Sunday, November 20, 2011


I love, love, love to bake. I love to make sweets. I like to cook too, but baking is my favorite. I don't bake year round though. I usually only bake during the holidays. Guess what? It's totally baking season and I'm not prepared.

Last year I didn't bake too much. I didn't know how to handle making things that I wasn't going to eat. It didn't turn out to be that bad though. I was able to make what I needed to and not stuff my face with cookies and whatnot.

This year, I really, really want to do a ton of baking. Last week I had to make a few things for a carry-in at work, and I think that spurred my desire for all of this baking. I made pumpkin cookies for the carry-in and they were awesome, or so I've been told. I didn't get to eat any.

I'm not sure if any of you like to bake, but it is really friggin' hard to make something that you AREN'T going to eat. It's also really hard to make things and not take little samples as I'm baking to make sure it's tasting right. I usually have people taste and sample for me as I go to make sure everything is going ok.

This week I have a lot of free time and I plan on baking, a lot. I have an entire list of things I need to make and will make. I just hope that I don't fall off the wagon and start "sampling" everything I'm making!


  1. Completely just my opinion but you should really treat yourself sometimes! If you deprive yourself of things you love all the time, when you do finally give in it can get ugly!! I try to treat myself at least once a week to ice cream or a baked good..whatever it may be so that I don't go crazy when I finally get my hands on something. You can bake for me any day! haha I just made a no bake cheesecake for this party I'm going to today..I don't have patience for baking!


  2. Krystal, I do agree with you and I do treat myself. I just have to plan those cookies and things into my meals. I only eat every three hours, so random snacking is not an option for me. I will eat some cookies and junk from time to time, I just have to make room for it in my meals and calories for the day. Trust me, when I'm craving something it definately makes an appearance into a meal or a snack, when its time to eat. When I don't eat these things it's because I chose to not eat it.
    And....not bake cheesecake is still baking! You had to open the box and mix tings together! :)

  3. I love to bake but when I bake I want to eat it all ALOT LOL so I avoid baking or if I do I hide it or bring it to work for others, home made goodies are my crack!

  4. you know baking can be done in a completely health way. i've been able to make alot of items that i love in a healthy, less calorie, and sugar free items that give me what i want to have and have others have sweets too!

  5. Oh I love baking, I really miss it, i love the whole process of it, particularly the final part, tasting! That said I don't bake these days because bakery type foods are my kryptonite but I hope to one day be in a place where I can bake and not scoff the lot. It sounds like you're pretty focused and maybe you can just limit what you are going to sample and still enjoy all the baking fun. :-)

  6. Um, sure, I definitely taste things as I bake to "sample" and make sure they aren't poisoned...wait that wasn't why you sample, right??? Hahaha
    I haven't baked in a while because I know I always taste -something-, whether it is eating half the baked cookies, or a tablespoon of the dough...
    I commend your strength in baking, and if I had the willpower right now I would totally do it, too!