is. They didn't want her there when she was, because she was doing so much "training", but now that she's not they appear to be bothered. I think she made them look good. I bet they told perspective clients that they train her and she competes. I bet now that she isn't there they've lost their star female gym member! (I hate the people that work at my gym....if you couldn't tell.)

It's also funny that I scheduled for Janelle and I to have bodpods and promptly had to call back and cancel  her appointment. You don't really need to measure your body fat when you are pregnant. I will still be getting my bodpod this week and then getting a new meal plan. I'm excited.


  1. Good for her! And good for you for going alone.

  2. Ah-congrats to Janelle. I wish you could tell that gym of yours to eff off and it's not of their damn business. You seriously should mention "harrassment" the next time they approach you. Jackasses.

  3. I'd hate to be at a gym where people are so nosey but sometimes I wish people at my gym took more of an interest in the members. In the 15 months I've been there, only last week did someone ask how I was doing! LOL

    Congratulations to your friend btw! :)

  4. Well congrats to her! I cannot fathom going to a gym and having people give me hell for having a workout buddy.

  5. I was going to reply to all of your comments individually, but this way seemed much faster....

    Yes, my gym sucks for their harassment. They really irritate me, but it's so damn cheap to be a member there. I figure I'm trading comfort for price.

    I've told Janelle that everyone says congrats and whatnot. She also reads the blog so she sees all of your comments. I will keep everyone updated on the progress!