Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pictures and random info...

I finally have a second to sit down and put some new pictures up. I was having such an awesome time at the wedding last weekend that I didn't even get a good full body picture to post. Oh well. I still look cute in my dress. You know, the outfit that is entirely borrowed except the shoes.

Danielle's dress, Janelle's sweater, and
my dress up Flava Flav clock.

I totally cropped Kat out of this picture.

Right after the wedding, when I was
still warm and sunny in Ohio.

There was totally a dress up
photo booth. There was
no way I was getting out
of that reception without
some photo booth pictures!

More photo booth fun time!

So, it's been freezing cold the past few days. Rainy, nasty, cloudy, nasty, windy, nasty, yucky, and gross. I'm already over winter and I'm pretty sure it hasn't officially started yet. Two days ago I had to break out the knee high socks to stay warm. Today I had to go buy a coat. I hate coats. They are bulky and, I swear, they never fit right. So, now I have knee high socks and a coat to, hopefully, keep me warm. I'm still fighting the urge to turn on the heat. I really try to make it to November, but I might fail this year.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Love the dress, especially with the Flava Flav Clock......!!!!!

  2. You looked FAB!!! And it looks like you had a blast!!!!!

  3. how friggin cute are you?!


  4. Gorgeous pictures, you rocked that outfit girl!

  5. You look fabulous girl!! Lovee the flava flav clock lol