Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding season

            Wedding season is quickly approaching. I already have 2; one for summer and one in early fall. I know there are more to come too. I love going to weddings to see people that I care about on a very happy day for them. I also love the open bars; well I used to love the open bars.

            I’m not dreading the weddings, but I’m already working on my future planning for these days. I’m not worried about the food, because even the good wedding food is still bad. The bar is my worry! Free booze, you say? Where do I sign up? I know the first wedding will be pretty tame, but the one in the fall will be wild. I know for a fact that it will be a huge, alcohol filled celebration and I’m not going to lie; I can’t wait. I’m really going to have to plan for that day! I might spend all day at the gym before the wedding and the day after I might just spend the whole day at the gym again. (If I can get out of bed.)

            Also, I will look damn good at these weddings. I mean, I looked damn good before, but I’m gonna be smokin’ hot at these weddings. I know you’re not supposed to look better than the bride, but I just won’t be able to help it! Ok really, I don’t get many chances to get dressed up and strut around, so this will really be the first time since I’ve lost all this weight to get all dressed up! So I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to shopping for dresses to wear too. It’s too soon though. Whatever I buy now won’t fit in July and it definitely won’t fit in October. Maybe I’ll go find a dress that I like in a size that I should be wearing by the time of the wedding. That way I will have something to work toward. 


  1. Good attitude! Taking a few special days off this summer won't kill ya, I say make a diet exception for those days :)

  2. Great attitude!! And boy do I know it's wedding season.. Mine is on April 29th! eek!

  3. Oh boy Sarah! I hope it is our wedding you are talking about in the fall!!!! :) And - you can show me up any time you want! I love your positive attitude and can't wait to see what you pick to wear!..... Now, I must go the gym!

  4. Oh Tara, of course it's your wedding I'm talking about! I'll try to not overshadow you on your special day! Joe and I even talked about the other week. I told him that I didn't want to take the attention from you, but I just wasn't sure if it was going to be possible! :)