Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finally, someone that works at the gym that I like!

So, at my "favorite" gym today one of the employees came up to talk to us. At first I was trying to figure out her angle. She kept asking questions about what I've been doing and if Janelle is training me.

I just looked at her and told her all the issues that Janelle, Ashely, and I were having with the employees there. I told her that the trainers were accusing us of training each other and making money while we were working out.

She kept assuring us that she was not trying to get us in trouble or anything sneeky. So we talked with her for a while. She was asking a lot of questions and I didn't really want to get into specifics. I just had a bad vibe about the whole thing.

So we kinda changed the subject to talk about Janelle's upcoming show. She's less than 2 weeks till her show and I can't wait to post pictures! We told her that Janelle competes in figure and that is why we've been pulling all the two a day workouts.

Even though I was skeptical, she was really a nice lady. She asked if she can point me out to potential members. I told her that she could and I think that may have been her angle for talking to us.

Now I don't feel so freaked out at that gym. She was nice and seemed genuine. Hopefully all of the crap at that gym will stop now that we are talking to more of the employees and finding out that they aren't such jerks.

Oh and, I have had no time to upload pictures from that wedding. I have a few cute pictures of me in my cute, borrowed dress. I don't even have time to type this! I think later in the week I will find some time to get myself updated!

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