Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hat Guy has a new name!

I frequently talk about "Hat Guy". He is my favorite character at the gym. He is the little man with invisible lat syndrome. He brings me hours of entertainment. He also got a new nick name the other day at the gym...

Janelle and I were doing squats and whatnot. When we walked over to the squat rack we saw that someone had loaded up the bar with three 45 pound plates on each side. That is a total of 315 pounds (6 plates plus the bar). We start making jokes about who would be using that much weight for anything. We automatically assume it's Hat Guy because he always loads up bars and machines with a ton of weight. Then he stands around and talks. He never does anything with all the weight. 

Anyway, we get all set up and this huge guy who is a police officer in the area comes over and uses the machine next to us. No joke, this guy is like 6'6" and makes line backers look small. He realizes that he needs some 45 pound plates and makes a joke about us hogging all the heavy weight. 

We tell him how we found all the weight loaded onto the bar and we tell him who we think did it. He asks us to point the guy out and we tell him all of our funny Hat Guy stories. He kind of laughs and we tell him that this guy has short man syndrome and invisible lat syndrome. 

He keeps laughing with us and then says, "Well I am bigger than the average bear, but I guess he is a pretty small guy. There is no way he could lift that much. I can't lift that much."

Then he says, "So Hercules thinks he's a pretty big man huh?"

I couldn't even respond. I only laughed and looked at Janelle and said, "Oh my god, new nick name for Hat Guy!" The big cop just laughed too. Now we have a new gym friend and he's a good gym friend to have. I come up to his waist. No kidding. 

Here's my other Hat Guy posts if you need to catch up with him. He's quite the character. 

Hey man, nice hat. 

Hey man, where's your hat?

Just when I think things are getting dull around the gym. 


  1. :) I love your gym stories!

  2. We have a "hat guy" too! Only we call him 'Regis', because he never shuts up! lol Love your hat guy stories!


  3. hahahahahahaahahahahaahhaahahaha!! That is so awesome!

  4. Did you ever find out for sure if he did it?

  5. btw, i gave you an award ;)