Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

I think I have run out of things to talk about! Ok, I've run out of weight loss related things to talk about. I NEVER run out of things to talk about. Ask anyone. If I start running out of things to talk about, I just start making up random stories and scenarios. Hell, if I ran out of actual words to use I would just start making up words. Seriously. 

But.....I'm kinda out of weight loss/workout/ exercise/ healthy eating things to talk about. 

So what am I going to do? Oh, I'm just going to tell you about things I've already told you about. 

1. Still trying to jogging stuff. Not very fast and not very long, but hey, it's something new. 

2. Janelle has to pick up the workouts and cardio leading up to her show in the end of October. I will be working out double time with her until then. It's only going to yield good results. 

3. For my birthday we have booked a trip to and indoor rock climbing place in my town. It's called Urban Krag and it's actually and old church that has been made into a rock climbing place. It still has big stained glass windows and that old church feel. It's pretty awesome from what I can tell through pictures. I've never been rock climbing, but I think it will be fun to try. I couldn't have done this a year and a half ago. So why not try something new that I know I can do now?

4. I've been on my newest meal plan for over a month. It is working fantastically. However, I'm getting hungry quicker than every three hours. It should be changing in about a month. I think I can make it through. 

5. I need a pedicure. Ok, that has nothing to do with weight loss. I just like to have pretty feet and it's time to get a new pedicure. I think I will be doing that this weekend at some point. 

6. It's a holiday weekend and I hate holiday weekends because people like to get together and eat. Now, I love to eat, but I can't eat BBQ foods these days. I will be with some people that I haven't seen in years. They know what I've been doing. They can tell by my pictures on Facebook and my status updates. They also apparently read my blog. That blows my mind with people I know tell me that they read my random, rambling posts, but it also makes me kinda happy. It makes me feel like a big deal. Anyway....I'm really excited to see these people because they used to be really close friends way back in the day. 

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