Friday, September 30, 2011

Hmm....not this again.

I have become the queen of the part time teaching jobs. My main job is only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Monday and Friday I go sub in the district where I used to work. I like to see the same kids from year to year and find out what they are up to these days.

Today was the first day I subbed in the high school. I was happy to be there and see some of my favorite kiddos. Overall it was an awesome day, and I take it as a personal victory that no one accused me of being a student until lunch time. I made it through over half of the day before anyone yelled at me for being out of class without my ID. I told the teacher that I was a sub and I really belonged there. I showed her my badge to prove that I work there and I can be in the hallway!

She apologized and said that she did reconize me, but from far away I look like a kid.

Great...I look like a kid. I don't really think it has anything to do with the actual way I look. I think it has to do with how friggin' short I am. These kids tower over me!

This is seriously not the first time that's happen to me either. Last year it happened too, in the same building, but not the same teacher. This teacher was nasty though. She tried to take me to the office. At that time I really was working there too! I was just not usually in that building! I was walking through to get somewhere else. I had never seen this teacher either, so I'm sure she had never seen me. I finally just walked away from her, because my explanations were falling on deaf ears. I didn't have my badge either. I left it in my room. She seriously was trying to grab my arm and take me to the office.

I walked by her and she told me she was writing me up. I chuckled. Cool, write me up. You're never going to find me in the system. She was truthfully a teacher who enjoys being mean to kids.

I ran into a few former students who asked me how much weight I've lost. I told them I've lost over 100 pounds. There were all in shock. It was so good to see some of my favorite kiddos.

At the end of the day one girl asked if I was a sub, because she was sure that I was really a teacher. I told her I was both. Then I overheard her tell her friend that I was really pretty.

SWEET! I'm not going to complain about that compliment from a high schooler!

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  1. I would have let the "mean teacher" take me to the office and embarrassed her. But then I am kinda that way!

    Compliments are good no matter who they are from! Even better from self-absorbed, appearance driven teenagers though (and yes, we all were...)