Thursday, March 24, 2011


           Lately when I get bored or have some down time I think about working out, but it’s usually at a time when I can’t go workout. It usually happens at work or some social even. If I become disinterested in what is going on around me, I start thinking that this time would be better spent in the gym.

            I don’t think those are strange thoughts because they used to be thoughts of going to the bar! Really, I think the thoughts are a sign of my progress and desire to continue working out even when I reach my goal weight.

            Honestly, there have been times when I don’t have students in the classroom and I find little things I can do to do a quick workout. Sometimes I think that I can just walk around the halls on my planning times. I have about 45 minutes and if I have nothing else to do I figure I can just bust out a little cardio at work. I know last year I used to calf raises while I was lecturing in front of the class. Really, I have to be moving at all times. I don’t stand or sit still very well.

            It’s interesting to see how things change over the years and this is just one of those times when my new thoughts and new habits make me giggle. 

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  1. That's a positive change! It happens to me sometimes too, I'm not doing anything so I'll just get up and put some workout clothes on and not even think about it. It's nice when it doesn't seem like such an effort to move a little!