Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No wonder no one recognizes you.

This morning Janelle and I were doing cardio at a super early hour before work. She looks over at me and says, "I was looking through your blog pictures the other day and I realized that a lot of people probably don't recognize you. You look like a different person."

Then we talked for a second about how a lot of old friends have to do double takes when they see me, or they just walk right on by because they think I look like a girl they know named Sarah, but they don't think it's me!

Cool. I'm down with that. I guess I don't totally realize it though because I see myself everyday, obviously. A lot of my good friends see me on a daily basis too. It's hard for some of us to see the dramatic change unless we look at old pictures. 

I kind of forgot about her comment until just a minute ago. I'm trying to kill time until a meeting and I've literally run out of things to do in this classroom. (I know, I'll probably never say that again.) I decided to look at my blog and some of the pictures I've posted and I can see it now. 

Ok, really, I was looking at the pictures and then trying to look at myself in my phone. That didn't work really well, so I got up and went to the restroom to look in the mirror. Then I came back to my desk and looked at my pictures.....then back to the mirror in the bathroom. I could have probably done that 3 or 4 more times, but I made myself stop. 

I do see the change. I mean, I know it's me in the pictures, but it's weird. So now I don't know if  the old pictures are me or the way I look now is me. Does that make sense? 

Clearly, I know they are both me, just at different times in my life, but it's weird to see how different I look. 

It's a good thing my personality is the same. Otherwise I might as well change my name and create a new identity!


  1. How I can relate! I don't think we notice the change in our appearance as much as others, people even I see daily are always complimenting me and telling me I keep shrinking, then people who see me a few times a year freak out like crazy, I have had people walk by me and not even know who I am back home. Sometimes I don't realize the difference so much until I see before and now pictures and it's a shocker to the system to say the least!

    I say I am the me I see now because my personality is coming out more and I feel more confident and secure than I ever have in my entire life. It's not about the amount I have lost, it's what I've gained inside that matters to me, I never expected to feel this good and be this happy!

  2. I always find that it comes out of the blue noticing the changes. You dont see it in every day until someone mentions it and then you start looking for the changes, but thats probably because we see them change slowly.

  3. Ive had one of my lifes most embarrassing moments meeting up with a blogger IRL and NOT recognizing her!

    she hadnt updated pics in so long she DID look like an entirely different person.