Monday, September 5, 2011

This weather is ruining my workouts

On Saturday night we had crazy thunderstorms. It wasn't so much the storms, but the wind that was the issue. I got, like, zero sleep. My power was going on and off all night. My mom actually lost power for almost 24 hours. One of her trees was struck by lightning and literally exploded all over her back yard. 

On Sunday morning Janelle, Ashley, and I were supposed to go to the Reserve to our big hill and do a leg workout. Then we were going to go to the gym to and do our other workout. 

It was still crappy weather outside. No one was sure if it was going to rain or storm or whatever. It sure looked like it was going to and there was enough lightning to convince us that it was going to be bad. 

So, here's how my morning and bad workout day started. Mom sent me a picture text with a picture of her tree and says that she doesn't have power. I go get her and get her settled at my place, which had power, but my cable and internet weren't working, and leave to go to the Reserve. 

Ashley calls and tells me that she doesn't know how to get to the Reserve. (God love Ashley, but she's lived in the same area her whole life and has no clue how to get anywhere. She is totally directionaly challenged.) I tell her to meet me at the gym and she can just ride with me. The gym and the Reserve are very close to each other. 

Ashley calls me again and says that the road she is trying to get down is closed because of a fallen tree. I tell her which way to go, but it was the wrong way. Oops, my bad. So she has no clue where she is. I basically tell her I know the direction she is going and I will be driving in that direction to find her. I did find her, at the church that she always seems to find and Janelle and I always seem to be getting her from that church. 

In the mean time, Janelle is calling me and asking what we should do. She still wants to go to the Reserve and I said I still wanted to go, but Ashley had already told me that she wasn't so sure about the weather. While I'm talking to Janelle, Ashley keeps calling to find out my whereabouts and to let me know hers. 

I find Ashley, she follows me to the Reserve and we no sooner pull up and start talking to Janelle when I huge bolt of lighting streaks across the sky and a huge thunder boom follows. Then it started raining a little harder. I really wanted to run up and down that hill yesterday too because I was already so frustrated from my morning and lack of sleep and it was only 9 AM!

We say eff it and decide to be safe and go to the gym. So we all drive ourselves over there. On the way there were a few stop lights that were not working and I started thinking about the gym not having any power. 

Sure enough, we pull into the gym and the whole place is dark. It is empty and the power is out. The power was out in the whole strip mall too. We all start laughing. Ashley took it as a sign that we were supposed to have a day off from working out and Janelle and I looked at each other and started whining. 

I really, really wanted to workout. Janelle was in the same boat. Janelle was like, "The gym gods don't want us to do anything today, but I want to. I think you just found a blog topic too."

We all kinda looked at each other and debated going back to the Reserve, then it started raining even harder. I just stood there in the rain and looked as sad as possible. 

Then I went home and pulled weeds in the rain, did an ab workout in front of the TV while watching Beauty and the Beast, and went to Columbus for the rest of the day. 

Today was much better for working out, except I woke up in Columbus at 7 AM and had to be at the gym by 9 AM an hour and half away. I still have one more workout for today and then I'm calling it an early night. I'm beat!


  1. I hope your weather clears up soon!

  2. I would say, send the crazy weather to AZ, but sadly I don't want it either... Send that crap to a state where someone lives... that you just dislike... a lot :) NOT AZ!! You know you love me. Hahahahahahahahaha