Saturday, May 7, 2011

More problem questions for Zach.

So, I've been busting my butt in the gym. I've been trying to lift heavier. I have gone up in weight on many things. Now, I'm sore, sore, sore all the time. I know I will get used to it, but by then it will be time to go up in weight again. 

This weekend I will do the spinning class with my friend. She was sick last week and wanted to cancel. I don't blame her, she did have bronchitis. She is ready to go tomorrow afternoon. I'm still not so sure how I'm going to like all of this, but she wants to go and I promised her I would try it.

Yesterday, I was telling Janelle some of my funny questions for Zach and we came up with some more. I know that his question, "Problems?" was really meant for meal plan and workout questions. I just need to entertain myself, so I'm still working on more questions. 

1. I'm wanting to get to my goal faster. How can we speed this up? Can I smoke crack? I hear people that smoke crack drop weight really fast. (Ok, so we were laughing about this one because I said it and then we all looked at each other and then Janelle said in a very serious tone, "I don't even know where to get crack." Of course you don't know where to get crack! We don't smoke crack! Anyway, then I was wondering how you would even get crack. Do you just walk up to someone and ask them if they sell crack? How do you find a good dealer? Do you ask for references and referrals? Honestly, I do know how it works and I know it's easer than anyone could imagine, but it's funny to think about things like that. Well, to me anyway.)

2. How about that alcohol? I'm missing it, and that's a problem. Can I have more? It's almost summer. I want a margarita. 

3. Kids are out of control at school lately. It's almost summer. They are stressing me out. What should I do? 


  1. Ha ha! I have thought about number 1 before. Seriously how do you get stuff like that? I could never do it.

    2. They have a 10 calorie margarita mixer and it is pretty good. Of course the salt will still get ya.

    3. I say refer to #2.

  2. LOL i cant wait to hear there reaction!

  3. finding your blog this afternoon has motivated me to stop reading and get into my gym clothes...your progress pics are great; thank you for sharing. i'm excited to get some milestone pics up in the next few months. please stop by my blog sometime!

  4. I think that every time I watch an episode of Intervention. Those girls are tiny as all get out. Seems unfair sometimes....