Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Um...I was using that!

I haven't really whined and complained about the gym lately. I realized that there hasn't been much going on at the gym...until today!

I walked in today behind Hat Guy. You can read about him here, here, and even here. He's been there a lot lately, but I think he's medicated. He hasn't been really loud and obnixious lately. Oh, except, he did have a really loud conversation about where he likes to go drink on the weekends. He likes to go to this bar where 21 year olds hang out. He's like 40 something, so it's creepy. Then he was talking about how a real man's drink is a glass of whiskey and going into the bar and taking a shot of whiskey will really show what a man you are. I wanted to walk over to him and tell him that a real man sips his whiskey to savor the delicious flavor. I could out drink that dude any day of the week and I must be a man becuase I shoot whiskey and sip it! I must have "hair on my chest" according to this guy. He spends a lot of time talking about what a man he is.

Anyway....off topic.

So today, I walk over to the ladies side of the gym and there are literally 3 women over there. It was one of those days where no one wanted to use any of the equipment until I was using it!

It was getting frustrating. I would start a set and then go grab a drink of water. While I was getting a drink one of the three ladies would sprint to what I was using and start using it.

The first time I just moved onto something else. The second time it happened (and it was a different lady) I was getting a little annoyed. Then the third time it happened (and it was the third lady that was in there) I nearly lost my mind.

The best part was when a woman walked over and just asked how long I was going to be. I told her I just started and it would be a few minutes. She was annoyed! Well, I've got news for that lady; she was on the elliptical and when she saw me walk over to the machine I was on she nearly tripped trying to get off the elliptical and over to me! I wasn't going anywhere. That lady serisouly didn't want to use that machine until she saw me using it!

I think these women had a pow-wow before I got there and decided to use everything I touched!

It was not a good workout. I was so frustrated that my workout sucked.

Oh well, tomorrows another day! I might go postal if this happens again though!


  1. Haha, wow! You can't make up stuff like that. Yea, hopefully tomorrow's workout will go more smoothly.

    I love looking at your sidebar and seeing the changes! I just have to tell you again that you look amazing!

  2. LOL weird!! They just wanna be YOU!! haha Sorry you had a crappy workout! Love the august picture! Looking awesome :)


  3. Hmmm....perhaps if you came in with red eyes and a runny nose and coughed all over the place they wouldn't be in such a hurry to use that equipment.

  4. Days like that are so frustrating! I think coughing is a great idea. I like to "wipe my nose" then grab the machines if they keep stealing it LOLOLOL

  5. How rude!!! OMG... But I totally like Missy's retort to that crap... hahahahahahaha hopefully it doesn't keep happening.