Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok, a lot of people have been talking about resolutions for the New Year. I don't really have one. Well, I do, but it's nothing weight loss related. If I have one that is related to this blog it is to keep up the workout routine I have and to continue to follow my meal plan. That's not really going to be a challenge. I just don't want to fall off the wagon at this point.

Anyway, I was talking to Kelly (my tall friend I refer to from time to time) and she was thinking of resolutions for herself. I feel like she's coming up with some good ones for herself. Her basic idea is to be healthier. She is not going full boar/cold turkey on anything. She wants to get back into working out and doing Zumba. She is starting slow. She did a class this week and is making her plans for next week and beyond. She is also looking into changing cooking and eating habits. She doesn't really need to lose a lot of weight, like 10-15 pounds at the most, but she still wants to overall be healthier. So she is going to change little things here and there to overall improve her quality of living and life.

So that got me thinking about resolutions in general. People make crazy resolutions for themselves. Honestly, they do. It's like they make the ending goal of something the resolution. For example: Someone says they want to lose weight and sets a goal amount of weight to lose. That's a great goal, but they have no plan to lose the weight. Making the plan is 90% of goal setting. How are you going to get to that goal? What are you going to do? (OMG! The teacher in me is just coming out all over this post! I've been on winter break too long! I'm trying to teach through my blog!)

I feel like (and that means I've stating my opinion, not a fact) a lot of people fail at meeting their resolutions because they fail to plan for that goal. They don't map out the small steps they need to take to get to the overall goal.  I also feel like people get frustrated when they don't immediately reach their goal. Sometimes things can't change 100% on January 1st. I feel like when people don't see the immediate change they give up. They don't continue to try until they get it right.

I did that for years. I would say, "I want to lose weight." After that I would do nothing, because I didn't take the time to see and plan what I needed to do. I would try to eat salad and grilled chicken. I would swear off all fast food and sweets. I would go to the gym hot and heavy for like a week and then it would just become too overwhelming. I would crave fast food and fried food, but felt like I couldn't have anything like that because it's just not healthy. I would be bored at the gym. I didn't know how to workout so I would just give up. I would go get some fast food and skip the gym. Then I would think , "Oh well, I failed. I ate fast food and I hate the gym. I guess I'll try another time."

When I finally got my act together and started working out with Janelle it was just that; working out. It also was not a resolution, more of the one step at a time thing

There is no way I could have started working out and eating on a schedule all at one time. I would have freaked out and quit. I think Janelle realized that too. Honestly, after writing this I feel like Janelle and Zach had this master plan going on all the time. I think they were priming me for a meal plan for almost a year before I started one! Holy crap! I wonder if that's true?

Anyway, just don't forget to make a plan for your resolution, whatever it may be!


  1. Ha - the master plan! Good luck in 2012.

  2. One of things that used to stop my ex in her tracks was my insistence on a plan before she spent a crap load of money on some new venture. I don't get the wing it approach to some things.

    I'm an analyst. I plan, I analyze, I troubleshoot, I re-design. I think part of my success has been my constant planning and re-examining of what I am doing.

    Of course, my master plan is world domination in 7 simple steps.. still working on that one.

  3. I think they probably had that master plan in mind because they knew it would click and make sense to you without them having to spell it out. Very sneaky sneaksters! I love that you said it is really not a resolution. This is a step by step existence.