Monday, March 21, 2011

I swear that's me in the picture!

            I don’t look at my driver’s license very often. I really don’t have to because I’m not someone who is frequently pulled over and I don’t really travel that much through the airports. So when I had to have my ID ready to move through all the different points of the airport the other week, I started getting nervous that it wasn’t going to even look like me in the ID! The airport is not the place to have ID trouble!

            I was standing in line and my mom was reminding me to get my ID ready. When I took it out of my wallet and looked at it I was shocked. The picture is a few years old and I don’t have to renew until this year. I’ve really had no reason to get it updated any sooner, so I’ve let it go as is. Anyway, I wanted to tell Mom that it looked so different, but, again, I didn’t figure the airport was a good place to be talking about my ID not even looking like me. You never know that someone else might take that to mean!

            I did show it to her and she agreed that the picture was pretty outdated. The first gate agent we saw never said a word about it, hell, she hardly looked at it and that was a little nerve-racking. The second gate agent that was by the metal detectors took a lot more time looking at my ID. I was getting nervous then she kept looking and looking and looking. The she looked up at me, so I just tried to smile like the smile in my picture. Obviously she let me pass and so did all the gate agents on the way home, but I never put much thought into my license picture. I don’t have to renew until September and I really don’t want to pay to have it done sooner, but I’m really thinking that people will think I stole my ID from some poor overweight girl with a chubby face!


  1. I was talking with someone who has recently lost over 100 pounds, and she frequently has to show people she's not seen her ID to prove that it's actually her. While it's kind of annoying to have to get a new picture made, isn't that a nice problem to have? Glad that you weren't stopped and questioned. :-)

  2. Now you have me curious about my license! I rarely look at it now I gotta go see!

  3. I recently noticed my drivers license too. Who is that guy I asked myself. Well it is me, I cannot forget that. No matter how much weight I lose, I will always be the guy that once weighted 320... and if I allow myself to do so, I will again weigh 320.

    I have to get a new license next year, and I do not want a new picture... I want to keep the 320 face on there forever if i can get away with it. Better it be in a picture than on me for real.

  4. LOL thats a good sign! I should check mine out.

  5. LOL funny story but you didn't have anything to worry about, They looks at more than just your face shape they look at the eyes and nose and other features. My passport picture is the same. I was 17 when I took it and 100lbs lighter and I always get a comment about it that I was a baby when I took that picture and that I should get it changed. But they always say that they can still see it's me because of my eyes.