Sunday, September 25, 2011

So sore!

I've had to workout alone a lot lately. I prefer to work out with Janelle and Ashley because I know I push myself more. I still try when I'm alone, but I know I try harder when Janelle and Ashely are around.

The other day Janelle and I did a big leg workout. I haven't really been confident lately with my ability to squat and what-not when I'm alone so the other day I was really pushing myself because Janelle was there to make sure I wasn't going to do something stupid.

Today we ran and hopped up and down the stairs at the Reserve for an hour.

I'm so sore that I can hardly stand myself, but I love it when I'm sore like this. It reminds me of how hard I'm working these days.

That's really all I have to blab about today. I'm just really freakin' sore and I feel like I wasted most of this day watching football! Now I have to get some work done before bed!


  1. Giiiiirl just thinking about running up and down stairs scares me. I can totally imagine falling to my death!!! jkjk But dang!! You have a lot of determination and drive...

    if you EVER feel like, you wanna, just get rid of some.. I live in AZ... just saying.. ;)

  2. To me the 2nd day is alwasy the worst =/keep it up!

  3. and I kinda love that sore feeling.

    KINDA :)


  4. Wednesday is leg day at my boot camp. Thursdays I can hardly walk. Here is to embracing our pain!

    Oh that sounds sick doesn't it.... :D

  5. Now I love it when my body is really sore the next day after a workout, means I did it right and it's working, before I use to whine, cry and say Im never doing that again LOL Crazy how our thinking changes....

  6. I'm totally jealous that you seem to have amazing workout partners that push you!!!