Friday, September 2, 2011

I never thought this would happen

I have never, ever, ever had the desire to jog or run or anything really. 

The other day Janelle and I were walking her dogs and the dogs were dragging us around the Reserve. Out of necessity we were jogging to keep up with the dogs. 

Janelle used to be a runner, so it's not big deal for her, but I never ran anywhere, for anything. 

We jogged for a few minutes at a time and would then walk for a few minutes. You know, interval stuff. I was surprised that I didn't drop dead of a heart attack. 

A few things have happened since then. 1. My hips have never hurt so bad in my life. My ribs also felt like they had been bashed in. Janelle says both are from the jogging. 2. Janelle is cutting weight for her show coming up on Halloween and needs to do more cardio. Now we have to keep up this jogging business. 3. I made Kelly go jog with me yesterday and I also went once by myself. 

My hips are still achy, but it's getting better. I'm not a fan of all this jogging, but it's helping me lose weight faster. I'm not replacing my regular workouts with jogging, but I'm going to do more jogging on top of my regular workouts. 

So, now Janelle is on a mission to make me enjoy all this jogging. I'm not so sure it's going to happen. I'll let you know if it happens!


  1. What ever works to reach your ultimate goals.....good for you

  2. WOW, that is awesome!!! I never, EVER thought I would be a runner either, but here I am. This journey to fitness and health really is amazing and life changing. :) That is just so awesome you are out there running!

    My hips do a lot better when I do yoga once/week. I have a yoga video I just do at home.

  3. Good luck! I'm in the middle of C25K and I enjoy it now, as bizarro world as that seems to me. Hope you start to enjoy it more!

  4. You are making such HUGE changes, in such a short amount of time.. I am so jealous, and of course proud, but mostly jealous ;P

    You keep doing you!! You are by far, the most amazing gal EVER!!