Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love this weather!

Ok, the week started with crap-tastic weather. It was cold, rainy, cold, rainy, and cold. I even had to break down and buy a coat. So, true to Ohio weather it's like sunny and almost 60 degrees during the day now!

I'm not complaining though, trust me! Friday and Saturday have had awesome weather. I'm taking full advantage of how nice it's been. I've been outside for the past two days trying to hold onto this nice weather.

Today I went down to the Reserve with Kelly to take a walk. We walked for an hour because we just didn't want to be inside! We tried to sit at a table and just chill in the nice weather when we were done, but there were spiders and nature everywhere. It was too much to handle.

Kelly was freaked out by little spiders and then it freaked me out. We both jumped up and tried to look down at the spiders and Kelly rammed her head right into my face and smashed my sun glasses into my face. I swear I'm going to have a bruise. Honestly, Kelly and I are like a slap stick comedy routine wherever we go.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well. Kelly and I are trying to plan our day to maximize our time outdoors. On Sunday's Janelle and I do a workout at the Reserve in the morning, so I know I will start my morning outside. I just hope I can stay out all day!