Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks for noticing!

Some days I struggle to find things to write about that are weight loss and exercise related. I really want to keep this blog focused on things that I do in my life that deal with losing weight. Today was one of those days until I went to the gym.

My gym is usually a hot bed of strange behavior and strange people. I am typically annoyed at the people who talk to me and want to tell me how to lose weight. There was an older gentleman the other day who told me to stop using weights because I was going to get bulky. He was comparing himself lifting weights to me lifting weights. He probably has about 40 years on and he's a dude. I'm pretty sure that his body reacts differently than mine. I'm a young female....not an old dude. I finally told him that I've lost over 110 pounds doing it my way and I'm going to keep doing it my way. It didn't even phase him....(and that's they first time I've tried to use the "well I've lost an ass load of weight, so I think I kinda know what I'm doing line.")

Anyway....he's not what I wanted to talk about.

I've been working out early this week and I've noticed that the gym around 8 AM is full of teachers I had in elementary school! There are a few that I see from time to time and I always wave. (Of course they know who I am after all these years. Elementary school teachers remember everyone, and they have that way of making you feel like a kid again.)

So between yesterday and today I've seen 3 of them! (I know, I'm talking about them like they are wildlife and I'm observing them in their natural habitat!) Anyway, I ended up talking to one of them. She was also one of my many swimming coaches through the years. We caught up about our families and then she told me that she's noticed how much weight I've lost. She said I look great, which I do, and asked how much I've lost.

After that we talked for a minute about how people perceive me now. I told her that everyone wants to know what I've done because they want to do it. When I tell them I've counted calories and worked out for about 2 years they lose interest. Everyone wants a quick fix.

It was nice to talk to her about all of that because she reinforced to me that I'm really doing it the right way. There are a lot of other people who also agree with what I'm doing and that always makes me feel good too. It's that nice realization that there is no quick fix and the work I'm putting in is working and other people are noticing how hard I'm working.


  1. Sarah-one reason I love your blog is not only because you are losing weight "the right way". A big reason is you are consistent. I look forward to your posts because unlike a lot of bloggers, ***coughmecough*** you keep going strong. And you do look great!!

  2. Miss S.
    Thanks! It is always nice to hear these things! I told the lady I was talking to today that I try to be humble and say thanks when people give me a compliment, but I'm at the point where I sometimes say, "I know. I've been working my ass off. Thanks for noticing!"

    Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning my wheels from month to month, but I know what I'm doing works so I just keep at it.

    I've also thought about getting ear plugs to wear at the gym. Headphones/music aren't enough to keep the know-it-alls away!


  3. (I know, I'm talking about them like they are wildlife and I'm observing them in there natural habitat!)

    OMG... soooo funny! lol

  4. This post is exactly why i subscribed to you. You are definitely doing it the right way and I'm so inspired by it. There are always going to be the know it alls but you are proof of what works. Eat less, move more. Awesome.

  5. Wow! Thanks for all the kind comments!


  6. I just love your posts and all your pics and info motivates me in my weight loss. Really happy to see that you are losing weight...