Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First week of my summer

I have been out of school for 3 days, and I'm bored. How crazy is that?? I look forward to summer all school year and now that it's here I'm not sure what to do with all this extra time!

I think the problem is that I was out of school before almost everyone else. A lot of schools around here still have a week or more. We were out because we started early. 

I think I will be doing more workouts this summer. Ok, I know I will be doing more workouts this summer. On my regular off days I will be taking more walks or doing extra cardio. 

I really need to stay focused this summer. Last summer I was fine, but this summer I have a huge desire to go out and fall back into old habits. I wonder why that is? 

Next week Janelle and I are going to get bod pods. We payed a one time fee the other month and now we get them free for a year so we will be going at all kinds of random times this summer. I think another bod pod will help me stay focused too. 

Monday, May 30, 2011


So, I finally got a new picture. Not only did I get a new picture, I got many funny pictures. I found my red shirt from my original picture and we all put it on and took pictures wearing it. I thought it was funny. 

November 2009

May 2011

I could put a belt on this shirt and
wear it as a dress. 

Janelle wearing the big red shirt.

Ashley wearing the big red shirt.

Nothing like sitting inside your old clothes. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today's workout was incredibly tough. It was legs, and plyos, and sprinting (my sprinting is not very fast, but it still sucked.) Anyway, it took almost 2 hours. 

In my 15 minute drive home my legs became incredibly sore. I could hardly get out of my car when I got home. 

I called Janelle after a few minutes to see if we were taking our walk with her dogs today. When she answered I asked if we were going to the Reserve and she responded, "Well, I just had to hobble over to the table to answer my phone, so it will be more of a hobble than a walk."

"Oh, geeze, I'm sore too....I can't believe how fast my legs got sore!"

Anyway, we did take our walk, but it was only for 40 minutes. Usually we walk for more than an hour, but neither of us could feel our legs and it was already really hot. 

My legs are going to hurt so bad....

Anyway, it's the end of the month so I have to update on inches and pounds lost. I have now lost a total of 87 pounds, which is 5 more pounds since last month. I feel pretty darn good about that since I was spinning my wheels for a while. I've also lost a total of 63.5 inches. I lost 3.5 inches since last month. I'm totally ok with this months totals. I've been on my new meal plan for about 2 weeks now, and things are going just fine. 

Who knew eating more calories would help me lose more weight? 

One more goal to accomplish...new pictures. I swear I will get some tonight. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

That's right...stay out of our way.

Yesterday we totally went to the gym that is giving us trouble. One of the creepers giving us problems was trying  to talk to us when we walked in the door.  I just kept walking. Janelle did the same. 

A little later Janelle was walking to get a drink and one of the trainers literally jumped out of her way when she was passing by. I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. I was telling Janelle what his face looked like when he saw her coming. She didn't even look at him, so she didn't know how hilarious it was. 

I'm not sure if the owner told them that she called to complain, but no one said anything to us and we kept making jokes about people working out together and training each other. 

One trainer did seem to keep a pretty close eye on us, but he does that frequently anyway. I actually think he steals our workouts and gives them to his clients. 

Today we didn't go to that gym and tomorrow we aren't going there anyway, but that's because the other gym has the better equipment for what we have to do right now. 

Anyway, today I dropped a 35 pound plate on the tip if my finger. It's still numb and I totally popped some blood vessels. It looks pretty gross, but it's hard to get a good picture of it. I will try to do that at some point today. It really hurts...a lot. I was cussing and screaming after it happened, only to look up and see one of my former students like 10 feet away....that was awesome (total sarcasm). 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Now what?

So, Janelle is so upset about the awful people at the gym that she doesn't even want to go there anymore. I told her we could start going to the other gym a little more, but it's really out of my way. She lives half way between both gyms and I live in the same town as the gym that is giving us trouble. I just can't justify driving all the way to the other gym with gas prices the way they are. 

I think after a few days she will calm down from all the accusations, which are totally bogus. We will still go to that gym, and I will not talk to anyone or "train" anyone. Anyone who talks to me will get an earful of why I can't talk to them or answer their questions. 

I'm not letting these people make me feel like I've done something wrong by working out with a friend and losing almost 100 pounds. Funny... you would think the gym would be excited to see people in there busting their butts and losing weight. 

My ultimate goal is to make the people from the gym feel like total dumb asses. I'm pretty good at doing that to people, so I'm sure this will be a piece of cake. 

Anyway, going shopping this weekend. Hopefully I find some clothes. Last week I didn't really find anything that I like. 

It's also the end of the month, so I have to get my measurements. We usually do that at the gym, but I think we will be doing that somewhere else this month! 

And...I will get an updated picture!!!! I really need one. I haven't put one up since February! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just don't answer their questions...

So, I complained yesterday about the awful trainers at my gym accusing Janelle of "training" the people she is working out with. We were going to call and complain. Janelle did call to complain. She knows the owners and figured she would call them to straighten this whole issue out, because she is not training anyone that we workout with! We all workout together!

So, she calls the lady she knows, who is awesome. The lady is totally appalled by what Janelle tells her. She says that she knows Janelle is doing nothing wrong and agrees that we are pretty much being picked on. She also agrees that guys go to the gym together and "train" each other all the time and no one says anything to them. She also says that Janelle should call the guy who owns the gym this happened at and gives her his contact number. 

Janelle calls him and explains the whole situation. He basically tells her this:

1. Since she goes to the gym with so many different people it appears that she is training people. 
2. If we are all doing the exact same workout we'll be fine, but if we come to the gym at the same time and do different workouts it looks like she made us personalized workouts. 
3. If people ask her or us questions about what we are doing or how to do certain things, we need to tell them to go see someone who works at the gym and we should not answer their questions. 

When she told him that it appears we are being picked on for being girls and guys come to the gym in groups every day and do different workouts and also help each other and spot each other and give each other tips....etc, etc... He ignored her when she said that. 

Here's my plan. I'm going to keep complaining. I pay to be a member there. I do not need to be harassed for working out with friends. I didn't know you couldn't workout with a friend. I didn't know the more time you spent at the gym, the more you looked suspicious of training people while you were there. If someone asks me a question I'm going to tell them I can't answer their question because my membership will be revoked if I talk to them. 

I think it is total BS what these guys are doing to us. Janelle also brings up a good point; they don't want us to talk to other females, because that's where they get all their money from personal training. If we help these ladies see that they can do it on their own, they won't make any money. 

Also, if they accuse me of anything else, I'm going to make a huge stink....I'm going to contact the paper, the news, the BBB, whoever I can to make their life miserable. Schools out for summer, so I have nothing but time right now. I don't think they know what they are in danger of getting themselves into. I do not like to be accused of things that are untrue. They have no customer service skills. They have no idea how many people we have referred to them. I know that I try to keep this blog clean, as far as language goes. I try to not drop a bunch of nasty language.....but I just can't help it right now (and I really do have a mouth like a sailor)....these people are fucking stupid and with their bad customer service they are going to drive their gym into the ground. 

There, I feel much better. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I think you are picking on us because we are girls

Yesterday at my least favorite gym, this trainer walks over to Janelle and butts his way in between us and starts accusing her of training people at the gym. He was accusing her of being my trainer that I am paying to come work out with me. He did not even bother to ask me if this was true. He was telling her that he's had complaints and she will be booted right out of the gym if she is training people. 

I know this guy won't read this post, because he's a flaming asshole and he probably can't even read. (I've read some of his hand made advertisements; he's really lacking in the writing and grammar skills...I'm assuming it's spilled into his reading ability too.) So, Janelle does not "train" me. We are friends that work out together. I've never given her any money for training. The same with Zach. I've never given him money. He doesn't even belong to the same gym as us. He's the one who is really our trainer. He makes our workouts. 

Janelle works out with other people too. Ashley works out with us and so does one of my other friends. Neither of them have given Janelle money. We are a group of girls that goes to the gym together; nothing more. Janelle was really mad. I was really mad. What an effing ridiculous douche that guy was. 

So then we are on the co-ed side and we start noticing all the dudes that stand around together...and give advice to each other...and help each other spot...and fix each others bad form...and tell each other what they should be doing. 

That is no different that what Janelle and I do. Why can the guys stand around the gym and "train" each other and not get in trouble? Sometimes there are like guys wandering the gym in groups of 5 or 6 and only one of them knows what the eff they are doing! 

Honestly, it's almost like they were picking on us because we are girls. We are at the gym 5 or 6 days a week. There are never any girls on the girls side and when there are girls over there, they do stop us and ask us how to do things. They have to ask us, because you can't find anyone who works there to help you when you need help!

I think the other problem is that they can all see now after a year and a half how much weight I've lost. It's becoming really apparent. I just happen to work out with my friend how is a personal trainer and competes in figure. 

Now we are afraid to talk to anyone there for fear that we will be accused of training them. Janelle is going to call the owner and complain. We know her really well. Hopefully she will put that d-bag in his place. What an incredible asshole. 

Anyway, I'll leave you with some recent pictures from the gym...

This was my super sleepy day at the gym.
I might have really been asleep in this picture.
I'm so cursing Janelle in this picture.
"Why the hell do I have to do this today??"
I'm trying to make my saddest face ever too. 
Honestly, Janelle was pretty tired this day too. 
Gross hands after a long workout.
They get so dirty from the gross weights.
Janelle's post pull up hands

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So busy!

Yesterday at work was crazy. I was at my part time job that is usually pretty relaxed, but I had all of these kids that needed to be tested. They are all in separate rooms when they test and they all have different needs and everything is timed! 

I was running around for 4 hours straight. By the time I left I felt like I had been at the gym doing a serious workout. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, because I can always use some extra calorie burning time. 

However, I do feel kinda bad because I was so busy that I didn't even have time to stop and talk to people or help people when they had a question! Everyone had to be self sufficient! 

I also kinda wish I would have had my heart rate monitor with me. I would like to see how many calories I burned. I know my legs felt like Jello when I left, but that might be from the crazy leg workout I did on Sunday. 

Anyway, it was a productive day at work and I feel like I accidentally got a pretty good workout!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Janelle has this tiny little dog, a min pin. Her name is Turbo, and she used to like me. I don't think she likes me very much anymore, and here's why...
Turbo is way cuter than
this min pin!

When I first met Turbo she would just jump up on my lap and then crawl up to my boobs and seriously just sit on my boobs. It was like her perch. She had an eagle eye view of everything while she was sitting there. We kind of dubbed that spot, "the boob shelf". 

Well, "the boob shelf" is a lot smaller these days. Turbo tries and tries and tries to climb up there, but she just slides down! Poor Turbo. Now she just barks and barks and barks at me. 

Finally, Janelle was like, "you don't have your boob shelf. Turbo is so sad!" It's almost like poor Turbo recognizes me, but is not convinced that it's really me. 

I have another blog that explains my chest complaints as well. 


I thought these things would happen...

On a side note, I totally failed at my goals for the weekend! I totally never took a new picture! I swear I will get that done. I guess because everyone was saying the world was going to end, I totally thought it wouldn't matter! Ha. Guess I'm going to have to get that picture now!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This was just cool

Yesterday I got a Facebook post from an old friend. We went to high school together and now she lives in another state and I never see her, except on Facebook. Anyway, she sent me an awesome comment. 

Your blog has inspired me to join the gym. I hope mine has some entertaining people too! :) Keep up the good work! It's crazy awesome! 
13 hours ago · 
    • Sarah Wow! Thank you!
      13 hours ago · 
    • Stephanie  ‎:)
      13 hours ago · 

Obviously, I removed our personal info, like last names and her profile picture, but that's straight from the FB!

I had no clue that Stephanie was even reading my blog. It was pretty awesome. I was just finishing my second workout of the day yesterday and I grabbed my phone to see if anyone called. That's when I saw that she had posted to my wall on Facebook. I'm not gonna lie, it made me smile. 

Anyway, I know it's now Sunday and I said I was going to take an updated picture, but I just haven't made that happen yet! I guess I know what I'm going to be doing today! 

I did go shopping yesterday, but I didn't buy any pants. I didn't find any that I liked. They all fit, but they were all the skinny jeans that are tapered all the way down, and I hate those! So, I decided to pass on the jeans for a few weeks. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does making that noise really help?

So...Hercules Hat Guy has been really quiet at the gym lately. In fact, he came over to borrow a weight from us and he was actually nice. I think it startled me so much that almost fell on my last lunge. I just wasn't expecting it! 

There was another guy there who was working with a trainer and he was loud guy. I'm not even sure why. He was doing preacher curls with the 45 pound bar. That's not really that much. Janelle and I do more than he was doing. Anyway, he was yelling and grunting and making all kind of noises while doing this exercise. All of his noise gave Janelle and I an idea....we are going to make really loud noises while we are lifting. 

We really want to know if it helps. Neither of us make a lot of noise while we lift; maybe some loud breathing from time to time, but no yelling. Zach wants us to be lifting as heavy as possible these days, so we both think we need to start screaming and yelling while lifting. Maybe we will be able to lift more. 

There is one problem though; Janelle and I have a little too much dignity than to go into the gym and act like these dudes do. I just don't think I could go in there and begin yelling and screaming and throwing weights like the crazy fellas do. 

Maybe I'll be in an odd mood one day and give it a try. Or maybe I won't. It is Dooms Day/Judgement Day/Rapture...etc, etc today. I might not get the chance! I might not make it through the day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend....so ready.

I'm so ready for the weekend! Then I woke up a little while ago and the sun was shining and it is awesome out! 

A few updates: 

Love my new meal plan. Let's just hope it's doing what it needs to do. 

The jar of applesauce that has been sitting out side the gym is gone. I've been obsessing over it, and I'm glad that it's gone, but now I wonder if someone took it home to use....

Getting new clothes this weekend. Really, I'm just going to Plato's Closet and I'm going to look for smaller pants. I'll have to think about tops at another time. 

I'm so getting pictures this weekend. I need some updates on here!

Last thing, I've been super pumped every we go to the gym lately and not because I want to do a good workout, but because the crazies have been out in full force. There have been so many strange people running around the gym in the past few weeks that it's unreal. But....oddly enough, the craziest person in the gym, Hercules Hat Guy, he's been oddly calm. Has there been a full moon lately? I think that maybe full moons affect him differently and give him an odd calming effect!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goal for the week

I usually burn about 3400 calories a week during my workouts. I know this because I wear my awesome hear rate monitor. I love my heart rate monitor! In fact, I love it so much I wrote a whole blog about it. Lately I've wanted to burn over 4000 each week. I think I will have to take a few extra walks to get there. 

I wanted to do the same last week as well, but due to excessive rain, my lack of motivation, and not feeling so hot I didn't get there. This week will be different. I'm refocused and I have a new meal plan, so I'm on the straight and narrow again. 

I have a few other goals for the week, they aren't really workout related, but they are blog related. I'm thinking if I commit them to a post, I will stay motivated to get it done!

I need a few new pictures on this blog. My last one is from February. I'm a whole pant size smaller since then! I will have to find reasons to have some small photo ops this week or weekend. That shouldn't be too hard. I always have a camera with me!

My other goal is kinda blog related, but more of clothes related! It's time for smaller pants. I can officially slide my pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. I also need a smaller belt. I've had to start carving extra holes in my belt. I think I should just buy another one. I need to get to Plato's Closet this weekend! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Gym, you never disappoint me.

I love my gym. Ok, I love that my gym is a hot mess and full of people that are a hot mess. (I wonder how many people at the gym look at me and think I'm a hot mess?)

Yesterday was no exception. The odd ladies were out in full force. I think it might be the weather. I wish I had pictures of what I saw, but I just can't make myself take pictures of random people and try to make it look like I'm not...so, I will have to paint a picture with words. I hope you all have excellent imaginations like mine. 

I didn't have my regular workout yet, so I was doing 60 minutes of cardio instead. I will do my regular workout today, my off day...boo. 

I found a treadmill in the back of the room, on the ladies side of course, because I don't have to worry about any dudes looking at me while I'm all nasty and working my butt off. All of the ladies I saw apparently thought they were going to running into more hot men while they were at the gym...but they all stayed on the ladies side. There is an entire co-ed side where they could do cardio too. 

All of these girls were what Janelle and I like to call "skinny fat". These girls were all thin, but there was no definition to them at all. Even for skinny girls, they looked a little flabby. They were all very weak too and they all had no clue what they were doing. 

The first 2 girls I saw were on the bikes, then the elliptical, then next to me on the treadmill. Here's the best part; they stayed on each machine for 5 minutes and never even exerted any energy. 

Here's the other best part about them; their clothes. One was wearing a t-shirt that was airbrushed and said, "Jesus is Lord". That's cool, I can get behind that, but her pants were sending a different message. They were Victoria's Secret stretch pants that had "sexy" spelled out in rhinestones across her butt. I was very confused by the message she was sending. Her hair and makeup were also over the top. She kept walking by the mirrors to check that everything was still in place. 

Her friend was wearing regular stretch pants, but she was wearing a long sleeve cardigan, like a teacher cardigan. Her hair and makeup were also a little bit too much for the gym!

The next girl I saw was wearing a skin tight long sleeve t-shirt. It looked a little too small. Her hair and makeup were also a little too overdone for the gym. She had 2 other accessories though, a towel and a bandanna. The bandanna was rolled up and tied around her head in the style of Brett Michaels. I was wondering what her towel was for...

Now, she looked more like she was getting ready to shoot a porno than workout. She jumped on that elliptical and it looked more like she was having sex (sorry if that's too graphic) than working out at the gym. And the towel...oh geeze, she kept seductively, and I mean seductively wiping her face and neck with it. She kept throwing her head back....it was just crazy. It's even difficult to describe. 

The next girl that came in and jumped on the elliptical could not stop adjusting her clothes. She was just annoying me. I just wanted to tell her that her pants wouldn't keep rolling down like they were if she bought a bigger size. Her hair was not as impeccable as the other girls, but it was still more than I've ever done with my hair when I run to the gym. 

The last girl that walked in probably had the most amazing hair. It was brown, blonde, red, purple, and blue. She had is like half pulled back and the rest was hanging down in her face. She was wearing a camisole, but it was 90% lace. It was more like half of a lingerie set! She was wearing really tiny shorts too. 

When she started on the elliptical I nearly fell off the treadmill. It looked like she was on a stair stepper. I thought she was going to throw out a hip! I also wanted to tell her that was a stair stepper next to me! She could just use that!

I don't know what was going on in there yesterday! I think these girls all thought they were going to see a lot more men than they did. I also stared to question my gym attire and appearance! I look like hell when I get to the gym, even if I'm coming from work. I throw my hair back and I bet my makeup looks awful by that time in the afternoon! If I was worried about how I looked at the gym, I would probably still be almost 100 pounds heavier!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New meal plan

So, I finally got a new meal plan. Zach talked about trying something different. I think he decided to stick to the same ol' same ol' after he saw the confused look on my face! 

Anyway, my lean mass went up on my last bod pod, so I actually need more calories per day to maintain my weight loss. I know it sounds crazy to eat more, but I'm pretty excited. I'm all about the food!

I still have to watch my saturated fat, trans fat, proteins, carbs, and fat. My calories total is now 2076/day. It looks like a lot, but it's just perfect for me!

I think I will stick to this one for about 4 or 5 weeks. I will be trying something new beginning about the middle of June. I will have more time to workout and I will be able to do two workouts a day. Because of that I will try a new style of meal plans, which I will explain when I get it. 

Some people have sent comments asking where I get my meal plans. I actually am lucky enough to have friends that are doing all of this for me. They are licensed/certified or whatever you say for people that do what they do. They are also personal trainers. I met them in college. 

If you want to know how all of this came about, you can read some of the first posts I ever did. 


What the eff is a meal plan?

You mean there are calories in alcohol?

Monday, May 16, 2011


So, I have to confess. I've had some spring fever and when I say spring fever I mean I've been enjoying a few too many adult beverages on the weekends. Whiskey is just so good though! I think that was my facebook status last night too....I love whiskey. 

I know, I know, it's not good. I have been paying the price too. I've not been gaining weight, but I have not lost any. I have still lost inches though. I also don't recover the way I used to! I still did my workout on Sunday, and I feel like I tried really hard, but I'm not sure I really did. I must have done something right though, because my legs are super-duper sore. 

It's also brought about the conversation of, "You know Sarah, you're nearly 100 pounds lighter and you don't drink very often these days. When you decide to drink, you can not drink like you used to!" 

Anyway, still waiting for a new meal plan. My current one is only 3 months old, but I'm due for a new one. I'm supposed to get it tonight. I think the new plan will refocus me. Actually, the new meal plan will have to refocus me. I don't have any other options than to just suck it up and remind myself that I have to do this!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The applesauce was still at the gym today. Janelle and I thought of more reasons as to why it is still there. 

Our top reason had something to do with protein infused applesauce....I'm not really sure what we were talking about. I was kinda sleepy while we were working out! 

So, that makes 4 days I have been observing this applesauce, and I've got applesauce on the brain now. I found myself looking for some at the store today!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is that a jar of apple sauce?

There hasn't really been much going on lately. That's why my recent posts have been so short. Still waiting for a new meal plan. I should get it and start in tomorrow. 

There is one thing that I've been watching lately, and it's really weird. 

Janelle and I were walking out of the gym on Thursday and I saw a random jar on the ground. I looked at her and then the jar and said, "Is that a random jar of apple sauce over there in that flower bed?"

We both looked at it and Janelle's response was, "Yes, yes it is and that is one big jar of apple sauce."

I know it sounds strange, but after that we speculated some reasons that someone would put a big, unopened jar of apple sauce in a flower bed outside of a gym. 

So, today I was walking out of the gym and the jar was still there! That's 3 days the jar has been there. Very strange. I really wish the people that work at the gym would look around out there and clean once in a while. This jar of apple sauce is really cramping my style. It's all I can think about now. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Things that make me laugh

So I spend so much time preaching and complaining to people that there is no "quick fix", no "secret", and no easy way out. Yet for the past few days I've been google-ing, bing-ing, yahoo-ing, etc...anything I can about faster ways to lose weight. 

I know I don't believe what I read, but it's still fun to see if there is some miracle out there to speed up the weight loss! Ha ha. Sometimes I even impress myself with how strange I can be!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm not trying to be mean...

Usually when a kid says, "I'm not trying to be mean, but...," I usually stop them before they can finish, because I know it's going to be something mean. It's usually about another student too. 

However, yesterday it was about me. I did cut this boy off. I told him, "Whenever you start a sentence like that, I know it's going to be mean and inappropriate....I think you should just go sit down and if it's still that important later you can tell me privately." 

This kid just looked at me and said, "No Ms. T, it's good....I promise." I just gave the kid that teacher look of it-better-be-good-or-you're-in-trouble. He then said, "I haven't seen you in a while and I feel like you've lost more weight. I just wanted to tell you that I noticed."

My response to him, "Yes, I have lost more weight. Thank you for noticing." My internal response that I couldn't share with him was, "Hell yea! You ROCK! I'm so giving you extra credit. I have lost more weight and I've been busting my ass!"

Yesterday was apparently a big day for compliments. I'm not complaining either. All kinds of kids were making nice comments. I haven't seen my 8th graders lately. I had to spend so much time with my 7th graders that I nearly forgot about the 8th grade! I finally had a chance to get to them to get some work done. I'm glad they noticed the change. I even showed some of them my "before" picture. 

They were all pretty impressed. They were asking what I've been doing and that it's obviously working. I told them all thanks for the encouragement and compliments. That's what I love about 8th graders. At the beginning of the year, they are still pretty immature. I would not have had this conversation with them back in the fall, but now it's the end of the year and they have shown how much they have grown and matured. They can handle conversations that are a little adult and mature. I only have a few more weeks with them and then they are off to high school!

Empty closet.

I was looking for something to wear and I was having a hell of a time because everything I put my hands on was too big! Initially I was frustrated, but then I realized that everything was too big, not too small and that made me feel better. 

I had some time yesterday and started pulling out tops that didn't fit. I have one closet for tops and sweaters and another for pants. My pant closet always has plenty of room, but my tops closet is usually packed full. I usually can't find a hangar or a spot to hang anything! I have to keep everything together by color and sleeve length in that closet or I will lose everything! I'll never find a top again if it gets out of place. Well....that was until I started cleaning. 

About every 3 months I go through the closet and take out a few tops here and there that don't fit. I stop at about 3 bags of tops and take them to Goodwill. Then I will buy more tops and the closet just fills right back to maximum capacity. 

Yesterday I don't know what got into me! I was just tearing everything out of there. I was trying things on to see if they still fit, which most things were too big, and I filled 3 giant trash bags. My tops don't even fill one half of the closet now. Almost 3/4 of the closet is just empty hangars. 
Not my closet, but pretty close!
Now, I have to go shopping. I have like 4 cardigans and a bunch of tank tops! I'm going to need more than that to get through the summer! I also still kept some shirts that I know I should have parted with. I think I was afraid that I would really have nothing left on the hangars. My closet is literally filled wall to wall this hangars. I can hardly even find room for one more hangar. I'm now trying to figure out how I had clothes hanging on all of those hangars!

I sell my jeans back to Plato's Closet when I have to buy smaller pants, but I don't with the tops. I'm going to have to make a trip to Plato's Closet and Goodwill. I just don't have the money to buy new clothes at full price to only wear them for 2 months!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your problems are really just complaints!

I'm still waiting on new meal plans. It's ok though because I was looking at my current meal plan and it says I shouldn't have a new one until May 11. 

I didn't get a chance to sit down with Zach and give him the answers to my questions. I emailed them instead. I told him that my "problems" were really just jokes and I was supposed to be there for him to read them, but I still wanted to see what he would say about them. His response to me was, "You're problems sound like complaints. Suck it up."

It made me giggle because I can just see Zach shaking his head while reading my email. Janelle said that he did think it was kinda funny and knew that I was kidding. I'm not sure how he could have thought anything different...I mean I was asking where to get crack and how he felt about crack being a dietary supplement! 

On a side note; I set a goal for myself to be at 100 pounds lost by May 12. Well, that's just not going to happen. I'm not making excuses, but with my unexpected out of town trips and high stress I just didn't get there. I was getting really frustrated too. I was really stressing myself out about reaching that goal. I'm close, but it might still be a few weeks. I'm not really upset because I have stuck to my plan and stuck to my workouts. It's not like I started skipping the gym and stuffing my face at night. (It was hard to workout while out of town though.) I've been in a bit of a rut and I think a new meal plan(s) will help me out. I will have something new to focus on. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spinning? Not so much.

Seeing as how yesterday was mother's day, my friend and I were worried about classes at the gym being cancelled. 

I was at one gym yesterday morning and they cancelled all their classes and had limited hours. I sent her a message and told her to check with the other gym to find out if they were having classes. 

She found out that they were under normal hours and normal class schedule. I even called to find out as well. Neither of us really wanted to go spinning, but since we said we would try it, we really weren't going to back out. We made excuses the whole way there, but managed to make it all the way to the gym and into the aerobics room. 

Guess what? There was no one there. We checked the time and it was 10 till 4. The class was supposed to start at 4. Neither of us had any idea what to do so we were waiting for someone else to show up and guide us in getting set up. 

At 3:55 I decided to just sit on the floor. My friend did the same. At 4 we looked at each other trying to figure out what the hell was going on. No one was there. At 4:05 we got up and left. We had a good time sitting there because we can crack each other up all day long. 

It was just frustrating because we called and checked TWICE to find out if there were still classes! We planned our whole day around going to the class. 

She still wants to go and try. I guess we will wait until next Sunday and try again!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More problem questions for Zach.

So, I've been busting my butt in the gym. I've been trying to lift heavier. I have gone up in weight on many things. Now, I'm sore, sore, sore all the time. I know I will get used to it, but by then it will be time to go up in weight again. 

This weekend I will do the spinning class with my friend. She was sick last week and wanted to cancel. I don't blame her, she did have bronchitis. She is ready to go tomorrow afternoon. I'm still not so sure how I'm going to like all of this, but she wants to go and I promised her I would try it.

Yesterday, I was telling Janelle some of my funny questions for Zach and we came up with some more. I know that his question, "Problems?" was really meant for meal plan and workout questions. I just need to entertain myself, so I'm still working on more questions. 

1. I'm wanting to get to my goal faster. How can we speed this up? Can I smoke crack? I hear people that smoke crack drop weight really fast. (Ok, so we were laughing about this one because I said it and then we all looked at each other and then Janelle said in a very serious tone, "I don't even know where to get crack." Of course you don't know where to get crack! We don't smoke crack! Anyway, then I was wondering how you would even get crack. Do you just walk up to someone and ask them if they sell crack? How do you find a good dealer? Do you ask for references and referrals? Honestly, I do know how it works and I know it's easer than anyone could imagine, but it's funny to think about things like that. Well, to me anyway.)

2. How about that alcohol? I'm missing it, and that's a problem. Can I have more? It's almost summer. I want a margarita. 

3. Kids are out of control at school lately. It's almost summer. They are stressing me out. What should I do? 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Things are changing!

I've been waiting for a new meal plan and I finally think I'm going to get it, but I think I'm nervous. 

Janelle handed me a scrap of paper that had a few things written on it. It was Zach's handwriting and it said:
-summer work schedule
-school schedule
-high activity days
-low activity days

I think I might be getting more than one meal plan. I'm sure it's going to be one for the days I go to the gym and one for the days I don't go to the gym. 

I told Janelle that the "problems" question was a pretty loaded question. I know he means problems with the meal plan and workouts, but I think I might make a list of random questions like.
-You don't leave enough room for alcohol in my meal plan. I need more booze. 
-Yea, I have a problem...my neighbor is really loud. Any suggestions?
-I like this guy, but he's not calling. What should I do?
-I need more money to buy new clothes. How would you suggest that I get more money?

Janelle and I laughed, she thinks I should do it and just not say anything when I give Zach my paper with my responses to his other questions. Let's hope he doesn't read this before Sunday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hat Guy has a new name!

I frequently talk about "Hat Guy". He is my favorite character at the gym. He is the little man with invisible lat syndrome. He brings me hours of entertainment. He also got a new nick name the other day at the gym...

Janelle and I were doing squats and whatnot. When we walked over to the squat rack we saw that someone had loaded up the bar with three 45 pound plates on each side. That is a total of 315 pounds (6 plates plus the bar). We start making jokes about who would be using that much weight for anything. We automatically assume it's Hat Guy because he always loads up bars and machines with a ton of weight. Then he stands around and talks. He never does anything with all the weight. 

Anyway, we get all set up and this huge guy who is a police officer in the area comes over and uses the machine next to us. No joke, this guy is like 6'6" and makes line backers look small. He realizes that he needs some 45 pound plates and makes a joke about us hogging all the heavy weight. 

We tell him how we found all the weight loaded onto the bar and we tell him who we think did it. He asks us to point the guy out and we tell him all of our funny Hat Guy stories. He kind of laughs and we tell him that this guy has short man syndrome and invisible lat syndrome. 

He keeps laughing with us and then says, "Well I am bigger than the average bear, but I guess he is a pretty small guy. There is no way he could lift that much. I can't lift that much."

Then he says, "So Hercules thinks he's a pretty big man huh?"

I couldn't even respond. I only laughed and looked at Janelle and said, "Oh my god, new nick name for Hat Guy!" The big cop just laughed too. Now we have a new gym friend and he's a good gym friend to have. I come up to his waist. No kidding. 

Here's my other Hat Guy posts if you need to catch up with him. He's quite the character. 

Hey man, nice hat. 

Hey man, where's your hat?

Just when I think things are getting dull around the gym. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is your secret?

I’ve been asked a lot what “my secret” is. How on earth have I done this? How have I lost this weight? Umm...I don’t have a secret. I don’t even have a secret weapon. I thought maybe Zach and Janelle would be my secret weapon, but I tell everyone about them and I tell everyone with questions to go see them!

As of late, here’s how conversations go:

Random friend or person I know (RFOPIK), “Wow, you look awesome. What have you been doing? What is your secret?”

Me, “I eat on a meal plan and I go to the gym...a lot.”

RFOPIK, “Wow. I wish I had the time to do that. So you don’t do anything special?”

Me, “If I have the time to go to the gym, anyone does. You just have to make it part of your day. You have to make it like work or a meeting or doctors appointment. I have to tell people that I’m busy when I’m at the gym. I won’t make plans for anything if it’s a regular gym time. I don’t do anything special. I count calories and eat every three hours. I don’t drink like I used to.”

RFOPIK, “That sounds like a lot. I just don’t know if I could do all of that.”

Me, “Well, I’m tired of being fat and it is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. The longer I do this the easier it gets. It does take dedication, because some days it takes everything in me to drag my ass to the gym. Some days I just want to sit on my ass and drink, but I don’t want to go back to where I was. I guess that’s my secret; I’m tired of being fat.”

I think people want me to tell them that I found a magic, quick fix for being overweight. I wish I had too, but since I know Harry Potter and Hogwarts don’t exist I’ve had to do it the old fashioned way and just put in the hard work. I know that upsets a lot of people to know that they are just going to have to do the hard work, but it’s true.