Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday and rock climbing recap!

Rock climbing was awesome. You have to do it! However, I think I'm more afraid of heights than I thought I was. I would get about half way up the wall and all I could think was how far my feet were from the ground. After that I would literally not be able to move. I would have to come down each time. Some of the other people we were with were giving me the, "just don't think about it" speech and telling me that they were having the same thoughts. I just don't think they totally understood how serious I was when I said that I was paralyzed with fear.

Anyway, it was totally awesome. I will do it again and I hope that I can climb higher next time. I tried a few different walls and I really, really, really had an awesome time. Everyone else said they had a good time too. Everyone was able to climb really well and really high.

Our group consisted of my 3 sisters, 2 (out of 3) brother-in-laws, best friend Kat, best friend Danielle, and of course, Janelle, Ashley, and myself. (And Janelle and Ashely are BFFs too, but I talk about them all the time, everyone knows who they are!) Going in a group turned out to be an awesome idea because it gave everyone a chance to rest, regroup, and watch everyone else climb.

So, here are some of the pictures of us climbing. I'm really only posting the pictures of myself, Janelle, and Ashely. I didn't really check if anyone else said it would be I'll just skip their pics.

By the way, I thought Ashley would not enjoy herself....I'm not sure why I thought that, but I did. I was sooooo wrong. Ashely was just flying up those walls! She was not afraid at all. I took as many picutres as I could!

Janelle doing weird ladder climging
things with just her arms.


My brother-in-law and Janelle working
out a strategy

Gettin' her climb on

Janelle and Ashley

Ashley, Janelle, and myself

Ashley and I

Ashley and myself. By the way, Ashley
was freakin' awesome. She was just
scrambling up those walls!

My sister helping me get
all set to climb

It was only a little higher than this
where I would freak out and
come down.

Janelle nearly flying off the wall

But...she got back on and finished climbing.

Ashley flying off the wall at the same
spot as Janelle.

Nunchuck pull-ups!
Overall, my birthday was awesome. Kelly even got me a protein brownie and put a candle in it since she knew I wouldn't eat birthday cake! After rock climbing we all went and hung out at my mom's house and some other friends came over too. I was a very different birthday. I'm usually hitting up the bars and having a "blackout birthday". This year I decided to stick to my everyday plan and do things that didn't screw up my meal plan.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Happy belated Birthday!

  2. LOVE IT!!

    I really want to get back into rock climbing, too.


  3. This is SO COOL!!!! What a great birthday celebration! You look totally fantastic, by the way. :) I hope your birthday brownie was great. Happy birthday, chica!

    That is too neat that you live right by the AFM course!

  4. Rock climbing looked like it was a blast! That is something on my bucket list to try now that Im lighter. Glad you had a good birthday!

  5. I've seriously always wanted to try this!!!! I'm going to have to now, looks so fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. so glad you had a wonderful birthday!! rock climbing looks like so so much fun. And very intense!! And what the heck... nunchuck pull ups?!?!?! OMG!!

  7. hahaha I love nunchuck pull ups! We didn't really know what they were called but that's what we made up!