Monday, May 30, 2011


So, I finally got a new picture. Not only did I get a new picture, I got many funny pictures. I found my red shirt from my original picture and we all put it on and took pictures wearing it. I thought it was funny. 

November 2009

May 2011

I could put a belt on this shirt and
wear it as a dress. 

Janelle wearing the big red shirt.

Ashley wearing the big red shirt.

Nothing like sitting inside your old clothes. 


  1. Wow.. just wow! What awesome pics! It just amazes me how big that shirt is on you now.. and your updated pic? You look amazing.. and so happy! congrats!

  2. Great pics!!!.....congrats on the loss, and all the hard work you have done!!!

  3. Awesome pics! I really enjoy your blog, so I have chosen you to receive a "Stylish Blogger Award!"

  4. Wow!! What amazing progress!! Congratulations! :)

  5. WOWZA Sarah!! You're looking Saweet girl!!
    Your hard work is paying off. Keep it up girl! :) I bet you feel so much better. :)


  6. I love all the fun pictures with your old shirt. You have made such a transformation!

  7. Awesome job !!!! Woohoooo !!!