Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's not just the weather ruining my workouts!

So, yesterday was supposed to go with Janelle and jog at the Reserve. I ended up going alone and it was nice to go walk around by myself.

I was already tired, so I just decided to walk; mosey is more like it. I didn't use my Ipod either because I though it would be nice to stroll around the Reserve on a chilly fall day and enjoy the nature....or so I thought.

Honestly, I like nature from a distance or in cages. I just don't want it up close and personal with me. So, I'm heading back down the trail to my car and I was litteraly lost in my own world. I was thinking about all kinds of different things and oblivious to anything happening around me.

Then I had that feeling that something was watching me. Has that ever happened to you? Usually, there is nothing wathing me and it's just a random paranoid thought that I have, but yesterday I was not being paranoid.

I turned my head to the left and like 5 feet away from me, just off the trail was the biggest (live) deer I've ever, ever seen. It was totally watching me. I'm sure it was a little frightened of me, but I was freaking out! (I always think that deer are going to charge me. Probably because they always run into cars and I just assume that they run at whatever they see)

So this deer is standing perfectly still, but staring me down. I wanted to run, but I decided to just look away and keep walking. (Seriously, who is afraid of deer?) Instantly my thoughts changed to, "I hate nature, get me out of this nature."

Next I heard all this rustling on the tree next to me. When I looked over two of the biggest squirrels I've ever seen were just hanging out, right next to me on this tree, and I swear they were making the craziest sounds. It was like they were laughing, no joke!

Then I saw another deer. It was smaller and standing perfectly still, but it was also only like 5 feet away. It only got worse from there too. I saw 2 more deer, just hanging out 5 feet away from me.

Since I wear a heart rate monitor every time I do activity I can tell you that my heart rate was going up like crazy. I mean really, my heart was racing just from seeing deer in the trees.

So, the last deer was freaked out by me and ran off. The other 2 followed after that. By that time I was convinced that nature was out to get me. I finally just jogged back to my car to get the eff out of there.

I immediately called Janelle to tell her that I would never go walking alone again. She was upset that she wasn't there, but I told her that we are so loud when we are together that we never would have seen any freaking deer.

Stupid deer.


  1. This is a great post! My friends always tease me about being scared of deer. I live in an isolated area and I am surrounded by deer all the time! My friends love taking walks and walking past them while they are grazing. Me, I can't stand it. They scare me! I'm afraid they will charge at me!

    I've been meaning to tell you how great you look! Keep up the great work!

  2. So Great!!! Sorry the walk wasn't what you wanted it to be, and you weren't able to enjoy it too much because of being watched.

  3. Just be glad it wasn't a mountain lion. ;) I definitely would have freaked either way!!

  4. Deer are scary man! Sharp pointy hooves, vacant staring eyes...