Friday, May 13, 2011

Things that make me laugh

So I spend so much time preaching and complaining to people that there is no "quick fix", no "secret", and no easy way out. Yet for the past few days I've been google-ing, bing-ing, yahoo-ing, etc...anything I can about faster ways to lose weight. 

I know I don't believe what I read, but it's still fun to see if there is some miracle out there to speed up the weight loss! Ha ha. Sometimes I even impress myself with how strange I can be!


  1. All you have to do is drink the Kool-Aid! Ha!

  2. :) It's hard to practice what we preach. I struggle with it too but I stay accountable through my blog!

  3. PlushBelle - HAHAHAH Love it.

    I totally do it too. And we all know better. HMMMMM.