Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Noticing the changes.

I've been panicking about Thanksgiving. You know...all that delicious food. My family always has an over the top Thanksgiving. It's just what we do. We make tons of food and everyone goes home with tons of leftovers.

As we've been planning this year I've noticed that no one seems interested in having tons and tons of food. Really, over the past year I've noticed that my family has been making a lot of different food choices.

My mom, sisters, and brothers-in-law have been making their own changes. Everyone has their own reasons for making different food choices, and they are all for good reasons.

I'm not that worried now about there being too much food next Thursday. Everyone has kinda said that they don't want all the sweets and desserts that we usually make. Everyone has also said that they don't want to make as much food.

We want to make all the usual food items that we make year after year, but we just want to make smaller servings. I'm all for it.

If given the opportunity, I will stuff my face! I just can't be around all that food! I think this year will be different and be much better. I know Thanksgiving is all about food, delicious, delicious food, but I can still stay in moderation....right? Ok, I know I can.


  1. you can you can you can.

    create a plan a and a plan b and SHARE THEM HERE!!!


  2. I will be attending a grand total of, FOUR, different Thanksgiving dinners. One with family, one with friends, and two "holiday" lunches at work. I just recently again started to try to lose the weight and I'm so afraid that I'll make it through the first two, but by the final meal I'll be found face down in a bowl of mashed potatoes. :(

    I need some advice!

    Also, I LOVE your blog, I've been reading through it over the last couple of days. I know I could never follow a plan as strict as yours, but I really hope I can be successful too someday. :)

  3. What a fantastic change, I love it when people around me change almost in sync with me, particularly in a situation like this. I don't know about you but if I'm faced with a huge table of food in an environment I'm comfortable eating I tend to go way overboard and get totally carried away. Moderation is the key otherwise I feel hard done by and rebel by stuffing my face and being even further behind.

  4. Holiday season is here..... go in prepared!