Monday, May 23, 2011


Janelle has this tiny little dog, a min pin. Her name is Turbo, and she used to like me. I don't think she likes me very much anymore, and here's why...
Turbo is way cuter than
this min pin!

When I first met Turbo she would just jump up on my lap and then crawl up to my boobs and seriously just sit on my boobs. It was like her perch. She had an eagle eye view of everything while she was sitting there. We kind of dubbed that spot, "the boob shelf". 

Well, "the boob shelf" is a lot smaller these days. Turbo tries and tries and tries to climb up there, but she just slides down! Poor Turbo. Now she just barks and barks and barks at me. 

Finally, Janelle was like, "you don't have your boob shelf. Turbo is so sad!" It's almost like poor Turbo recognizes me, but is not convinced that it's really me. 

I have another blog that explains my chest complaints as well. 


I thought these things would happen...

On a side note, I totally failed at my goals for the weekend! I totally never took a new picture! I swear I will get that done. I guess because everyone was saying the world was going to end, I totally thought it wouldn't matter! Ha. Guess I'm going to have to get that picture now!


  1. I have a little dog that likes to sit on my friends "boob shelf" it's silly, I guess they just like the warmth?

    Even if your "boob shelf" is shrinking, you can be happy to know everything else is shrinking too! Good with the bad!

  2. Poor Turbo. He totally doesn't understand your need/want for a compact version of the "Boob Shelf", but we in bloggy land get it! Maybe you can buy Turbo a new adorbs puppy bed or something? Or treats? Because what dog DOESN'T like treats!?