Friday, November 11, 2011

The workout funk is gone!

My workout funk is over and it has nothing to do with me actually working out, it has to do with....Hat Guy. I often mention Hat Guy, and if you have no clue who he is you can read about him here, here, and here. I know I have mentioned him more, but those posts were specifically about the joy he brings me when I'm working out.

Thank you Hat Guy for being at the gym yesterday. I have not been in the best workout mood lately and it's been a real chore to do anything. Yesterday was no exception.

Janelle and I were actually able to get to the gym at the same time and we had to workout on the coed side because of the equipment we needed.

Hat Guy was out there too and he was just as I expect him to be....loud and obnoxious. He over compensates for everything he does because he's so short. I mean, he's tiny. He's a short guy. He has worked hard to bulk himself up, but only he upper body. His legs are teeny tiny. He talks loud and I mean LOUD. He wants everyone to hear everything he has to say. I used to get super annoyed by him, but then I realized that everything he says is totally rediculious and Janelle and I just laugh at everything he says. Yesterday was no exception.

I don't totally even know how to describe his antics from yesterday. There were a few people that were talking with him and, of course, he was yelling his responses back. (I mean, they were 2 feet away from each other....the only reason to be that loud is to make sure everyone hears you!)

Basically, here's some of what Janelle and I heard.

"Yea man, you can tag along with me when I'm working out. I'll show you how to workout. If you can keep up, you can tag along."

"When do I workout? Whenever man. I have parameters that I stay between, but whatever do in that time is what I do. I mix it up. I do singles, I do all over, I do what I do You've gotta have parameters."

When someone asked about how he learned the best way to workout and the best way to plan workouts he responded, "To understand, you gotta not understand, ya know?"

He continued to talk about the art of understanding by not understanding (that sounds like some ancient Chinese wisdom right there!) and said, "I tried to follow the rules of working out, but coloring inside the lines didn't get me no where!"

He then started to refer back to the guy who wants to "tag along" and see his workouts, "Yea, like that guy who wants to tag along. He can, but he's asking for routine. I don't have routine. I have parameters. I told him, give me two weeks, two weeks of insanity!"

Ok, here are some more random quotes from him:

"I call it ad libbin," in reference to making up workouts.

"Yea, that guy said he never sees me workout my legs. I do my legs everyday. I just do it fast because I hate legs. Open your eyes man, pay attention. I do it everyday."

"The cortisol and testerone don't like each other. They butt heads." This was in reference to lifting and doing cardio in one day and in what order you should complete them. You also have to bump fists with yourself when saying this.

Anyway, it probably seems totally mean that I get joy from the crazy things this guy says, but he makes a complete spectacle of himself. I used to get really annoyed and angry whenever he was around. Now I just laugh. He is completely rediculious......and short.....shorter than me!


  1. LOL Hat guy would crack me up so much I'd never get a work out in.

  2. LMAO!! I love Hat Guy stories! I feel like I've gotten to know him from reading your blog but this one is especially hilarious being that you always talk about his legs and the quote about him working out his legs every day...hahahahahahaha