Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your problems are really just complaints!

I'm still waiting on new meal plans. It's ok though because I was looking at my current meal plan and it says I shouldn't have a new one until May 11. 

I didn't get a chance to sit down with Zach and give him the answers to my questions. I emailed them instead. I told him that my "problems" were really just jokes and I was supposed to be there for him to read them, but I still wanted to see what he would say about them. His response to me was, "You're problems sound like complaints. Suck it up."

It made me giggle because I can just see Zach shaking his head while reading my email. Janelle said that he did think it was kinda funny and knew that I was kidding. I'm not sure how he could have thought anything different...I mean I was asking where to get crack and how he felt about crack being a dietary supplement! 

On a side note; I set a goal for myself to be at 100 pounds lost by May 12. Well, that's just not going to happen. I'm not making excuses, but with my unexpected out of town trips and high stress I just didn't get there. I was getting really frustrated too. I was really stressing myself out about reaching that goal. I'm close, but it might still be a few weeks. I'm not really upset because I have stuck to my plan and stuck to my workouts. It's not like I started skipping the gym and stuffing my face at night. (It was hard to workout while out of town though.) I've been in a bit of a rut and I think a new meal plan(s) will help me out. I will have something new to focus on. 


  1. I always need something new to focus on to distract myself from the mundaneness. I either change up my food, exercise or try to plan a get away.

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Can I ask what your meal plans look like? I've hit a plateau and I'm willing to try anything at this point! I think I could be eating too many carbs, but I'm going CRAZY! I'm working out a ton and still not seeing results!!!!!!!!!! the last 30 or so pounds are going to kill me!

  3. My best advice is don't set a specific date to hit the goal by because we are women and we fluctuate with the wind!! The fact that you have a goal at all is what's important and you WILL reach it!! Keep up the great work. Love your blog!!

  4. My meal plans are listed on the side of my blog. They are personalized for me. They are based off of my lean mass and how many pounds of fat I have. They change about every 3 months. I'm about to get a new one.

  5. A new meal plan will shake things up a bit for you Im sure.....You set a goal and you worked hard to acheive it.. You did not give up you worked hard.. so it takes a few more weeks.. it will keep you focoused!!! Just started following your blog!! Love your personality!! can\t wait to read more and follow along with you!!!!

  6. Just reading how determined you are and how great you've been doing I know you'll reach your goal. You're a success to be admired.