Monday, October 31, 2011

Monthly Update!

Seriously? The end of the month already? I'm so not ready for November. I guess that means I have to update my pounds lost and inches lost.

So, I had Janelle take my measurements today. She has been saying for the last few months that my measurements might start getting crazy. I'm still losing weight, but I have that dreaded problem of skin...I hate to admit it, but there is loose skin everywhere. I'm ready to just grab some scissors and cut it off. Zach told me he would help.

Anyway, I only lost 1/2 inch this month....kinda sad. Seriously, my arms, legs, and chest have hardly changed in the past few months. I've been preparing for this, but I'm just a little sad about it. It makes me want to work harder though.

So, I lost 5 pounds since last month. I feel like it should have been more. I've pretty much been working out 2 times a day for the last month. Janelle had to do two a days to get ready for her show, so I did as many with her as I could. I've also been sticking to my meal plan.

I do know that the less weight you have to lose the slower you lose it. I do know that I've been working just as hard as I always have.

I guess that makes my new totals 78.5 inches lost and 110 pounds lost. Don't get me wrong, I'm still proud of myself. I'm not quite sure how in the hell I've stayed positive about this for almost 2 years.


  1. Man the journey is freaking long sometimes isn't it? I suppose that's what separates those who keep it off and those who don't...and my are so gonna keep it off. xoxo

  2. I think 5 pounds is great! That is five more pounds than I lost this month! lol :)

  3. The slower you lose the more time your body has to adjust and the less loose skin there will be!!! If you look at people who lose a lot of weight quickly, their loose skin situation can be really bad. Did I get all my lose and looses correct....I don't know...all very confusing!!!!

  4. Great job on your month.
    I so can relate with the excess skin, now that I am pretty much at goal I still feel fat because of it and I hate it, I don't know what else to do to get rid of it or try to get it down more, if you have tips please let me know!

  5. I feel ya. It seems like im losing SO slow these days. 5 pounds though. Celebrate that! :)