Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just don't answer their questions...

So, I complained yesterday about the awful trainers at my gym accusing Janelle of "training" the people she is working out with. We were going to call and complain. Janelle did call to complain. She knows the owners and figured she would call them to straighten this whole issue out, because she is not training anyone that we workout with! We all workout together!

So, she calls the lady she knows, who is awesome. The lady is totally appalled by what Janelle tells her. She says that she knows Janelle is doing nothing wrong and agrees that we are pretty much being picked on. She also agrees that guys go to the gym together and "train" each other all the time and no one says anything to them. She also says that Janelle should call the guy who owns the gym this happened at and gives her his contact number. 

Janelle calls him and explains the whole situation. He basically tells her this:

1. Since she goes to the gym with so many different people it appears that she is training people. 
2. If we are all doing the exact same workout we'll be fine, but if we come to the gym at the same time and do different workouts it looks like she made us personalized workouts. 
3. If people ask her or us questions about what we are doing or how to do certain things, we need to tell them to go see someone who works at the gym and we should not answer their questions. 

When she told him that it appears we are being picked on for being girls and guys come to the gym in groups every day and do different workouts and also help each other and spot each other and give each other tips....etc, etc... He ignored her when she said that. 

Here's my plan. I'm going to keep complaining. I pay to be a member there. I do not need to be harassed for working out with friends. I didn't know you couldn't workout with a friend. I didn't know the more time you spent at the gym, the more you looked suspicious of training people while you were there. If someone asks me a question I'm going to tell them I can't answer their question because my membership will be revoked if I talk to them. 

I think it is total BS what these guys are doing to us. Janelle also brings up a good point; they don't want us to talk to other females, because that's where they get all their money from personal training. If we help these ladies see that they can do it on their own, they won't make any money. 

Also, if they accuse me of anything else, I'm going to make a huge stink....I'm going to contact the paper, the news, the BBB, whoever I can to make their life miserable. Schools out for summer, so I have nothing but time right now. I don't think they know what they are in danger of getting themselves into. I do not like to be accused of things that are untrue. They have no customer service skills. They have no idea how many people we have referred to them. I know that I try to keep this blog clean, as far as language goes. I try to not drop a bunch of nasty language.....but I just can't help it right now (and I really do have a mouth like a sailor)....these people are fucking stupid and with their bad customer service they are going to drive their gym into the ground. 

There, I feel much better. 


  1. Wow i would be super pissed! Good job not backing down!

  2. Way to go for standing up for yourselves! Do not back down this is complete BS, why is it ok for the guys to do it but not you guys? Stupid!

  3. keep standing up for yourself! That's just so wrong!

  4. That is so ridiculous! At the very least that gym owner has nothing to stand on due to the fact that the males get away with doing the exact same thing without a word said to them. I think it's great that you're not letting this go and trying to make a change. Don't back down!

  5. I would also be really steamed! I mean, that's bologna! I cannot tell you how many times I have helped someone figure out how to use a machine (because our small gym is so overwhelmed with business that orientations are 3 months behind.) I would make a huge stink! Good for you for sticking to your guns!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  6. I would be pissed of to, fight the man! :)

    I was at the gym once, 20 pounds ago and a man came to my friends and I am to us "he could make us skinny" and he was pushing isogenics, I was so pissed off I walked away and then told the owner who I know, the guy avoids me now. He better or he might get a whoopin.

  7. Wow, that is total BS. Glad you and Janelle both follow up on it. I would do the same thing you are and if it continues, I would escalate it too.

    Can't believe the owners response! Doofus!

  8. Wow - love how he listened to you guys - NOT! Keep up the good fight.