Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Over thinking everything.

          I over think everything. It doesn’t matter what it is, I over think it. I don’t always think that’s a bad thing, but there are times when I have over thought myself into not acting on situations that really needed to be acted on. I like to weigh the pros and cons of everything and decide which path to take based on how much I might get hurt of upset. Some people claim that I am easy going and flexible. I’m telling you now that perception of me is an act I’ve perfected. When people think I’m being flexible and go-with-the-flow, I’m really screaming on the inside and dying to take control and over think and over analyze everything! I may look calm from the outside, but it’s a hot mess on the inside. My closest friends know that about me and they love it when they know I’m freaking out, but acting cool and collected. (I’m getting a little flustered just typing that information! I’m pretty sure I’ve become a little OCD over the years!) Obviously, one part of my life that I thought about and over thought about was my weight and weight loss.

            Seriously, I thought about it all the time and I would think through my plan of attack to lose the weight and then just get lost in thought and take no action. I had the best of intentions to get off my butt and do something, but it would just become overwhelming and I would shut down. I didn’t know how to break the process down into manageable steps so I would just never start. I don’t like to start anything that I think might not end in success.

            So, I really don’t have a transition into telling you what I really wanted to tell you. All of that above it just my train of thought and how my brain can jump from topic to topic and eventually get me to the task at hand. Anyway, for some reason I don’t think about my weight loss or over analyze it at all. I really think since Zach and Janelle handle all the big details for me and just tell me what to do. Obviously it’s been working. I guess when I resigned to the fact that I knew nothing about what I was doing as far as weight loss and exercise I was finally able to be successful. I just keep my mouth shut and do what I’m told. Trust me though, that’s the only area of my life that I can do that. Maybe I should take the “shut up and do what I’m told” approach with more area of my life!

            So, here’s what really got me thinking about all of this. I found these quotes the other day, and of course I was over analyzing them. While I was going that, it made me think about all of the stuff I just wrote about.

“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
-         Edward Stanley, 1873

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
-         La Rochefoucauld


  1. Oh I overthink every thing too! Drives me crazy. Surely drives my husband crazier:)

  2. I'm HORRIBLE at over analyzing and over thinking just about everything in life. I did it with weight loss for years.

  3. I am an over thinker too, it use to get in the way of my weight loss in years passed but as I have blogged about something has clicked with me this time, although I have my over thinking moments at times and also with everything else in my life.

  4. I am quite the opposite, I don't over think anything i actually think I under think things. Anything that requires a lot of thought I push off on someone else (primarily my bf). Nice quotes though they are inspiring!