Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some people have no clue what they are talking about!

So, this happened to someone I work with....not me, but if it had I would have had a few things to say to this guy!

Ok, basically, someone I work with asked me if I do oblique exercises. I tell her that I do as much ab work as I can, including obliques. Then she wants to know if I use weights on some of my oblique exercises. I tell her that I do use weight on a lot of my ab work, including obliques.

Then she tells me this: She was at the gym doing some oblique exercises with weight. She said it was no more than 10 pounds and it was a workout she has been doing for over a year. The owner (male) of the gym comes out of his office and tells her to stop the exercise that she is doing. He then tells her that she is wasting her time doing that exercise because it won't make her waist smaller. Instead if will make her "bulky". She told him that she had been doing it for over a year. His response was something about how she shouldn't even use weights to workout because she will just get big and she doesn't want to get bulky. Doesn't she just want to slim down??

What a friggin' jerk!!

I told her that he might be the owner of the gym, but he clearly doesn't know anything about working out. There is NO WAY that she or anyone will get "bulky" from using weights. For that to happen you would have to take steroids. I've been lifting and lifting heavy for over 2 years and I have yet to get "bulky". Actually, I've done the opposite of getting bulky. I've lost an entire person from lifting heavy!

I also told her that if working out with weights made you "bulky" then Janelle should look like the Incredible Hulk! I just don't think that Janelle is anywhere near Incredible Hulk status.
Are Ashely and I posing with Janelle or Hulk?
It's just so confusing! All that weight
made us all so bulky!
From Google Images.
The Incredible Hulk or Janelle??
I just can't tell!!



  1. Wow, thats why you can't take everyones advice on working out cuz most don't know what in the world they are talking about!

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  3. Well, the owner isn't entirely wrong, although he should keep his opinions to himself unless asked for it.

    Lifting weights can build muscle bulk (not body builder bulk, you're right you need steroids for that), but it can still build unwanted bulk. I get it bad in my thighs. I have football player thighs, I hate it.

    Lifting weights at a slow controlled pace will build muscle bulk, whereas lifting weights at a fast pace will build muscle strength and tone without the bulky build (ideally lengthening the muscle and decreasing the bulky look). I'm really bad at doing slow reps. Stretching and yoga will help lengthen muscle and "de-bulk" as well.

    Your friend looks great though! Obviously whatever she is doing is working for her. Tell her to keep it up!

    P.S. I've been doing faster reps with my football player thighs and they are starting to slim out! Very exciting!